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Q. What are your Opening Hours
A. 8 – 6 pm Monday to Friday, 9 – 12 pm Saturday, Out of hours bookings available please call 01603 462959 for more information

Q. Why are your prices cheaper by ordering online from your website
A. There are many reasons why the price is cheaper by ordering online, here are a few examples:

(1). Because its a self service system, it saves on staff resources.
(2). The tyres are delivered to us directly, This saves in time and fuel in the Mobile van collecting tyres from the local wholesaler.
(3). The invoice is generated by the name, address and registration you enter and is emailed to you, this save the Mobile van administration time and printing costs.
(4). The Prices online are from a different wholesaler than we use for same day tyre fitting.

All this and more saves us time and money and we pass this saving on to you!

Q.  Do you Balance the Wheels when you fit new tyres?
A. Yes, We have a 240v inverter that powers a Hoffmann 200, for a perfect balance each and every time. This machine positions the stick on weights to ensure a clean straight fit of the balancing weights on alloy wheels.

We are also able to balance twin rear wheeled vehicle such as Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits and many more vehicles that have the larger hole in the centre of the wheel.

Q. I purchased a battery, does it have a warranty?
A. Yes, Although all batteries unless supply only and not fitted must still be on the vehicle they we’re originally fitted to, this is so other checks can be made to ensure the battery is at fault and that the alternator is not over or under charging. Please note: A call out charge may apply when the battery is not at fault.

Leaving a vehicle for long periods (over a week) with out starting/charging the battery for minimum of an hour could course the battery to go flat, this is not a battery fault.

If you only use your car for very short journeys i.e. just to go to the shops once or twice a week, the battery will not receive enough charge in these journeys to maintain the life of the battery, additional charging will be required.