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Check your tyre pressures at least once a month

Having incorrect tyre pressures in your vehicle’s tyres decreases your tyres lifespan and performance, also dramatically effects how your car handles which in turn effects your personal safety when driving.

Under inflating your tyres wears both edges of the tread due to the weight being carried mostly by the side walls of the tyre, where over inflating your tyres will wear the center of the tread because the increase in pressure pushes the center of the tyre higher where there is no side wall to aid in holding it down.

Its wise to visually inspect your tyres to see if one is looks low before every journey, not only for safety reasons but for the fact that if you drive on a tyre even for the shortest distance with zero pressure it will render the tyre unrepairable due to internal damage sustained from running on the sidewall.

It is good practice check your all of your tyre pressures including spare at least once a month and before any long distance drive. Driving a vehicle with under inflated tyres decreases your grip and increases your braking distances. You could also damage your tyres, reduce their lifespan and increase your fuel consumption.

Lets also not forget to check the spare (if your vehicle has one) as natural air loss though the tyres casing is normal and if left unchecked for months could be flat or extremely low that all important time you need to use it.

The recommended tyre pressure settings for the front and rear tyres are often different so if you’re not sure what your tyre pressures should be, then you should look on our tyre pressures charts found here:  Your Vehicles Tyre Pressure Setting


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