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Winter Tyres in Norwich

Looking for winter tyres in Norwich now that the weather has turned colder and damper, On our company car have a set of Dunlop all season tyres and we have noticed the difference already even in just the wet, the improved grip amazing, watch the video below to see the difference they can give you in icy conditions.

All weather tyres are now available, eliminating the hassle of changing them over at the end of the cold period, so if you need to change a full set of tyres now would be a cost effective time to fit all weather tyres rather than standard tyres.

Call us on 01603 462959 to check availability says:

Most drivers know that snow and ice can dramatically affect their safety on the road. Steering, acceleration and braking are more difficult as normal tyres have less grip in these conditions. However, it is not just these extreme wintry conditions which can reduce your safety on the road. Even cold, damp roads can dramatically affect the performance of tyres, leading to an increased accident risk.

Thankfully though, tyre manufacturers have developed a range of winter weather tyres which are specifically designed to operate in these conditions, delivering improved safety throughout the entire winter period.

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