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Mitsubishi Tyre Pressures

Pure tyre can supply and fit many different tyre brands to your Mitsubishi, all at prices cheaper than leading tyre outlets.

Our convenient mobile fitting service means that we come to your work or home and fit your tyres at a time that suits you, saving you time, effect and best of all money!

When you purchase tyres from us, you’ll get excellent customer service as standard (just see what our customers say about us: Customer Testimonials), the convenience of paying by debit card.

We can even change your Mitsubishi’s car battery and brakes when required and remember you get all this without leaving your home or work as we come to you.

Pure Tyre can supply Mitsubishi tyres in Norwich and surrounding areas.

Here are the list of Mitsubishi Tyre Pressures, Tyre Sizes and Torque settings:

Please note: This chart should be used as a guideline only, Always refer to owners manual

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ModelYear (MY)Torque (NM)Tyre SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PSI)
ModelYear (MY)Torque (NM)Tyre SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PS
Colt/ Lancer92 - 1398155/80R133030
Colt/ Lancer92 - 1398175/70R133030
Colt/ Lancer92 - 1398175/65R152929
Colt/ Lancer92 - 1398185/60R143029
Colt/ CZC 04 - 13108175/65R143232
Colt/ CZC04 - 13108195/50R153232
Colt/ CZC04 - 13108205/45R163232
Mirage/ Spacestar II13 - 1698165/65R143939
Mirage/ Spacestar II13 - 1698175/55R153235
Lancer03 - 0898195/60R153230
Lancer03 - 0898195/50R163330
Lancer03 - 0898195/50R163330
Lancer03 - 0898235/45R173227
Lancer07 - 1698205/69R163232
Lancer07 - 1698215/45R183232
Carisma99 - 05108185/65R143129
Carisma99 - 05108175/65R153636
Carisma99 - 05108195/60R143027
Carisma99 - 05108195/60R153129
Galant97 - 0398195/65R143129
Galant97 - 0398195/60R153330
Space Star99 - 06108175/65R143027
Space Star99 - 06108195/55R153129
Space Star GDI99 - 06108185/65R143129
Space Star GDI99 - 06108195/55R153129
Space Wagon/ Runner98 - 0598205/65R153029
Grandis04 - 1098215/60R163030
Grandis04 - 1098215/55R173333
ASX View Vehicle's Placard10 - 1698215/65R16View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
ASX View Vehicle's Placard10 - 1698215/60R17View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
Outlander03 - 0798215/60R163029
Outlander03 - 0798215/55R173232
Outlander07 - 1398215/70R163232
Outlander07 - 1398225/55R183232
Outlander View Vehicle's Placard13 - 1698215/70R16View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
Outlander View Vehicle's Placard13 - 1698225/55R18View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
Galloper02 - 04110215/75R152633
Galloper02 - 04110235/75R152629
Shogun/ Pajero Pinin99 - 0698215/65R162626
Challenger/ Shogun Sport/ Pajero Sport98 - 08128235/75R152626
Challenger/ Shogun Sport/Pajero Sport98 - 08128265/70R152626
Challenger/ Shogun Sport/Pajero Sport98 - 08128245/70R162626
Shogun/ Pajero00 - 06108235/80R162929
Shogun/ Pajero 00 - 06108265/70R162929
Shogun/ Pajero View Vehicle's Placard06 - 16115265/65R17View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
Shogun/ Pajero View Vehicle's Placard06 - 16115265/60R18View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
L200/ 4X497 - 06130185/80R143131
L200/ 4X497 - 06130265/70R162626
L200/ 4X406 - 16147205/80R163535
L200 4X4 View Vehicle's Placard06 - 14100245/65R17View Tyre PressureView Tyre Pressure
Please note: This chart should be used as a guide only Always refer to owners manual