Q. I purchased a battery, does it have a warranty?
A. Yes, Although all batteries unless supply only and not fitted must still be on the vehicle they we’re originally fitted to, this is so other checks can be made to ensure the battery is at fault and that the alternator is not over or under charging. Please note: A call out charge may apply when the battery is not at fault.

Leaving your vehicle for long periods (over a week) with out starting/charging the battery for minimum of an hour could cause the battery to go flat, this is not a battery fault.

If you only use your car for very short journeys i.e. just to go to the shops once or twice a week, the battery will not receive enough charge in these journeys to maintain the life of the battery, additional charging will also be required.

Battery warranties are not transferable between vehicles and owners so if you sell your car or if you take the battery off one car and fit it to another this will invalidate your warranty.

Q.  Can my current location effect the mobile warranty?
A. Our warranty only covers the distance in which we travelled for us to get to you when the battery was originally fitted, so if you have moved or are further than the distance we originally travelled there may be a call out fee to replace the battery under warranty.

If you are not in our coverage area then we can not replace the battery under warranty and if you purchased another battery we will not offer a refund on your original purchase but its possible we maybe able to get you a replacement for the faulty battery.

Q. I had a battery fitted and im scrapping the car, can I have a refund?
A. Sorry we don’t offer refunds based on the fact that you are scrapping the car or any other reason that you wouldn’t require the battery any more.

Q. Can I store my battery on the garage floor while not in use?
A. It is believed by many that when batteries sits on concrete it discharges the battery, but the truth is that you can let any modern battery sit on concrete without fear of harm or accelerated self discharge.

This myth stems from the days of the old wooden/glass case batteries, where damp floors led to water soaking up into outer wooden cases causing swelling of the wood. In fact with modern batteries with hard plastic cases, concrete is generally an excellent surface on which to store a battery.

Q. What Does “AGM” Mean and what are the benefits?
A. Absorbent Glass Mat has up to five times the cyclic durability of standard conventional flooded product and typically about 16% higher starting power, even at lower temperatures.