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Most tyre manufactures label their tyre size in large text on the sidewall to make it easier to find, although some tyres don’t make life so easy and even the most experienced tyre technician/fitters find it difficult to see it but if you have an idea of what you are looking for then you have a better chance of finding it.

  • 175 = The nominal width measured in millimeters (treaded area width)
  • 65 = The aspect ratio (percentage height of the sidewall)
  • R = Radial construction
  • 14 = The rim/wheel size the tyre is designed to be mounted on to in Inches
  • 82 = The maximum load rating (Load Rating Conversion Chart)
  • T = Maximum speed rating (Speed Rating Conversion Chart)

So the information required on this tyre would be 175 65 14 82 T

(The commonly used pronunciation would be “one seven five, six five, fourteen, eighty two, T)

If you ever wondered how to tell what size wheel trims or alloy wheels you would require for your vehicle? well this is simply measured on the size of  “the rim” which in the case of the above example would be 14 inches.