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My tyre pressure warning light is on, what should i do?

My Tyre Pressure Warning Light is on, what should I do?


The first thing to do is to check your tyre pressures as you could have a puncture or totally flat tyre, normally you can find you tyre pressure placard with the tyre pressure setting listed on it either on the “B” post (the post between the front and back doors) or on the back of the fuel cap cover, failing that it could be in the owners manual or try our tyre pressure vehicle index to find the pressure for your vehicle.

I have adjusted the pressure on all four tyres correctly and the light is still on, what should i do?


The first thing to do it to is drive the vehicle (visually check the tyres are inflated first) as some systems only detect the sensors after a few minutes of driving, the reason behind this is so that the wheels can be swapped around the vehicle without reprogramming the sensor to tell the car which sensor is on which corner of the vehicle.

If the light stays on you might have to do a reset on the tyre pressure warning system, there is a different procedure for each vehicle so you will need the owners manual to find out how this is done but is normally a straight forward procedure with no special equipment required.

Ensure all four tyres are the correct pressure before resetting it as if its the ABS tyre pressure monitoring system it calculates if the tyre is deflating by how many revolutions the tyre is doing as a set speed, the lower the pressure the more revolutions it will be doing at the same speed. An incorrect tyre pressure before resetting the system may cause the system not to warn you or warn you to late when the tyre is dangerously low on air.

The ABS type sensor will also need resetting when new or different tyres are fitted to the vehicle.

I have tried all the above and the light is still on, what should I do?


It could be a faulty sensor, this can be cause by prolonged moisture or tyre sealant within the wheel, if this is the case you will need to contact your main agent of your vehicle to have it plugged in to their computer to establish if one of the sensors is faulty.