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The first thing to do is establish what the correct tyre pressure is for your vehicle, the things to consider and what can effect the pressure you need to inflate them to are:

  1. Will the vehicle be fully loaded or extra weight carried?
  2. Will you be towing anything like a caravan or trailer?
  3. Will you be driving at high speed for long distances?

All of these factor can require an increase in the tyre pressure setting and your vehicles hand book is normally the best place to start the search and find what increase in pressure is required (if any) when one of the above factors is implemented.

Your tyre pressures can be found in a couple of places depending on vehicle manufacture but the main places to try are on a label on the front door posts, on the back of the fuel cap cover or in the owners hand book that came with the vehicle.

If you cant find them look on our tyre pressure charts found here: TYRE PRESSURE CHARTS

Now we have the correct setting for both our front and rear tyres we can now check if the pressures are correct.



First remove the dust cap from the valve.



 Secondly you will need some form of tyre pressure gauge like a foot pump or a digital pressure reader, which will all we be available from your local car parts store.




If you find that your tyre is over inflated you can let some air out by pressing the center of the valve core down with a match or something of similar size. deflate in small bursts checking regularly to ensure you don’t let to much out, if you do don’t worry just top up as necessary.

If your tyre requires inflating then ideally you should inflate them when the tyre is cold as a warm tyre can increase tyre pressures by around 2 psi, use a foot pump, plug in 12v inflater or your local fuel station should have a tyre pressure inflater on their forecourt.

Should a car, van or trailer be loaded or have weight in when checking the tyre pressure?

There is no reason why your tyre pressures shouldn’t or cant be checked when your vehicle or trailer is loaded as long as you don’t exceed the maximum pressure the tyre is rated to (maximum pressure will be marked on the sidewall of the tyre) also you should never exceed the maximum load or weight the tyre is capable of carrying as this could result in a tyre failure.

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