Privacy & Cookie Policy

Pure Tyre will not share your personal data sent via our contact page, live chat or reveal any personal information with any third party without your prior consent, although your vehicle registration will be supplied to a third party to a establish the correct parts to quote on brakes and batteries etc.

(1) Website

Pure Tyre uses a third party software and services to help maintain the security and performance of its website. IP addresses and previous pages of website visitors could be stored.

(2) Google Analytics

Pure Tyre uses Google Analytics, which collects information about how visitors use the websites. Google Analytics employs cookies that are stored on your computer in order to facilitate the analysis of your use of this website. Click on the google logo in section six for more for more information

(3) Google Adsence

Pure Tyre uses Google Adsence, an online advertising tool from Google. To place adverts on our website which you may find of interest. Pure tyre is not responsible for the placement or recording of previously taken cookies which inturn deciphers the most relevant adverts to be displayed. Click on the google logo in section six for more for more information

(4) Live Chat (currently disabled)

(currently disabled) Pure tyre uses “Pure Chat” to comunicate with you, your personal Information sent through is not shared with any third party, information sent is stored, which inturn will assist with further live chats or if you get disconnected while chating. By providing your personal data you consent to the transfer and storing of the information sent. Click on the purechat logo in section six for more for more information

(5) Cookies

Cookies are small data files which are placed on the browser or hard drive of your computer. If cookies are disabled it will make the website function incorrectly.

(6) Partners

Click on the partners log below to learn how our partners collect and use data: