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Citroen Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Citroen Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Citroen’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Citroen Battery Application and Specification Chart

AXAX 1.0 (i) PetrolP1986Dec-97063T063
AXAX 1.1 (i) PetrolP1986Dec-97063T063
AXAX 1.4 (i) PetrolP1986Dec-97063T063
AXAX 1.4i 4×4 PetrolP1986Dec-97063T063
AXAX 1.4 DieselD1986Dec-97027T027
AXAX 1.5 DieselD1994Dec-97027T027
AXAX GT PetrolP19871996063T063
AXAX Gti PetrolP19871996063T063
AXSport PetrolP19871996063T063
AXBX 11 PetrolP19871996063T063
AXAX Entreprise 1.0 (i) PetrolP19871996063T063
AXAX Entreprise 1.1 (i) PetrolP19871996063T063
AXAX Entreprise 1.4 DieselD19881996075T075
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.4i PetrolPJun-98Oct-02027T027
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.4i PetrolPOct-02>>027T027
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.6i PetrolPJun-98Oct-02027T027
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.6 Hdi 75 bhp DieselDOct-02>>012T
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.6 Hdi 92 bhp DieselDOct-02>>012T
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.9D DieselD1996Oct-02012T
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 1.9D DieselDOct-02>>012T
BerlingoBerlingo Multispace 2.0 Hdi DieselDJun-98>>096AGM096T096
BXBX 1.4 (i) PetrolP19821994063T063
BXBX 1.5 PetrolP19821994063T063
BXBX 1.6 (i) PetrolP19821994063T063
BXBX 1.7 D DieselD19851994027T027
BXBX 1.7 D Turbo DieselD19851994027T027
BXBX 1.9 (i) PetrolP19841993063T
BXBX 1.9 D, DieselD19831994027T027
BXBX 1.9 D Turbo DieselD19831994027T027
BXBX 1.9 GTi 16v PetrolP19871993063T
BXBX 1.9 GTi 4×4 PetrolP19871993063T
BXBX 1.9 GTi (Cat) 4×4 PetrolP19871993063T
BXBX Estate/Break 1.4 (i) PetrolP19851994063T063
BXBX Estate/Break 1.6 (i) PetrolP19851994063T063
BXBX Estate/Break 1.7 D DieselD19851994027T027
BXBX Estate/Break 1.7 D Turbo DieselD19851994027T027
BXBX Estate/Break 1.9 PetrolP19851992063T
BXBX Estate/Break 1.9 D DieselD19851994027T027
BXBX Estate/Break 1.9 D Turbo DieselD19851994027T027
BXBX Estate/Break 19i PetrolP19871993063T063
BXBX Estate/Break 19i (Cat) 4×4 PetrolP19871993063T063
BXBX Entreprise 1.4 PetrolP19851993063T063
BXBX Entreprise 1.6 PetrolP19851993063T063
BXBX Entreprise 19 D DieselD19851993027T027
C1C1 1.0i PetrolP2005>>202
C1C1 1.4Hdi DieselD2005>>012T
C2C2 1.1i PetrolPSep-03>>012202
C2C2 1.4i PetrolPSep-03>>012T012
C2C2 1.4i Petrol Stop & Start SensoDrivePSep-03>>012T
C2C2 1.4i Petrol Stop & Start SensoDrive
(auxillary battery)PSep-03>>YB4L-B
C2C2 GT 1.6i PetrolPSep-03>>012T012
C2C2 GT 1.6i Petrol Stop & Start SensoDrivePSep-03>>012T
C2C2 GT 1.6i Petrol Stop & Start SensoDrive
(auxillary battery)PSep-03>>YB4L-B
C2C2 1.4 Hdi DieselDSep-03>>027T027
C2C2 1.6 Hdi DieselD2006>>027T027
C3C3 1.1i PetrolPApr-02>>202
C3C3 1.4i PetrolPApr-02>>012T012
C3C3 1.4i Petrol Stop & Start SensoDriveP2004>>012T
C3C3 1.4i Petrol Stop & Start SensoDrive
(auxillary battery)P2004>>YB4L-B
C3C3 1.6i PetrolPApr-02>>012T012
C3C3 1.4 Hdi DieselDApr-02>>027T027
C3C3 1.6 Hdi DieselD2005>>027T027
C3 PicassoC3 Picasso.6 16v Vti 120bhp PetrolPSep-08>>012T
C3 PicassoC3 Picasso 1.6 Hdi 90 DieselDSep-08>>027T
C3 PicassoC3 Picasso 1.6 Hdi 110 DieselDSep-08>>027T
C3C3 Pluriel 1.4 HdiD2003>>012T
C3C3 Pluriel 1.6 PetrolP2003>>012T012
C3C3 Plurial 1.4 Hdi DieselD2003>>027T027
C4C4 1.4i PetrolPOct-04>>012T012
C4C4 1.6i PetrolPOct-04>>012T012
C4C4 2.0i PetrolPOct-04>>027T027
C4C4 1.6 HDi DieselDOct-04>>027T027
C4C4 2.0 Hdi DieselDOct-04>>027T027
C4C4 2.0 Hdi Diesel (cold climate spec)DOct-04>>096T
C4 PicassoC4 Picasso 1.8 PetrolP2006>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Picasso 2.0 PetrolP2006>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Picasso 1.6 Hdi DieselD2006>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Picasso 1.6 Hdi Diesel (cold climate spec)D2006>>096T
C4 PicassoC4 Picasso 2.0 Hdi DieselD2006>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Picasso 2.0 Hdi Diesel (cold climate spec)D2006>>096T
C4 PicassoC4 Grand Picasso 1.8 PetrolP2007>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Grand Picasso 2.0 PetrolP2007>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Grand Picasso 1.6 Hdi DieselD2007>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Grand Picasso 1.6 Hdi Diesel
(cold climate spec)D2007>>096T
C4 PicassoC4 Grand Picasso 2.0 Hdi DieselD2007>>027T027
C4 PicassoC4 Grand Picasso 2.0 Hdi Diesel
(cold climate spec)D2007>>096T
C5C5 1.8 16v PetrolPMar-01>>027T027
C5C5 2.0 16v PetrolPMar-01>>027T027
C5C5 3.0 V6 PetrolPMar-01>>096AGM096T096
C5C5 1.6 HDi DieselD2004>>096AGM096T096
C5C5 2.0 HDi DieselDMar-01>>096AGM096T096
C5C5 2.2 HDi DieselDMar-01>>096AGM096T096
C6C6 2.2 HDi DieselDFeb-06>>096AGM096T096
C6C6 2.7 V6 HDi DieselDFeb-06>>096AGM096T096
C6C6 3.0 V6 PetrolPFeb-06>>096AGM096T096
C8C8 2.0i PetrolPDec-02>>096AGM096T096
C8C8 2.2i PetrolPDec-02>>096AGM096T096
C8C8 3.0 V6 PetrolPDec-02>>096AGM096T096
C8C8 2.0 HDi DieselDDec-02>>096AGM096T096
C8C8 2.2 HDi DieselDDec-02>>096AGM096T096
CXCX 20 2.0l PetrolP19821991027T065
CXCX 22 2.2l PetrolP19821991027T065
CXCX 25 2.5l PetrolP19821991027T065
CXCX 25 Gti 2.5l PetrolP19831991027T065
CXCX 25 Turbo 2.5l PetrolP19831991027T065
CXCX 25 Turbo 2 2.5l PetrolP19831991027T065
CXCX 25 D, 2.5l DieselD19821992096AGM096T096
CXCX 25 D Turbo, 2.5l DieselD19821992096AGM096T096
CXCX 25 D Turbo 2 2.5l DieselD19821992096AGM096T096
CXCX 2200 D 2.2 DieselD19751989019T017
CXCX 2400 D 2.4 DieselD19751989019T017
CXCX 2400 2.4l PetrolP19751983027T065
CXCX 2400 Gti 2.4l PetrolP19751983027T065
CXCX 2500 D 2.5l DieselD19761989019T017
CXCX Estate/Break 2.0l PetrolP19821989027T065
CXCX Estate/Break 2.2l PetrolP19821989027T065
CXCX Estate/Break 25 D, 2.5l DieselD19821992096AGM096T096
CXCX Estate/Break 25 D Turbo 2.5l DieselD19821992096AGM096T096
CXCX Estate/Break 25 D Turbo 2 2.5l DieselD19821992096AGM096T096
CXCX Estate/Break 2.5i 2.5l PetrolP19831991027T065
CXCX TGD DieselD19891991019017
C CrosserC Crosser SUV 2.4l Petrol 170bhpP2007>>030
C CrosserC Crosser SUV 2.4l Petrol 170bhpP2007>>027T027
C CrosserC Crosser SUV 2.2 Hdi Diesel 156bhpDFeb-07>>335
DyaneDyane 6P19681984063T063
EvasionEvasion 1.8iP1996>>027T027
EvasionEvasion 1.9 TDD1996>>096AGM096T096
EvasionEvasion 2.0 TurboP1996>>027T027
EvasionEvasion 2.0iP1996>>027T027
EvasionEvasion 2.0i 16vP1996>>027T027
EvasionEvasion 2.1 TDD1996>>096AGM096T096
EvasionEvasion 2.5 TDD1995>>096AGM096T096
GSGS PetrolP19701986063T063
LNALNA PetrolP19761986048
SaxoSaxo 1.1iPMay-96Jun-03063T063
SaxoSaxo 1.0iPMay-96Jun-03063T063
SaxoSaxo 1.4iPMay-96Jun-03063T063
SaxoSaxo 1.6i, VTRPMay-96Jun-03063T063
SaxoSaxo 1.6i 16v VTSPMay-96Jun-03063T063
SaxoSaxo 1.5DDSep-96Jun-03027T027
SynergieSynergie MPV 1.9 TDD1994Dec-02096AGM096T096
SynergieSynergie 2.0iP1994Dec-02027T027
SynergieSynergie 2.0i TurboP1994Dec-02027T027
SynergieSynergie 2.1 TDD1994Dec-02096AGM096T096
SynergieSynergie 2.0DD1994Dec-02096AGM096T096
VisaVisa 1.2 Super XP19801990063T063
VisaVisa 1.4 ChronoP19801990063T063
VisaVisa 1.4 GTP19801990063T063
VisaVisa 1.6iP19851990063T063
VisaVisa 1.6 GtiP19851990063T063
VisaVisa 10 EP19791990063T063
VisaVisa 11 CabrioletP19791990063T063
VisaVisa 11 EP19791990063T063
VisaVisa 11 REP19791990063T063
VisaVisa 11 SuperP19791990063T063
VisaVisa 11 EP19791990063T063
VisaVisa 14 TRSP19841987063T063
VisaVisa 17 DD19841990075T075
VisaVisa 17 RDD19841990075T075
VisaVisa ClubP19791990063T063
VisaVisa SpecialP19791990063T063
XantiaXantia 1.6iPMar-93Jan-98075065
XantiaXantia 1.8iPMar-93Apr-03027T027
XantiaXantia 1.9DDMar-93Apr-03027T
XantiaXantia 1.9 Turbo DDMar-93Apr-03027T
XantiaXantia 2.0iPMar-93Apr-03027T027
XantiaXantia 2.0i TurboPMar-93Apr-03027T027
XantiaXantia 2.1 Turbo DDJun-95Feb-99027T
XantiaXantia 3.0 V6PJan-97Apr-03096AGM096T096
XantiaXantia 2.0 Hdi DieselDFeb-99Apr-03027T
XantiaXantia Estate/Break 1.8iPMar-93Apr-03027T027
XantiaXantia Estate/Break 1.9 Turbo DD1995Apr-03027T027
XantiaXantia Estate/Break 2.0iP1995Apr-03027T027
XantiaXantia Estate/Break 2.1 Turbo DD1995Apr-03027T027
XMXM 2.0 16vPMay-89Oct-00075065
XMXM 2.0iPMay-89Oct-00075065
XMXM 2.0 TurboPMay-89Oct-00075065
XMXM 2.1 DDMay-89Oct-00096AGM096T096
XMXM 2.1 Turbo DDMay-89Oct-00096AGM096T096
XMXM 2.5 Turbo DDMay-89Oct-00096AGM096T096
XMXM 3.0 V6PMay-89Oct-00096AGM096T096
XMXM Estate/Break 2.0iP1991Oct-00075065
XMXM Estate/Break 2.1 D Turbo DDOct-91Oct-00096AGM096T096
XMXM Estate/Break 2.5 Turbo DDOct-91Oct-00096AGM096T096
XMXM Estate/Break 3.0 V6POct-91Oct-00096AGM096T096
XsaraXsara 1.4iPApr-97Aug-05012T063
XsaraXsara 1.5 D, 1.5 D (a/c)DApr-97Sep-00075T075
XsaraXsara 1.6iPApr-97Aug-05012T063
Xsara PicassoXsara Picasso 1.6P2000>>063T
Xsara PicassoXsara Picasso 1.6 HdiD2004>>027T
XsaraXsara 1.8DDApr-97Aug-05027T027
XsaraXsara 1.8i 16vPApr-97Aug-05012T063
Xsara PicassoXsara Picasso 1.8P2000>>063T
XsaraXsara 1.8i AutoPApr-97Aug-05012T063
XsaraXsara 1.9D, 1.9D (a/c)DApr-97Aug-05096AGM096T096
XsaraXsara 1.9 TD, 1.9 TD (a/c)DApr-97Aug-05096AGM096T096
Xsara PicassoXsara Picasso 2.0i PetrolP2002>>027T
Xsara PicassoXsara Picasso 2.0 HdiD2000>>096AGM096T
XsaraXsara 2.0i 16vPApr-97Aug-05075T075
XsaraXsara 2.0HDi 90bhpDApr-97Aug-05096AGM096T
XsaraXsara 2.0HDi 109bhpDApr-97Aug-05096AGM096T
XsaraXsara Coupe 1.8i, 1.8i VTRP1997Aug-05012T063
XsaraXsara Coupe 1.9D, 1.9D (a/c)D1997Aug-05096AGM096T096
XsaraXsara Coupe 1.9 TD, 1.9 TD (a/c)D1997Aug-05096AGM096T096
XsaraXsara Coupe 2.0i VTSP1997Aug-05075T065
ZXZX 1.1P1991Oct-97063T063
ZXZX 1.1iP1991Oct-97063T063
ZXZX 1.4iP1991Oct-97063T063
ZXZX 1.4P19911992063T063
ZXZX 1.6iP1991Oct-97063T
ZXZX 1.8 DD1991Oct-97075T075
ZXZX 1.8iP1991Oct-97075T075
ZXZX 1.9 DD1991Oct-97075T075
ZXZX 1.9 Turbo DD1991Oct-97075T075
ZXZX 1.9iP1991Oct-97075T075
ZXZX 2.0iP1991Oct-97075T075
ZXZX Entreprise 1.1P1993Oct-97063T063
ZXZX Entreprise 1.4iP1993Oct-97063T063
ZXZX Entreprise 1.8 DD1994Oct-97075T075
ZXZX Entreprise 1.9 DD1994Oct-97075T075
ZXZX Estate 1.4iP1994Oct-97063T
ZXZX Estate 1.6iP1994Oct-97063T
ZXZX Estate 1.9 DD1994Oct-97075T075
ZXZX Estate Turbo DD1994Oct-97075T075
2CVAcadianne 6P19781988012
BerlingoBerlingo 1.1i PetrolPJun-961998012T012
BerlingoBerlingo 1.4i PetrolPJun-961998027T027
BerlingoBerlingo 1.6i PetrolP1996>>027T027
BerlingoBerlingo 1.6 HdiDOct 02>>012T
BerlingoBerlingo 1.8i PetrolPJun-962000012T012
BerlingoBerlingo 1.8D DieselDJun-961998012T
BerlingoBerlingo 1.9D DieselD1996Oct-02012T
BerlingoBerlingo 2.0 HdiDJun 98>>096AGM096T096
Berlingo FirstBerlingo 1.4i PetrolPJun-961998027T027
Berlingo FirstBerlingo 1.6 HdiDOct-02>>027T012T
Berlingo Box L2Berlingo L2 1.6i PetrolPApr-08>>027T027
Berlingo Box L2Berlingo L2 1.6 Hdi DieselDApr-08>>096AGM096T096
Berlingo Box L2Berlingo L2 2.0 Hdi DieselDJan-09>>096AGM096T096
C2C2 Enterprise 1.4 Hdi DieselDSep-03>>027T027
C CrosserC Crosser Enterprise 2.2 Hdi Diesel 156bhpDFeb-07>>335
FLFL 476X DieselD19801991019017
DispatchDispatch 1.6 PetrolP1996>>063T063
DispatchDispatch 1.6i PetrolPOct-95>>2006027T027
DispatchDispatch 1.9D, 1.9D (a/c)D1995>>2006096AGM096T096
DispatchDispatch 1.9 TD, 1.9 TD (a/c)D1995>>2006096AGM096T096
DispatchDispatch 1.9DDOct-952006096AGM096T096
DispatchDispatch 1.9 TDDOct-952006096AGM096T096
DispatchDispatch 1.9 D 70bhpDOct-952006096AGM096T096
DispatchDispatch 2.0i 16v PetrolPMar-00Dec-06027T027
DispatchDispatch 2.0 Hdi 95bhpDOct-99>>Dec-06096AGM096T096
DispatchDispatch 2.0 Hdi 110bhpDOct-99>>Dec-06096AGM096T096
Dispatch (Box)Dispatch 2.0i PetrolPJan-07>>027T027
Dispatch (Box)Dispatch 1.6 Hdi 90 DieselDJan-07>>096AGM096T096
Dispatch (Box)Dispatch 2.0 Hdi 120DJan-07>>096AGM096T096
Dispatch (Box)Dispatch 2.0 Hdi 140DJan-07>>096AGM096T096
Jumper 230Jumper 1.9DDFeb-94Apr-02096AGM096T096
Jumper 230Jumper 1.9 TDDFeb-94Apr-02096AGM096T096
Jumper 230Jumper 1.9D 4×4DFeb-94Apr-02096AGM096T096
Jumper 230Jumper 2.0iPFeb-94Apr-02027T027
Jumper 230Jumper 2.0i 4×4PFeb-94Apr-02027T027
Jumper 230Jumper 2.0HDiDNov-01Apr-02096AGM096T096
Jumper 230Jumper 2.5DDMar-94Apr-02019AGM019T019
Jumper 230Jumper 2.5 TDDMar-94Apr-02019AGM019T019
Jumper 230Jumper 2.5 TD 4×4DMar-94Apr-02019AGM019T017
Jumper 230Jumper 2.8 HdiDSep-00Apr-02019AGM019T019
Jumper 230Jumper 2.8 Hdi 4×4DSep-00Apr-02019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.0i VanPJan-02Jun-05096AGM096T096
Jumper 244Jumper 2.0 Hdi VanDApr-02>>2006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2. 2ddi VanDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.8 Hdi VanDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.0i BusPJan-02Jun-05096AGM096T096
Jumper 244Jumper 2.0 Hdi BusDApr-02>>2006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2. 2Hdi BusDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.8 Hdi BusDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.0 Hdi Chassis CabDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.2 Hdi Chassis CabDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.8 Hdi Chassis CabDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Jumper 244Jumper 2.8 Hdi 4×4 Chassis CabDSep-00Apr-02019AGM019T019
Jumper (2006)Jumper 2.2 Hdi 100 VanDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 2.2 Hdi 120 VanDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 3.0 Hdi 160 VanDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 2.2 Hdi 100 Chassic CabDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 2.2 Hdi 120 Chassis CabDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 3.0 Hdi 160 Chassis CabDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 2.2 Hdi 100 AutobusDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumper (2006)Jumper 2.2 Hdi 120 AutobusDSep-06>>019AGM020
Jumpy (van)Jumpy 2.0i PetrolPJan-07>>027T027
Jumpy (van)Jumpy 1.6 Hdi 90 DieselDJan-07>>096AGM096T096
Jumpy (van)Jumpy 2.0 Hdi 120DJan-07>>096AGM096T096
Jumpy (van)Jumpy 2.0 Hdi 140DJan-07>>096AGM096T096
NemoNemo 1.4 Hdi 70bhp DieselD2008>>027T
Realy 230Relay 1.9DDFeb-94Apr-02096AGM096T096
Relay 230Relay 1.9 TDDFeb-94Apr-02096AGM096T096
Relay 230Relay 1.9D 4×4DFeb-94Apr-02096AGM096T096
Relay 230Relay 2.0iPFeb-94Apr-02027T027
Relay 230Relay 2.0i 4×4PFeb-94Apr-02027T027
Relay 230Relay 2.0 HdiDNov-01Apr-02096AGM096T096
Relay 230Relay 2.5DDMar-94Apr-02019AGM019T019
Relay 230Relay 2.5 TDDMar-94Apr-02019AGM019T019
Relay 230Relay 2.5 TD 4×4DMar-94Apr-02019AGM019T017
Relay 230Relay 2.8 HdiDSep-00Apr-02019AGM019T019
Relay 230Relay 2.8 Hdi 4×4DSep-00Apr-02019AGM019T019
Relay 230Relay 2.0i VanPJan-02Jun-05096AGM096T096
Relay 244Relay 2.0 Hdi VanDApr-02>>2006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.2 Hdi VanDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.8 Hdi VanDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.0i BusPJan-02Jun-05096AGM096T096
Relay 244Relay 2.0 Hdi BusDApr-02>>2006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.2 Hdi BusDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.8 Hdi BusDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.0 Hdi Chassis CabDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.2 Hdi Chassis CabDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.8 Hdi Chassis CabDApr-022006019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.8 Hdi 4×4DSep-00Apr-02019AGM019T019
Relay 244Relay 2.2 Hdi 100 VanDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 2.2 Hdi 120 VanDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 3.0 Hdi 160 VanDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 2.2 Hdi 100 Chassic CabDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 2.2 Hdi 120 Chassis CabDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 3.0 Hdi 160 Chassis CabDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 2.2 Hdi 100 AutobusDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)Relay 2.2 Hdi 120 AutobusDSep-06>>019AGM020
Relay (2006)C15 D 1.8 DieselD1984Dec-97075065
C15C15 E 1.0 (i) PetrolP1984Dec-96063T063
C15C15 E 1.1 (i) PetrolP1984Dec-96063T063
C15C15 E 1.3 PetrolP1984Dec-96063T063
C15C15 E 1.4 (i) PetrolP1984Dec-96063T063
C15C15 D Familiale 1.8D1986Dec-97075065
C25C15 E Familiale 1.1P1986Dec-96063T063
C25C15 E Familiale 1.4P1986Dec-96063T063
C25C25 D 1.9 (1000)D19811994096AGM096T096
C25C25 D 2.5 (1300)D19811987096AGM096T096
C25C25 D 2.5 (1400)D19871994096AGM096T096
C25C25 D 2.5 Turbo (1500)D19871994096AGM096T096
C25C25 D 2.5 Turbo (1800)D19871994096AGM096T096
C25C25 E 1.8 (1000)D19811994096AGM075065
C25C25 E 2.0 (1000)D19811994096AGM075065
C25C25 E 2.0 (1300)D19811994096AGM075065
C25C25 E 2.0 (1400)D19871994096AGM075065
C25C25 E 2.0 (1800)D19871994096AGM075065
C25C32 DD19731991096T096
C32/C35C32 ED19731991096T096
C32/C35C35 D 2.2 DieselD19731991096T096
C32/C35C35 D 2.5 DieselD19731991096T096
C32/C35C35 ED19731991096T096