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Daihatsu Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Daihatsu Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Daihatsu’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Daihatsu Battery Application and Specification Chart

550/850550 S60P19791987057
550/850550 S65P19791987057
550/850850 S70P19791987057
550/850850 S84P19761989054
ApplauseApplause 1.6P1989Jul-97156
ApplauseApplause 1.6iP1989Jul-97156
ApplauseApplause II 1.6iPJul-97>>156
CharadeCharade (I) 1.0P1977Feb-83054
CharadeCharade (I) Coupe 1.0P1977Feb-83054
CharadeCharade (1) 1.0 Turbo (Cat)P1977Feb-83054
CharadeCharade (II) 1.0 Diesel Turbo DieselDOct-83Mar-87030
CharadeCharade (II) 1.0 Diesel Turbo DieselDOct-83Mar-87030
CharadeCharade (II) 1.0 Turbo (Cat)POct-83Mar-87156
CharadeCharade (III) 1.0 GtiPMar-87Jan-93156
CharadeCharade (III) 1.0 TurboPMar-87Jan-93156
CharadeCharade (III) 1.0 Diesel,DMar-87Jan-93030
CharadeCharade (III) 1.0 Turbo DieselDMar-87Jan-93030
CharadeCharade (III) 1.3, 4×4PJun-88Feb-93156
CharadeCharade (III) 1.3iPJun-88Feb-93156
CharadeCharade (IV) 1.0PSep-94Mar-96156
CharadeCharade (IV) 1.3iPJan-93Nov-99156
CharadeCharade (IV) 1.5iPJan-93Nov-99156
CharadeCharade (IV) 1.6iPJan-93Nov-99156
CharadeCharade (IV) 1.6 GTiPJan-93Nov-99156
CharadeCharade (V) 1.0 PetrolPMay-032006156
CharmantCharmant (II) 1300PNov-81Jul-87053
CharmantCharmant (II) 1600PNov-81Jul-87053
CopenCopen 700 PetrolPNov-03>>054
CopenCopen 1.3 Petrol ConvertiblePMar-06>>054
CuoreCuore I 0.5 PetrolP19801985054
CuoreCuore I 0.6 PetrolP19801985054
CuoreCuore II 0.8 PetrolP19851990054
CuoreCuore III 0.8 PetrolPOct-90Dec-94054
CuoreCuore IV 0.8 PetrolPJan-95Nov-96054
CuoreCuore V 0.8 PetrolPNov-96Oct-98054
CuoreCuore VI 1.0i PetrolPOct-98May-03156054
CuoreCuore VII 1.0 PetrolPMay-03>>156054
FourtrakFourtrak PetrolP19771993055
FourtrakFourtrak PetrolP19932002054
FourtrakFourtrak 2.5D DieselD19772002334
FourtrakFourtrak 2.8 D DieselD19772002334
FourtrakFourtrak 2.8 TD DieselD19772002334
Grand MoveGrand Move 1.5i RHDPMar-97>>156
Grand MoveGrand Move 1.5i LHDPMar-97>>157
Grand MoveGrand Move 1.6i RHDPOct-98>>156
Grand MoveGrand Move 1.6i LHDPOct-98>>157
MateriaMateria 1.3POct-06>>054
MateriaMateria 1.5POct-06>>054
MateriaMateria 1.5 ECO 4WDPOct-06>>054
MiraMira 850P19931995055
MoveMove 0.8iPOct-96>>054
MoveMove 1.0iPOct-98>>054
SirionSirion 1.0iPJun-98>>054
SirionSirion 1.0i 4×4PJun-982005054
SirionSirion 1.3PJun-98>>054
S60Sparcar (S60)P1977>>055
SportrakSportrak 1.6P1984>>055
SportrakSportrak 1.6iP1984>>055
TeriosTerios 1.0PJun-06>>054
TeriosTerios 1.3PAug-97Oct-05156
TeriosTerios 1.3PJan-05>>054
TeriosTerios 1.5PNov-05>>054
YRVYRV 1.0PFeb-01>>054
YRVYRV 1.3PJan-01>>054
YRVYRV 1.3 4WDPJan-01>>054
YRVYRV 1.3 TurboP2003>>054
DeltaDelta 1600P19761988096T096
DeltaDelta 1800P19761988096T096
DeltaDelta 2000P19761989096T096
DeltaDelta 2500 DD19761989096T096
DeltaDelta 3000 DD19761989096T096
DeltaDelta (II)P/D1988>>096AGM096T096
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F20 PetrolP1977>>055
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F20 PetrolP1993>>054
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F25 PetrolP1977>>055
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F25 PetrolP1993>>054
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F50 PetrolP1977>>055
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F50 PetrolP1993>>054
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F55 PetrolP1977>>055
FourtrakFourtrak LCV F55 PetrolP1993>>054
Hi JetHi-Jet I S86 1.0 PetrolP1985Dec-89054
Hi JetHi-Jet II S85 1.0 PetrolPDec-92May-98054
Hi JetHi-Jet II 1.2 DieselDJun-95Mar-98027T027
Hi JetHi-Jet II S85 1.3 PetrolPMay-98>>054
Hi JetHi-Jet II 1.4 DieselDMar-98>>027T027