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Ford Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Ford Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Ford’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Ford Battery Application and Specification Chart

C MAXC-Max 1.6PFeb-07>>063T
C MAXC-Max 1.8PFeb-07>>075T075
C MAXC-Max 1.8 FlexifuelPFeb-07>>075T075
C MAXC-Max 2.0PFeb-07>>100T100
C MAXC-Max 2.0PFeb-07>>075T075
C MAXC-Max 1.6 TDCiDFeb-07>>100T100
C MAXC-Max 1.6 TDCiDFeb-07>>110T110
C MAXC-Max 1.8 TDCiDFeb-07>>100T100
C MAXC-Max 1.8 TDCiDFeb-07>>110T110
C MAXC-Max 2.0 TDCi DieselDFeb-07>>100T100
C MAXC-Max 2.0 TDCi DieselDFeb-07>>110T110
Capri ClassicClassic All ModelsP19611965037
Capri ClassicCapri All ModelsP19611965037
CapriCapri I All ModelsP19681974037
CapriCapri II 1.3PFeb-741977093085
CapriCapri II 1.6PFeb-741977093085
CapriCapri II 2.0PFeb-741977093085
CapriCapri II 2.3PFeb-741977097
CapriCapri II 3.0PFeb-741977097
CapriCapri III 1.3PJan-781985093085
CapriCapri III 1.6PJan-78Apr-87093085
CapriCapri III 2.0PJan-78Dec-85093085
CapriCapri III 2.3PJan-78Dec-85097
CapriCapri III 2.8 InjectionPJan-78Apr-87097
CapriCapri III 2.8 Injection TurboPJan-78Apr-87097
CapriCapri III 3.0PJan-78Dec-81097
CortinaCortina I All ModelsP19621967037
CortinaCortina II All ModelsP19671971037
CortinaCortina III to 1974 PetrolP19711974037
CortinaCortina III from 1974 PetrolP19741975093085
CortinaCortina IV PetrolP19761979093085
CortinaCortina V 1.3P19791982093085
CortinaCortina V 1.6P19791982093085
CortinaCortina V 2.0P19791982093085
CortinaCortina V 2.3P19791982093085
CorsairCorsair All ModelsP19641970037
CougarCougar 2.0 16vPOct-98Dec-01096AGM096T096
CougarCougar 2.5 V6POct-98Dec-01096AGM096T096
EscortEscort I PetrolP19681975037
EscortEscort II PetrolP19751979037
EscortEscort III (Facelift) 1.1P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) 1.3P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) 1.4P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) 1.6P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) 1.6DD19861990093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) 1.8DD19861990093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) XR3iP19861990093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) CabrioletP19861990093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) RS TurboP19861991097
EscortEscort III (Facelift) Combi 1.3P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) Combi 1.4P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) Combi 1.6DD19861990093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) Combi 1.8DD19861990093
EscortEscort IV 1.3, CFiP19901992093085
EscortEscort IV 1.4, CFiP19901992093085
EscortEscort IV 1.6, EFi,P19901993093
EscortEscort IV 1.6 CabrioletP19901993093
EscortEscort IV 1.8i 16vP19901993093
EscortEscort IV Cabriolet, 1.8DD19901993093
EscortEscort IV XR3i 16vP19921993093
EscortEscort IV XR3i CabrioletP19921993093
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.3 CFiP19921995093085
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.4 EFiP19921995093085
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.6i 16vP19921995093
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.6 SiP19921995093
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.8iP19921995093
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.8DD19921995093
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) 1.8 TDD19921995093
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) RS CosworthP19921995097
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) RS 2000P19921995097
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) RS 2000 4×4P19921995097
EscortEscort IV (Facelift) XR3i 16vP19921994093
EscortEscort V 1.3 CFiP19952000063T063
EscortEscort V 1.4 EFiP19952000063T063
EscortEscort V 1.6i 16vP19952000063T
EscortEscort V 1.8 DieselD19952000075065
EscortEscort V 1.8 Si,P19952000063T
EscortEscort V 1.8i 16v, CabrioletP19952000063T
EscortEscort V XR3i CabrioletP19952000063T
EscortEscort V 1.8DD19952000075065
EscortEscort V 1.8 TDD19952000075065
EscortEscort V 1.8 TDiD19952000075065
EscortEscort V 1RS 2000, 4×4P19952000075065
ExplorerExplorer 4.0PJan-97>>086
FiestaFiesta I PetrolP19761982093085
FiestaFiesta I DieselD1982093
FiestaFiesta II 950, 1.1P19831989093085
FiestaFiesta II 950, 1.3P19831989093085
FiestaFiesta II 1.4P19861989093085
FiestaFiesta II 1.6DD19841989093
FiestaFiesta II XR2P19831989093
FiestaFiesta III 1.0,P19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.1, CFiP19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.3, CFiP19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.4P19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.4 CFiP19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.4 EFiP19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.6 SP19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.6 SiP19891995093085
FiestaFiesta III 1.8iP19921995093
FiestaFiesta III 1.8DD19891995097
FiestaFiesta III 1.8 TDD19891995097
FiestaFiesta III Classic 1.1 CFiP19951996093085
FiestaFiesta III Classic 1.3 CFiP19951996093085
FiestaFiesta III Classic 1.8 DD19951996097
FiestaFiesta III RS 1800P19901994093
FiestaFiesta III RS TurboP19901994093
FiestaFiesta III XR2i 1.6P19891994093
FiestaFiesta III XR2i 1.8 16vP19891994093
FiestaFiesta IV 1.25P19952001063T063
FiestaFiesta IV 1.3 EFiP19952001063T063
FiestaFiesta IV 1.4P19952001063T
FiestaFiesta IV 1.8DD19952001075065
FiestaFiesta V 1.25 PetrolPApr-022007063T063
FiestaFiesta V 1.3PJan-022007063T063
FiestaFiesta V 1.4i 16vPJan-022007063T063
FiestaFiesta V 1.6i 16vPJan-022007063T063
FiestaFiesta V 1.4 TDCiDJan-022007100075
FiestaFiesta V 1.6 TDCiDNov-042007100075
FiestaFiesta V ST 2.0 PetrolPMar-05>>075T075
FiestaFiesta VI 1.25P2007>>063T063
FiestaFiesta VI 1.4P2007>>063T063
FiestaFiesta VI 1.4 TDCiD2007>>100075
FiestaFiesta VI 1.6P2007>>075063T
FiestaFiesta VI 1.6 TDCiD2007>>100075
FiestaFiesta VI 2.0 ST (150)P2007>>075T075
Focus1.4i 16v PetrolPOct-98Nov-04075T075
Focus1.4i 16v PetrolPFeb-99Nov-04063T
Focus1.6i 16v PetrolPOct-98Nov-04075T075
Focus1.6i 16v PetrolPFeb-99Nov-04063T
Focus1.8i 16v PetrolPOct-98Nov-04075T075
Focus1.8i 16v PetrolPFeb-99Nov-04063T
Focus1.8 TdiDSep-98Nov-04075T075
Focus1.8 TdiDSep-98Nov-04100T100
Focus1.8 TDCi DieselDSep-98Nov-04075T075
Focus1.8 TDCi DieselDSep-98Nov-04100T100
Focus2.0i 16v PetrolPOct-98Nov-04075T075
Focus2.0i 16v PetrolPFeb-99Nov-04063T
Focus2.0 RS PetrolP2002>>075T075
Focus2.0 ST170 PetrolP2002>>075T075
FocusFocus II 1.4i 16v PetrolPSep-04>>075T075
FocusFocus II 1.4i 16v PetrolPSep-04>>063T
FocusFocus II 1.6i 16v PetrolPSep-04>>075T075
FocusFocus II 1.6i 16v PetrolPSep-04>>063T
FocusFocus II 2.0 145PSep-04>>075T075
FocusFocus II 2.0 145PSep-04>>063T
FocusFocus II 1.6 TDCiDSep-04>>100T100
FocusFocus II 1.6 TDCiDSep-04>>110T110
FocusFocus II 1.8 TDCiDSep-04>>100T100
FocusFocus II 2.0 TDCiDSep-04>>100T100
FocusFocus II 2.5 ST PetrolPJan-06>>100T100
FocusFocus II 2.5 ST PetrolPJan-06>>075T075
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 1.6 PetrolP20032007063T
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 1.6 TDCi DieselD20032007100T100
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 1.6 TDCi DieselD20032007110T110
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 1.8 PetrolP20032007075T075
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 1.8 TDCiD20032007100T100
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 1.8 TDCiD20032007110T110
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 2.0 PetrolP20042007075T075
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 2.0 TDCi DieselD20032007100T100
Focus C MaxFocus C-Max 2.0 TDCi DieselD20032007110T110
FocusFocus CC 1.6 PetrolPOct-06>>063T
FocusFocus CC 2.0 PetrolPOct-06>>075T
FocusFocus CC 2.0 TDCi DieselDOct-06>>100T
FusionFusion 1.4 PetrolPAug-02>>063T
FusionFusion 1.4 TDCi DieselDAug-02>>075T075
FusionFusion 1.4 TDCi DieselDAug-02>>100T100
FusionFusion 1.6 PetrolPAug-02>>063T
FusionFusion 1.6 TDCi DieselDAug-02>>075T075
FusionFusion 1.6 TDCi DieselDAug-02>>100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 2.0 PetrolP19952000075T075
GalaxyGalaxy 2.3 PetrolP19952000075T075
GalaxyGalaxy 2.8 V6 PetrolP19952000075T075
GalaxyGalaxy 1.9 TD DieselD19952000019AGM019T017
GalaxyGalaxy 1.9 Tdi DieselD19952000019AGM019T017
GalaxyGalaxy 2.3 PetrolP20002006075T075
GalaxyGalaxy 2.8 V6 PetrolP20002006100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 1.9 TD DieselD20002006019AGM019T017
GalaxyGalaxy 2.0 140 PetrolPApr-06>>075T075
GalaxyGalaxy 2.3 AutoPApr-06>>100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 1.8 TDCi 100 DieselDApr-06>>100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 1.8 TDCi 125 DieselDApr-06>>100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 2.0 TDCi 140 DieselDApr-06>>100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 2.2 TDCi 172 DieselDApr-06>>100T100
GalaxyGalaxy 2.2 TDCi 172 DieselDApr-06>>110T110
GranadaGranada I PetrolP19721977097
GranadaGranada II PetrolP19771984097
GranadaGranada II DieselD19771984095
GranadaGranada III 1.8P19851995093
GranadaGranada III 2.0P19851995093
GranadaGranada III 2.0iP19851995093
GranadaGranada III 2.4iP19851995093
GranadaGranada III 2.5DD19851995097
GranadaGranada III 2.5 TDD19851995097
GranadaGranada III 2.8iP19851995097
GranadaGranada III 2.8i 4×4P19851995097
GranadaGranada III 2.9iP19851995097
GranadaGranada III Scorpio 2.8iP19851987097
GranadaGranada III Scorpio 2.8i 4×4P19851987097
GTGT 5.4 PetrolPMar-06>>110T110
KaKa 1.3i PetrolP19962008063T063
KaKa2 1.3i PetrolP19972008063T063
KaKa3 1.3i PetrolP19972008063T063
KaKa 1.6i Sport KaP20032008063T063
KaKa 1.6i Street Ka PetrolP20032008063T063
KaKa New shape 1.3P2008>>063T
KaKa New shape 1.6P2008>>063T
KugaKuga 2.0 TDCiD2008>>100T100
KugaKuga 2.0 TDCiD2008>>110T110
MaverickMaverick 2.4 EFiP19931996078
MaverickMaverick 2.7 TDD19931996334086
MaverickMaverick 2.7 TD (LHD)D19931996335
MaverickMaverick (Facelift) 2.4 EFiP1996Apr-98069
MaverickMaverick (Facelift) 2.7 TDD1996Apr-98334086
MaverickMaverick (Facelift) 2.7 TD (LHD)D1996Apr-98335
MaverickMaverick (II) 2.0 16vPMay-01>>334086
MaverickMaverick (II) 2.4 16vPMay-01>>334086
MaverickMaverick (II) 2.7 TDDMay-01>>334
MaverickMaverick (II) 3.0 V6 24vPMay-01>>334086
MondeoMondeo (I) 1.6iP19931996063T063
MondeoMondeo (I) 1.8 TDD19931996075T075
MondeoMondeo (I) 1.8iP19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) 1.8i 4×4P19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) 2.0i,P19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) 2.0i 4×4P19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) 2.5i V6P19931996075T075
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 1.6iP19931996063T063
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 1.8 TDD19931996075T075
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 1.8iP19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 1.8i 4×4P19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 2.0iP19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 2.0iP19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 2.0i 4×4P19931996075065
MondeoMondeo (I) Estate 2.5i V6P19931996075T075
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) 1.6iP1996Oct-00063T063
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) 1.8 TDD1996Oct-00075T075
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) 1.8iP1996Oct-00075065
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) 2.0iP1996Oct-00075065
MondeoMondeo (I) Facelift) 2.0i 4×4P1996Oct-00075065
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) 2.5i V6P1996Oct-00075T075
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) Estate 1.8 TDD1996Oct-00075T075
MondeoMondeo (I) Facelift) ST24P1997Oct-00075T075
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) Estate 1.8iP1996Oct-00075065
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) Estate 2.0iP1996Oct-00075065
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) Estate 2.0i, 4×4P1996Oct-00075065
MondeoMondeo (I Facelift) Estate 2.5i V6P1996Oct-00075T075
MondeoMondeo (II) 1.8 16v PetrolPOct-00Jan-07065063
MondeoMondeo (II) 2.0 16v PetrolPOct-00Jan-07075063T
MondeoMondeo (II) 2.5 V6 24V PetrolPOct-00Jan-07075T075
MondeoMondeo (II) 2.0 Di DieselDOct-00Jan-07100T100
MondeoMondeo (II) 2.0 Di DieselDOct-00Jan-07110T110
MondeoMondeo (II) 2.2 TDCi DieselDOct-00Oct-07110T110
MondeoMondeo (II) 2.2 TDCi DieselDOct-00Oct-07110T110
MondeoMondeo (II) 3.0 V6 ST220 PetrolPOct-022007100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.6 110 PetrolPFeb-07>>075T075
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.6 110 PetrolPFeb-07>>100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.6 125 PetrolPFeb-07>>100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 2.0 145 PetrolPFeb-07>>100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 2.3 161 PetrolPFeb-07>>110T110
MondeoMondeo (III) 2.5T 220 PetrolPFeb-07>>110T110
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.8 TDCi 100 DieselDFeb-07>>100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.8 TDCi 100 DieselDFeb-07>>110T110
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.8 TDCi 125 DieselDFeb-07>>100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 1.8 TDCi 125 DieselDFeb-07>>110T110
MondeoMondeo (III) 2.0 TDCi DieselDFeb-07>>100T100
MondeoMondeo (III) 2.0 TDCi DieselDFeb-07>>110T110
OrionOrion (I Facelift) 1.3P19861990093085
OrionOrion (I Facelift) 1.4P19861990093085
OrionOrion (I Facelift) 1.6P19861990093085
OrionOrion (I Facelift) 1.6iP19861990093085
OrionOrion (I Facelift) 1.6DD19861989093
OrionOrion (I Facelift) 1.8DD19881990097
OrionOrion II 1.3, CFiP19901992093085
OrionOrion II 1.4, CFi,P19901992093085
OrionOrion II 1.6, EFiP19901992093085
OrionOrion II 1.8DD19901992097
OrionOrion II 1.8i 16vP19921993093
OrionOrion II (Facelift) 1.3 CFIP19921993093085
OrionOrion II (Facelift) 1.4 EFiP19921993093085
OrionOrion II (Facelift) 1.6iP19921993093
OrionOrion II (Facelift) 1.8i 16vP19921993093
OrionOrion II (Facelift) 1.8DD19921993097
ProbeProbe 2.0i PetrolP19941999111
ProbeProbe 2.5i PetrolP19941999111
PumaPuma 1.4i PetrolP19972000063T063
PumaPuma 1.6i PetrolP20002003075T075
PumaPuma 1.7i PetrolP19972003075T075
RangerRanger 2.5D DieselDMay-99>>334
RangerRanger 2.5 TD DieselDMay-99>>334
RS2000RS 2000P19851995097
RS2000RS 2000P1996>>075T075
S MAXS-Max 2.0 145 PetrolPMar-06>>075T075
S MAXS-Max 2.3 AutoPMar-07>>075T
S MAXS-Max 2.5 PetrolPMar-06>>075T075
S MAXS-Max 1.8 TDCi 125 DieselDMar-06>>100T100
S MAXS-Max 1.8 TDCi 125 DieselDMar-06>>110T110
S MAXS-Max 2.0 TDCi 140 DieselDMar-06>>100T100
S MAXS-Max 2.0 TDCi 140 DieselDMar-06>>110T110
S MAXS-Max 2.2 TDCi 175 DieselDMar-06>>100T100
S MAXS-Max 2.2 TDCi 175 DieselDMar-06>>110T110
ScorpioScorpio (1) 1.8P19851994097
ScorpioScorpio (1) 12.0P19851994097
ScorpioScorpio (1) 2.0iP19851994097
ScorpioScorpio (1) 2.4iP19851994097
ScorpioScorpio (1) 2.5DDDec-85Dec-94095
ScorpioScorpio (1)2.5 TDDDec-85Dec-94095
ScorpioScorpio (1) 2.8iPApr-85Nov-86095
ScorpioScorpio (1) 2.9iPSep-86Dec-94095
ScorpioScorpio II 2.0 EFiPOct-94Aug-98075065
ScorpioScorpio II 2.3PJun-96Aug-08075065
ScorpioScorpio II 2.5 TDDOct-94Aug-08100T100
ScorpioScorpio II 2.9iPOct-94Aug-08100T100
Sierra/SapphireSierra 1.3P19821986093085
Sierra/SapphireSierra 1.6P19821993093085
Sierra/SapphireSierra 1.8P19841988093
Sierra/SapphireSierra 1.8 TDD19871993097
Sierra/SapphireSierra 2.0P19821993093
Sierra/SapphireSierra 2.3P19821985093
Sierra/SapphireSierra 2.3DD19821990097
Sierra/SapphireSierra 2.8i 4×4P19861988097
Sierra/SapphireSierra 2.9iP19881993097
Sierra/SapphireSierra RS CosworthP19851993097093
Sierra/SapphireSierra XR4i 2.0P19901993093
Sierra/SapphireSierra XR4x4 2.0iP19901993093
Sierra/SapphireSierra XR4i 2.8,P19831988097
Sierra/SapphireSierra XR4x4 2.8iP19831988097
Sierra/SapphireSierra XR4x4 2.9iP19881993097
Sierra/SapphireSierra Estate/Turnier 2.0i 4×4P19901993093
Sierra/SapphireSierra Estate/Turnier 2.8i Ghia 4×4P19861988097
Sierra/SapphireSierra Estate/Turnier 2.9i Ghia 4×4P19881993097
Sierra/SapphireSierra Sapphire 1.8 TDD19871993095097
Sierra/SapphireSierra Sapphire 2.3DD19871993095097
Sierra/SapphireSierra Sapphire, RS CosworthP19871993097093
[hr style=double-line margin_top= margin_bottom=] Ford VAN Battery Application and Specification Chart
CourierCourier 1.3, CFiP19911996093085
CourierCourier 1.3 II CFiP1996>>063T063
CourierCourier 1.8DD19911996093
CourierCourier II 1.8DD1996>>075T075
CourierCourier II Kombi 1.3 CFi, 1.4 EFiP1997>>063T063
CourierCourier II Kombi 1.8DD1996>>075T075
CourierCourier 1.8 TDD2000>>075T075
EconovanEconovan 1.4 PetrolP19861992093
EconovanEconovan 2.0 DieselD19861992097
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘35’ Van 1.1P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘35’ Van 1.3P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘35’ Van 1.4P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘35’ Van 1.6DD19861989093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘35’ Van 1.8DD19861989093
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘55’ Van 1.1P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘55’ Van 1.3P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘55’ Van 1.4P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘55’ Van 1.6P19861990093085
EscortEscort III (Facelift) ‘55’ Van 1.6D, 1.8DD19861989093
EscortEscort IV ‘40’ Van 1.3P19911992093085
EscortEscort IV ‘40’ Van 1.4, CFiP19901992093085
EscortEscort IV ‘40’ Van 1.8DD19901992093
EscortEscort IV ‘60’ Van 1.3P19911992093085
EscortEscort IV ‘60’ Van 1.4, CFiP19911992093085
EscortEscort IV ‘60’ Van 1.8DD19901992093
EscortEscort V ‘55’ Van, 1.3 CFiP1995>>063T063
EscortEscort V ‘55’ Van, 1.4 EFiP1995>>063T063
EscortEscort V ‘55’ Van 1.8DD1995>>075065
EscortEscort V ‘75’ Van 1.4 EFiP1995>>063T063
EscortEscort V ‘75’ Van 1.8DD1995>>075065
FiestaFiesta II Van 950P19831989093085
FiestaFiesta II Van 1.1P19831989093085
FiestaFiesta II Van 1.6DD19841989093
FiestaFiesta III Van 1.1, CFiP19891994093085
FiestaFiesta III Van 1.3, CFiP19891994093085
FiestaFiesta III Van 1.4 CFiP19911991093085
FiestaFiesta III Van 1.8DD19921994097
FiestaFiesta IV Van ‘35’ 1.3iP19962002063T063
FiestaFiesta IV Van ‘35’ 1.8DD19962002075T075
FiestaFiesta V Van 1.4i 16vP20022008063T063
FiestaFiesta V Van 1.6 TDCiP20022008063T063
FiestaFiesta VI Van 1.4P2009>>063T063
FiestaFiesta VI Van 1.6 TDCiD2009>>075T075
RangerRanger 2.6 PetrolPOct-02Sep-04334
P100P100 1.6 Petrol (Cortina)PApr-82Sep-87097085
P100P100 Diesel (Cortina)PApr-82Sep-87097
P100P100 (Sierra) 1.8 TDD19891993095097
P100P100 (Sierra) 2.0P19881993097085
RangerRanger 3.0 PetrolPOct-05>>334
RangerRanger 3.0 4×4 PetrolPOct-05>>334
RangerRanger 4.0 PetrolPOct-05>>334
RangerRanger 4.0 4×4 l PetrolPOct-05>>334
RangerRanger 2.5 Tddi Trekker 86KW DieselDApr-02Sep-05334
RangerRanger 2.5 Tddi 4×4 Trekker 86KW DieselDApr-02Sep-05334
RangerRanger 2.5 Tddi 105KW DieselDOct-05>>334
RangerRanger 2.5 Tddi 4×4 105KW DieselDOct-05>>334
RangerRanger 2.5D 57KW DieselDOct-99Apr-04334
RangerRanger 2.5D 4×4 57KW DieselDOct-99Apr-04334
RangerRanger 2.5 TD 57KW DieselDApr-02>>334
RangerRanger 2.5 TD 4×4 57KW DieselDApr-02>>334
Tourneo ConnectTourneo Connect 1.8 PetrolP2000>>075T075
Tourneo ConnectTourneo Connect 1.8 PetrolP2000>>100T100
Tourneo ConnectTourneo Connect 1.8 Diesel Di TDCi Turbo DiDJun-02>>100T100
Tourneo ConnectTourneo Connect 1.8 Diesel Di TDCi Turbo DiDJun-02>>110T110
Tourneo ConnectTourneo Connect 2.0 TD Diesel 85/100 CVDJun-02>>100T100
Tourneo ConnectTourneo Connect 2.0 TD Diesel 85/100 CVDJun-02>>110T110
TransitTransit III 80 1.6, CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 80 2.0, CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 80 2.0, CFi, EFiP1994Mar-00075T075
TransitTransit III 80 2.5Di, TurboD19861994095097
TransitTransit III 80 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T100
TransitTransit III 100 1.6 CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 100 2.0, CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 100 2.0, CFi, EFiP1994Mar-00075T075
TransitTransit III 100 2.5Di, TurboD19861994095097
TransitTransit III 100 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T100
TransitTransit III 100LWB 2.0, CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 100LWB 2.0, CFi, EFiP1994Mar-00075T075
TransitTransit III 100LWB 2.5Di, TurboD19861994095097
TransitTransit III 100LWB 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T100
TransitTransit III 120 2.0, CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 120 2.0, CFi, EFiP1994Mar-00075T075
TransitTransit III 120 2.5Di, TurboD19861994095097
TransitTransit III 120 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T100
TransitTransit III 130 2.0, CFi, EFiP19861994093
TransitTransit III 130 2.0, CFi, EFiP1994Mar-00075T075
TransitTransit III 130 2.5Di, TurboD19861994095097
TransitTransit III 130 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T100
TransitTransit III 150 2.0, EFiP19861994
TransitTransit III 150 2.0 EFiP1994Mar-00075T
TransitTransit III 150 2.5Di, TurboD19911994095
TransitTransit III 150 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T
TransitTransit III 150 2.9P19911994095
TransitTransit III 150 2.9P1994Mar-00075T
TransitTransit III 150LWB 2.0, EFiP19911994
TransitTransit III 150LWB 2.0, EFiP1994Mar-00075T
TransitTransit III 150LWB 2.5Di, TurboD19911994095
TransitTransit III 150LWB 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T
TransitTransit III 150LWB 2.5DiD1994Mar-00100T
TransitTransit III 160 2.0P19861991
TransitTransit III 160 2.5DiD19861994095
TransitTransit III 160 2.5Di TurboD19891994095
TransitTransit III 190 2.0, CFi, EFiP19861994
TransitTransit III 190 2.0, CFi, EFiP1994Mar-00075T
TransitTransit III 190 2.5Di, Turbo,D19861994095
TransitTransit III 190 2.5DiD19861994095093
TransitTransit III 190 2.5Di, TurboD1994Mar-00100T075
TransitTransit III 190 2.9P19911994095097
TransitTransit III 190 2.9P1994Mar-00100T100
TransitTransit III 230 2.5Di (79bhp)D19931994095097
TransitTransit III 230 2.5Di (75bhp), (79bhp)D1994Mar-00100T075
TransitTransit III 230 2.5Di TurboD1996Mar-00100T093
Transit2.0 Di & TDdi DieselDMar-00>>110075
Transit2.0 Di & TDdi DieselDMar-00>>096AGM110T097
Transit2.2 Di & TDdi DieselDMar-00>>110100
Transit2.2 Di & TDdi DieselDMar-00>>096AGM110T100
Transit2.3 PetrolP2001>>096AGM100T093
Transit2.3 PetrolP2001>>097
Transit2.4 Di Diesel TDCi , TDEDMar-00>>110097
Transit2.4 Di Diesel TDCi , TDEDMar-00>>096AGM110T093
Transit ConnectTransit Connect 1.8 PetrolP2002>>075T075
Transit ConnectTransit Connect 1.8 PetrolP2002>>096AGM100T097
Transit ConnectTransit Connect 1.8 Diesel Di TDCi TDCi DPFD2002>>100T097
Transit ConnectTransit Connect 1.8 Diesel Di TDCi TDCi DPFD2002>>096AGM110T100
Transit TourneoTransit Tourneo 2.2 TDCiDJun-07>>097