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Honda Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Honda Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Honda’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Honda Battery Application and Specification Chart

Accord3.0 V6 (Japanese manf)P1982>>014
Accord1.8 (Japanese manf)P19841989004
Accord2.0 (Japanese manf)P19891993014
Accord2.0 (Japanese manf)P19891993030
Accord2.2 (Japanese manf)P19891993014
Accord2.2 (Japanese manf)P19891993030
Accord2.0i (Japanese manf)P19931998014
Accord2.3i (Japanese manf)P19931996014
AccordAccord IV 1.8iP19931996063T063
AccordAccord IV 2.0i (113 PS), (129 PS)P19931996063T063
AccordAccord IV 2.2i,P19931996075065
AccordAccord IV 2.2i AutoP19931996075065
AccordAccord VTEC, IV 2.3iP19931996075065
AccordAccord IV 2.7i V6P19951996075T075
AccordAccord IV 1.8i (Japanese manf)P19961998014
AccordAccord IV 2.2i (Japanese manf)P19961998014
AccordAccord IV (Facelift) 1.9iP1996>>063T063
AccordAccord IV (Facelift) 2.0iP1996>>063T063
AccordAccord IV (Facelift) 2.0 TdiD1996>>027T027
AccordAccord IV (Facelift) 2.2i, Auto, VTECP1996>>075065
AccordAccord IV (Facelift) 2.7i V6P1996>>075T075
AccordAccord Mk VII 1.6iPOct-98>>027T027
AccordAccord Mk VII 1.8iPOct-98>>027T027
AccordAccord Mk VII 2.0iPOct-98Jan-01100T100
AccordAccord Mk VII 2.2 Type RP1999>>100T100
AccordAccord Mk VII 2.3P2001>>053
AccordAccord Mk VII 2.0 TDD1999>>096AGM096T096
Accord2.2 SOHC 16v injP2000>>027T027
Accord2.0 V TypeP2000>>027T027
AccordAccord Coupe 2.0i,P19921994063T063
AccordAccord Coupe 2.2iP19921994063T063
AccordAccord Coupe II 2.0i, (Facelift) 2.0iP1994>>063T063
AccordAccord Coupe II 2.2i, (Facelift) 2.2iP1994>>075065
AccordAccord Coupe 3.0 (Japanese manf)P1998>>005
AccordAccord Aerodeck (Japanese manf)P19851994014
AccordAccord Aerodeck 2.0i (Japanese manf)P19941998005
AccordAccord Aerodeck 2.2i (Japanese manf)P19941998005
AccordAccord Aerodeck III 2.0i, (Facelift)P1994>>063T063
AccordAccord Aerodeck III 2.2i, (Facelift)P1994>>075065
AccordAccord VIII 2.0i Petrol (Japanese manf)P2003>>053
AccordAccord VIII 2.0i PetrolP2003>>075T075
AccordAccord VIII 2.2CTDi DieselD2003>>096AGM096T096
AccordAccord VIII 2.4i Petrol (Japanese manf)P2003>>053
AccordAccord VIII 2.4i PetrolP2003>>075T075
CivicCivic 1200P19721996057
CivicCivic 1250P19721996057
CivicCivic 1500P19721996057
CivicCivic IIP19801983057
CivicCivic IIIP19841987057
CivicCivic IVP19881991057
CivicCivic VP19921995057
CivicCivic VIP1994May-97057
CivicCivic VI (5 Door) 1.4iP1997Feb-99057
CivicCivic VI (5 Door) 1.6 VEi,P1997Feb-99057
CivicCivic VI (5 Door) 1.8 VTiP1997Feb-99057
CivicCivic VI (5 Door) 2.0 TdiD1997Feb-99096AGM096T096
CivicCivic VI AerodeckP1996Feb-99057
CivicCivic (VII) 1.4 PetrolPNov-992006057
CivicCivic (VII) 1.6PNov-992006057
CivicCivic (VII) 1.6i VTEC PetrolPNov-992006057
CivicCivic (VII) 1.8 Vti PetrolP19992000057
CivicCivic (VII) 1.7 PetrolP20012002057
CivicCivic (VII) 1.7 CTDi DieselD20022006096AGM096T096
CivicCivic (VII) 2.0 PetrolP20012006057
CivicCivic (VII) Type R 2.0i VTEC PetrolP20012006057
CivicCivic (VIII) 1.4i DsiD2006>>053
CivicCivic (VIII) 1.8i VTECP2006>>053
CivicCivic (VIII) 2.2i CTDiD2006>>096AGM096T096
CivicCivic (VIII) Type R 2.0i VTEC PetrolP2007>>053
Civic (coupe)Civic Coupe 1.5iP19721996057
Civic (coupe)Civic Coupe IIP1996Feb-99057
Civic (Shuttle)Civic ShuttleP19831991057
Civic hybridCivic IMA 1.3i VTEC Petrol (auxillary battery)H2003200644B19L(S)
Civic HybridCivic Hybrid 1.4i Dsi (auxillary battery)H2006>>44B19L(S)
ConcertoConcerto 1.4P19881991063T063
ConcertoConcerto 1.5P19881991063T063
ConcertoConcerto 1.6P19881991063T063
ConcertoConcerto 1.6i-16vP19881991063T063
ConcertoConcerto (Facelift)P19901993063T063
ConcertoConcerto II 1.5i, 1.6i, 1.6i-16P19931994063T063
CRVCR-V (LHD)POct-95Jan-99053
CRVCR-V (RHD)POct-95Jan-99057
CRVCR-V 2.0i VTECP19972001057
CRVCR-V 2.0i VTECPJan-022007057
CRVCR-V 2.2CDTi DieselDJan-022007096AGM096T096
CRVCR-V 2.0i VTEC 148bhpP2007>>057
CRVCR-V 2.2CDTi DieselD2007>>096AGM096T096
CRXCRX 1.5iPOct-83Nov-96057
CRXCRX 1.6iPMar-86Oct-87057
CRXCRX (II) 1.6i 16vPOct-87Feb-92057
CRXCRX (II) 1.6i 16v VTECPOct-89Feb-92057055
CRXCRX (III) 1.6ESiPMar-92>>057
CRXCRX (III) 1.6i VTiPMar-92>>057
CRXCRX V, CRXiP1983 >>057
FRVFR-V 1.7 PetrolP2004>>053
FRVFR-V 1.8i PetrolP2004>>053
FRVFR-V 2.0 PetrolP2004>>053
FRVFR-V 2.2 CTDi DieselD2004>>096AGM096T096
HRVHRV 1.6 16vPMar-99>>057
HRVHRV 1.6 16v (lhd)PMar-99>>053
HRVHRV 1.6 16v 4wdPOct-99>>053
Insight HybridInsight 1.0 coupe (Engine start only)H2002>>44B19L(S)
JazzJazz 1.2 PetrolP19811986057
JazzJazz 1.2 PetrolPFeb-02>>44B19L(S)
JazzJazz 1.4 PetrolPFeb-02>>44B19L(S)
LegendLegend 2.5 V6 PetrolP19861987075065
LegendLegend 2.7 V6 PetrolP1988075T075
LegendLegend 2.7 V6 PetrolP19891991030
LegendLegend 3.2 V6 PetrolP19911996031
LegendLegend 3.5 V6 PetrolP1996>>031
LogoLogo 1.3 PetrolPMar-002001057
NSXNSX 3.0 PetrolP1990>>005
NSXNSX 3.2 PetrolP1990>>005
PreludePrelude 1.8P19831987057
PreludePrelude 1958ccP19851987057
PreludePrelude 1958ccP19881989004
PreludePrelude 1958ccP19901992014
PreludePrelude 1997ccP19921997005
PreludePrelude 2259ccP19921997005
PreludePrelude 2157ccP19931997031
PreludePrelude 1997ccP1997>>005
PreludePrelude 2157ccP1997>>030
QuintetQuintet 1600P19801984057
ShuttleShuttle 2.2P19952000005
ShuttleShuttle 2.3P19952000005
StreamStream 1.7 VTEC PetrolPApr-012006057
StreamStream 1.8i VTEC PetrolP2007>>057
StreamStream 2.0 VTEC PetrolPApr-01053
StreamStream 2.2 CTDi DieselD2007>>096AGM096T096
S2000S2000 Roadster 2.0P1999>>057
TN ActyTN (Acty)P19761995057