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Hyundai Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Hyundai Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Hyundai’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Hyundai Battery Application and Specification Chart

AccentAccent 1.3P1994Jan-00048
AccentAccent 1.3iP1994Jan-00048
AccentAccent 1.5i 12vP1994Jan-00048
AccentAccent 1.3 84bhp PetrolPJan-002003012T012
AccentAccent 1.5i, 88bhp PetrolPJan-002003012T012
AccentAccent 1.5i 12v 100bhp PetrolPJan-002003012T012
AccentAccent 1.5 82bhp DieselDJan-002003027T027
AccentAccent 1.3 Petrol 83bhpPFeb-032006012
AccentAccent 1.3 Petrol 83bhpPFeb-032006008
AccentAccent 1.6 Petrol 104bhpPFeb-032006012
AccentAccent 1.6 Petrol 104bhpPFeb-032006008
AccentAccent 1.5 Diesel 81bhpDFeb-032006027
AccentAccent 1.5 Diesel 81bhpDFeb-032006027T
AmicaAmica 1.0P20002005053
AmicaAmica 1.0P20002005056
AmicaAmica 1.1P2006>>056
AtozAtoz 1.0P11998Mar-02
AtozAtoz 1.1P11998Mar-02
AtozAtos Prime 1.1P1Sep-05>>
CoupeCoupe 1.6P11997>>027T
CoupeCoupe 2.0P11996>>027T
CoupeCoupe 2.7P12002>>027T
CoupeCoupe 1.6 16vP1Jan-07>>
CoupeCoupe 1.6 16vP1Jan-07>>
CoupeCoupe 2.0 16vP1Jan-07>>
CoupeCoupe 2.0 16vP1Jan-07>>
CoupeCoupe 2.7 24vP1Jan-07>>
CoupeCoupe 2.7 24vP1Jan-07>>
ElantraElantra 2.0 Turbo DieselD12002>>027T
GetzGetz 1.1 PetrolP1Oct-02>>012T
GetzGetz 1.3 PetrolP1Oct-02>>012T
GetzGetz 1.4 PetrolP1Oct-02>>012T
GetzGetz 1.5 DieselD1Oct-02>>
GetzGetz 1.6 PetrolP1Oct-02>>012T
GrandeurGrandeur 3.3 V6 autoP1Apr-05
GrandeurGrandeur 3.3 V6 autoP1Apr-05
I seriesi10 1.2 PetrolP1Dec-07>>
I seriesi20 1.2 PetrolP1Apr-09
I seriesi20 1.4 PetrolP1Apr-09
I seriesi20 1.6 PetrolP1Apr-09
I seriesi20 1.4 CRTDD1Apr-09027T
I seriesi20 1.6 CRTDD1Apr-09027T
I seriesi30 1.4 PetrolP1Oct-07>>
I seriesi30 1.6 PetrolP1Oct 07>>
I seriesi30 1.6 CRDiD1Oct 07>>
I seriesi30 2.0 CRDiD1Oct 07>>
LantraLantra (Elantra)P11991>>
LantraLantra 1.5 i.e.P1Oct-90Nov-95
LantraLantra 1.6 i.e. 16vP1Oct-90Nov-95
LantraLantra 1.8 i.e. 16vP1Oct-90Nov-95
LantraLantra (II) 1.5 12vP1Dec-96Sep-00
LantraLantra (II) 1.6i, 1.6i 16vP1Nov-95Sep-00
LantraLantra (II) 1.8i 16vP1Nov-95Sep-00
LantraLantra (II) 2.0i 16vP1Aug-96Sep-00
MatrixMatrix 1.6 PetrolP1Oct-01>>
MatrixMatrix 1.8 PetrolP1Oct-01>>075
MatrixMatrix 1.5 Turbo DieselD1Oct-01>>027T
Santa FeSanta Fe 2.4 PetrolP120012006027T
Santa FeSanta Fe 2.7 V6 PetrolP120012006027T
Santa FeSanta Fe 2.0 TD DieselD120012006335
Santa FeSanta Fe 2.7 V6 PetrolP1Jun-06>>
Santa FeSanta Fe 2.2 TD DieselD1Jun-06>>
S CoupeS CoupeP119901996
SonataSonata II 1.8iP1May-93Jun-98
SonataSonata II 2.0i 16VP1May-93Jun-98
SonataSonata II 30i V6P1May-93Jun-98
SonataSonata III 2.0 16VP1Jun-98Oct-01
SonataSonata III 2.4 16VP1Jun-98Oct-01
SonataSonata III 2.5 V6 24vPJun-98Oct-01078
SonataSonata IV 2.0POct-01Nov-04078
SonataSonata IV 2.7 V6POct-01Nov-04078
SonataSonata V 2.0PMay-05027
SonataSonata V 2.4PMay-05027
SonataSonata V 2.0 CRTDDMay-05335
SonataSonata V 3.3 CDXDMay-05335
TrajetTrajet 2.0 PetrolP2000>> 027T027
TrajetTrajet 2.7 V6 PetrolP2001>> 027T027
TrajetTrajet 2.0 TD DieselD2001>> 096T096
TerracanTerracan 2.9 CRTD DieselD20032007335
TucsonTucson 2.0 PetrolP2004>>335
TucsonTucson 2.7 V6 CDX DieselD2004>>335
TucsonTucson 2.0 CRTD DieselD2004>>335
XG30XG30 3.0 PetrolP2000>>027T030
GalloperGalloper 2.5 DieselD1991>>019017
GalloperGalloper 3.0 PetrolP1991>>019017
H-1H1 PetrolPOct-97Nov-01334
H-1H1 2.5CRDiDOct-97Nov-01334
H-1H1 2.4 4WDPOct-97334086
H100H100 PetrolD19772000008
H100H100 Turbo DieselD19772000334
H200H200 Turbo DieselD1998>>334
H200H200 Turbo DieselD1998>>334
I seriesi800 2.5 CRDi MPVD2007>>334