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Mitsubishi Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Mitsubishi Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Mitsubishi’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Mitsubishi Battery Application and Specification Chart

CarismaCarisma 1.6i, (European manf)P19952005027T027
CarismaCarisma 1.8i (Japanese manf)P19952005005
CarismaCarisma 1.8i, (European manf)P19952005027T027
CarismaCarisma 1.8i 16v (Japanese manf)P19952005005
CarismaCarisma 1.8i 16V (European manf)P19952005027T027
CarismaCarisma 2.0 (Japanese manf)P19952005005
CarismaCarisma 2.0 (European manf)P19952005027T027
CarismaCarisma 1.8GDi (Japanese manf)P19952005031
CarismaCarisma 1.9 TD (Japanese manf)D1996Sep-00031
CarismaCarisma 1.9 TD (Japanese manf)D1996>>096AGM096T096
ChallengerChallenger 2.5 TD DieselDNov-98334
ChallengerChallenger 2.8Tdi LE 4×4 DieselDNov-98Oct-03334
ChallengerChallenger 3.0 V6 PetrolPNov-98334031
ChallengerChallenger 3.5 LE 4×4 PetrolPNov-98334
ChallengerChallenger 3.2Tdi 4×4 DieselDNov-98334
ChallengerChallenger 3.8Gdi 4×4 PetrolPNov-02>>334
ColtColt (II) 1200P19841988031004
ColtColt (II) 1300P19841988031004
ColtColt (II) 1400P19841988031004
ColtColt (II) 1500P19841988031004
ColtColt (II) 1600P19841988031004
ColtColt (II) 1800 DD19841988031
ColtColt (III) 1300P19881992031004
ColtColt (III) 1500P19881992031004
ColtColt (III) 1600P19881992031004
ColtColt (III) 1800P19881992031004
ColtColt (III) 1800 DD19881992031
ColtColt (IV) 1300iP19921996057
ColtColt (IV) 1500iP19921996057
ColtColt (IV) 1600iP19921996057
ColtColt (IV) 1800iP19921996057
ColtColt (IV) 1800 DD19921996031
ColtColt (V) 1300iP19962003057
ColtColt (V) 1600iP19962003057
ColtColt 1.1 PetrolP2004>>012T012
ColtColt 1.3 PetrolP2004>>012T012
ColtColt 1.5 PetrolP2004>>012T012
ColtColt Petrol convertibleP2004>>027T027
ColtColt 1.5 DieselD2005>>096T096
ColtColt CZC convertibleP2006>>027T027
CordiaCordia 1.6Gsi TurboP19821986031014
CordiaCordia 1.8Gsi TurboP19821986031014
DeliciaDelicia See L300 / L400P 
FTOFTO 2.0P1993>>014
FTOGTO 2.0P1995>>014
GalantGalant (III) 1600P19841988057
GalantGalant (III) 1800 TDD19801988334
GalantGalant (III) 2000P19841988031
GalantGalant (III) 2000i TurboP19841988031
GalantGalant (III) 2400iP19851988031
GalantGalant (III) 1.8iP19851988031
GalantGalant (III) 2.0 V6P19851988031
GalantGalant (III) 2.4P19851988031
GalantGalant (III) 2.5 V6P19851988031
GalantGalant (IV) 1600P19881993031
GalantGalant (IV) 1800P19881993031
GalantGalant (IV) 1800iP19881993031
GalantGalant (IV) 1800 TDD19881992334
GalantGalant (IV) 2000 GTi 16vP19881993031
GalantGalant (IV) 2000i, TurboP19881993031
GalantGalant (V) 1800 GLSi-16vP19931997031
GalantGalant (V) 2000 GLS TDD19931997334
GalantGalant (V) 2000 GLSi-16vP19931997031
GalantGalant (V) 2000 V6-24vP19931997031
GalantGalant (V) 2500 V6-24vP19931997031
GalantGalant (V) 2500 V6-24vP19931997031
GalantGalant (V) 2500 V6-24v 4WD/4WSP19931997031
GalantGalant (VI) 2.0P1997>>030
GalantGalant (VI) 2.4P1997>>030
GalantGalant (VI) 2.5 V6-24P1997>>030
GrandisGrandis 2.4 GdiPNov-972003005
GrandisGrandis 3.0 GdiPNov-972003005
GrandisGrandis 2.4 PetrolP2004>>005
GrandisGrandis 2.0D ID DieselD2004>>005
ii – 660cc Auto 5drP2009>>056
LancerLancer (III)P19841989031014
LancerLancer (III) 1800 DD19841989334
LancerLancer (IV)P19881993031014
LancerLancer (IV) 1800 DD19881992334
LancerLancer (V)P19921996031014
LancerLancer (V) 2000 D, TDD19921996334031
LancerLancer (VI) 1.3 12V 55KW (CK1A)P1996>>031014
LancerLancer (VI) 1.5 16V 69KW (CK2A)P1996>>031014
LancerLancer (VI) 1.6 66KWP1996>>031
LancerLancer (VI) 1.8 Sei Limited 91KWP1996>>031
LancerLancer (VI) 1.8 16V 151KWP1996>>031
LancerLancer (VI) 2.0 TDD1996>>334
LancerLancer 1.3l 60KW PetrolPSep-03>>2008027T027
LancerLancer 1.6l 72KW PetrolPSep-03>>2008027T027
LancerLancer 1.8SEi Limited 91KW PetrolPSep-03>>2008027T027
LancerLancer 2.0l 85KW PetrolPSep-03>>2008027T027
LancerLancer 2.0lGDi 92KW DieselPSep-03>>2008027T027
LancerLancer 2.4 108KW PetrolPSep-03>>2008027T027
LancerLancer X 1.8 GS3 PetrolD2008>>027
LancerLancer X 1.8 GS4 PetrolD2008>>027
LancerLancer X 2.0Di-D GS3 CieselD2008>>096T
LancerLancer X 2.0Di-D GS4 DieselD2008>>096T
EVOLancer Evolution VI 2.0 Evo VI (6)PJan-99Feb-04031
EVOLancer Evolution VII 2.0 Evo VII CP9A (7)PJan-99Feb-04031
EVOLancer Evolution 2.0 16V EVO VIII (8)PMar-04Jan-06031
EVOLancer Evolution 2.0 16V EVO IX (9)PMar-042007031
EVOEvolution X (10) 2.0 FQ300P2008>>096AGM096AGM
EVOEvolution X (10) 2.0 FQ330P2008>>096AGM096AGM
EVOEvolution X (10) 2.0 FQ360P2008>>096AGM096AGM
OutlanderOutlander 2.0 4×4 93KW PetrolPMay-052007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.0 100KW PetrolPMay-052007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.0 4×4 100KW PetrolPMay-052007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.0 4×4 Turbo 148KW PetrolPApr-042007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.0 4×4 177KW PetrolPMay-052007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.4 4×4 102KW PetrolPMay-052007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.4 4×4 118/9KW PetrolPNov-032007030
OutlanderOutlander 2.0Di-D 103KW DieselDSep-07>>335
OutlanderOutlander 2.2Di D DieselDSep-07>>335
OutlanderOutlander 2.4 Mivec 125KWPSep-07>>335
PajereoPajero 2.4P1982>>031
PajereoPajero 2.5 DieselD1982>>334
PajereoPajero 2.8 DieselD1982>>334
PajereoPajero 3.0P1982>>031
PajereoPajero 3.2 DieselD1982>>334
PajereoPajero 3.5P1982>>031
SapporoSapporo (Facelift)P19801990031
Shogun/PajeroShogun 2300 TDD19821989334
Shogun/PajeroShogun 2500 TDD19821989334
Shogun/PajeroShogun 2800 TDD19821989334
Shogun/PajeroShogun 2500 TD IntercoolerD19891991334
Shogun/PajeroShogun 2600P19821991031
Shogun/PajeroShogun 3.0P1983>>031
Shogun/PajeroShogun 3.2P1983>>031
Shogun/PajeroShogun 3.5P1983>>031
Shogun/PajeroShogun 3000 V6P19891991031
Shogun/PajeroShogun (II) 2300iP1991Apr-00031
Shogun/PajeroShogun (II) 2500 TD IntercoolerD1991Apr-00334
Shogun/PajeroShogun (II) 2800 TDD1991Apr-00334
Shogun/PajeroShogun (II) 3000 V6P1991Apr-00031
Shogun/PajeroShogun (II) 3500 V6P1991Apr-00031
Shogun/PajeroShogun (III) 3.2DI DC SWBDApr-002007335
Shogun/PajeroShogun (III) 3.2DI DC LWBDApr-002007335
Shogun/PajeroShogun (III) 3.5 V6 GDIPApr-002007335
Shogun/PajeroShogun (IV) 3.2Di DC (SWB)D2007>>030
Shogun/PajeroShogun (IV) 3.2Di DC (LWB)D2007>>030
Shogun PINNShogun Pinin 1.8 Mpi PetrolPDec-992006027T027
Shogun PINNShogun Pinin 2.0 GdiPDec-992006027T027
Shogun SportShogun Sport 2.5 TD 4×4 DieselDMar-002008334
Shogun SportShogun Sport 3.0V6 PetrolPMar-002008334
SigmaSigma (III) 3.0 V6P1990Jul-96031
Space GearSpace Gear L400 Delica 2.5 PetrolP1993May-00031
Space GearSpace Gear L400 Delica 2.4 PetrolP1993May-00031
Space GearSpace Gear L400 Delica 2.5 Tdi DieselD1993May-00334
Space GearSpace Gear L400 Delica 2.5 4WD Tdi DieselD1993May-00334
Space GearSpace Gear L400 Delica 2.8 DieselD1993May-00334
Space GearSpace Gear L400 Delica 3.0 PetrolPJan-95May-00031
Space RunnerSpace Runner 1800 GLXi-16vP1991Aug-99014
Space RunnerSpace Runner 2.0iP1991Aug-99014
Space StarSpace Star 1.9 DieselDFeb-012004096T096
Space StarSpace Star 1.3 (Japanese manf)P19992000057
Space StarSpace Star 1.3 (European manf)PJun-982004027012
Space StarSpace Star 1.6 (European manf)PSep-012004027T027
Space StarSpace Star 1.8 (Japanese manf)P19992000014
Space StarSpace Star 1.8 (European manf)PJun-982004027T027
Space WagonSpace Wagon 1800P19831991031
Space WagonSpace Wagon 1800 TDD19841991334
Space WagonSpace Wagon 2000, 4WD, GLXiP19851991031
Space WagonSpace Wagon 2000i 4WD (Cat)P19861991031
Space WagonSpace Wagon (II) 1.8P1991Oct-98031014
Space WagonSpace Wagon (II) 2.0P1991Oct-98031014
Space WagonSpace Wagon (II) 1.8 TDD1991Oct-98334
Space WagonSpace Wagon (II) 2.0 TD GLXD1991Oct-98334
Space WagonSpace Wagon (III) 2.0 PetrolPNov-982004069
Space WagonSpace Wagon (III) 2.4GDi PetrolPNov-982004031
Space WagonSpace Wagon (IV) 2.0 PetrolP20042006069
Space WagonSpace Wagon (IV) 2.4GDi PetrolP20042006031
StarionStarion 2000 TurboP19821990031
StarionStarion 2600 TurboP19821990031
TrediaTredia 1400,P19821986031014
TrediaTredia 1500,P19821986031014
TrediaTredia 1600P19821986031014
TrediaTredia 1600 TurboP19821986031
TrediaTredia 1800i TurboP19821986031
TrediaTredia 1800, 4WD,P19821987031
TrediaTredia 2000 4WDP19821987031
30003000 GT, GT (Biturbo)P19921994031
30003000 (Facelift)P1994>>031
CanterCanter 2.3DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 2.7DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 2.8DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 3.0DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 3.3DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 3.6DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 3.9DDOct-97>>618
CanterCanter 4.9DDOct-97>>618
L200L200 Pick-Up 1600P19791996031
L200L200 Pick-Up 2000 (LWB), 4WDP19791996031
L200L200 Pick-Up 2500D (LWB)P19861996334
L200L200 Pick-Up 4WD, TurboP19861996334
L200L200 2.5DDNov-96>>334
L200L200 2.5 TDDNov-96>>334
L200L200 Animal 2.5 TDDMar-06>>335
L200L200 Animal 2.0Di DDMar-06>>335
L300L300 Bus 1600 (Delica)P19801992031
L300L300 Bus 1800 (Delica)P19801992031
L300L300 Bus 2000 (Delica)P19801992031
L300L300 Bus 2300 DD19831987334
L300L300 Bus 2400P19871992031
L300L300 Bus 2500 D, TDD19861992334
L300L300 Chassis Cab 1600P19801992031
L300L300 Chassis Cab 1800P19801992031
L300L300 Chassis Cab 2000P19801992031
L300L300 Chassis Cab 2300P19801992031
L300L300 Chassis Cab 2500P19861992334
L300L300 Chassis Cab 2300 DD19831992334
L300L300 Chassis Cab 2500 D, TDD19831992334
L300L300 Van 1600P19801992031
L300L300 Van 1800P19801992031
L300L300 Van 2000P19801992031
L300L300 Van 2300P19801992031
L300L300 Van 2300 DD19831993334
L300L300 Van 2500 D,D19831993334
L300L300 2500 TDD19831993334
L300L300 (II) Van 1600P1986>>1995031
L300L300 (II) Van 1800 4WDP1986>>1995031
L300L300 (II) Van 2000P1986>>1995031
L300L300 (II) Van 2500 DD1986>>1995334
L400L400 2.0 PetrolPJun-96>>334
L400L400 2.5 TDDJun-96>>334