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Nissan Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Nissan Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Nissan’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Nissan Battery Application and Specification Chart

AlmeraAlmera (N15) 1.4i, GA14DE PetrolP1995Mar-00005
AlmeraAlmera (N15) 1.6i GA16DE PetrolP1995Mar-00005
AlmeraAlmera (N15) 2.0 Gti SR20DE PetrolP1995Mar-00005
AlmeraAlmera (N15) 2.0 CD20 DieselD1995Mar-00030
AlmeraAlmera ( N16E) 1.5 QG15DE Petrol (UK manf)PJun-00>>063T063
AlmeraAlmera ( N16E) 1.5 QG15DE Petrol (Japan manf)PJun-00>>005
AlmeraAlmera ( N16E) 1.5 QG15DE Petrol Automatic (UK manf)PSep-02075T075
AlmeraAlmera (N16E) 1.8 QG18DE Petrol (UK manf)PJun-00>>075T075
AlmeraAlmera (N16E) 1.8 QG18DE Petrol (Japan manf)PJun-00>>005
AlmeraAlmera (N16E) 1.8 QG18DE Petrol Automatic (UK manf)PSep-02>>075T075
AlmeraAlmera (N16E) 2.2 YD22T Diesel (UK manf)DJun-00>>100T100
AlmeraAlmera (N16E) 2.2 YD22T Diesel (Japanese manf)DApr-00Apr-01030
AlmeraAlmera Tino (V10M) 1.5 QG15DE (Spain manf)PJun-00>>063T063
AlmeraAlmera Tino (V10M) 1.8 QG18DE(Spain manf)PJun-00>>063T063
AlmeraAlmera Tino (V10M) 2.0 SR20DE (Spain manf)PJun-00>>063T063
AlmeraAlmera Tino (Y10M) 2.2 Diesel YD22DTi (Spain manf)DJun-00>>100T100
BluebirdBluebird (T12) Petrol (Japanese build)P19851990005
BluebirdBluebird (T12) 2.0 Diesel, (Japanese build)D19861990335
BluebirdBluebird (T12) 2.0 Turbo Diesel (Japanese build)D19861990335
BluebirdBluebird (U11) Petrol (Japanese build)P19831990005
BluebirdBluebird (U11) 2.0 Diesel, (Japanese build)D19831990335
BluebirdBluebird (U11) 2.0 Turbo Diesel (Japanese build)D19831990335
BluebirdBluebird (UK) Petrol (UK build)P19851990075065
BluebirdBluebird (UK) Diesel (UK build)D19851990096T096
BluebirdBluebird (WU11) Estate/Traveller 2.0 (Japanese build)P19841990005
BluebirdBluebird (WU11) Estate/Traveller 2.0 Diesel (Japanese build)D19831990335
LaurelLaurel (C32) 2.0 CA20S PetrolP19851989014
LaurelLaurel (C32) 2.4i L24E PetrolP19851989014
LaurelLaurel (C32) 2.8 LD28 RD28 DieselD19851989334
LaurelLaurel (C32) 3.0, 3.0i VG30 PetrolP19851989031
MaximaMaxima (J30), (Facelift) VG30E PetrolP19881995030005
MaximaMaxima (J31)P19891995005
MaximaMaxima QX (A32) 2.0 VQ20DE PetrolP2000>>030005
MaximaMaxima QX (A32) 3.0 VQ30DE PetrolP2000>>030005
MaximaMaxima QX (CA33) 2.0 SLX VQ20DE PetrolP2000>>005
MaximaMaxima QX (CA33) 2.0 SE VQ20DE PetrolP2000>>030
MaximaMaxima QX (CA33) 3.0 SE VQ30DE PetrolP2000>>030
MicraMicra (K10) 1.0l MA10 PetrolP19821993054
MicraMicra (K10) 1.2 MA12 PetrolP19821993054
MicraMicra (K11) 1.0i CG10DE Petrol (UK manf)P1992>>053
MicraMicra (K11) 1.3i 16v, CG13DE Petrol (UK manf)P1992>>053
MicraMicra (K11) 1.4 (UK manf)P1992>>053
MicraMicra (K11) 1.5 DieselD1996>>027T027
MicraMicra 1.4 (K11)P2000>>053
MicraMicra (K12) 1.4 C+C convertible. (UK manf)PAug-05063T063
MicraMicra (K12) 1.6 C+C convertible. (UK manf)PAug-05075T075
MicraMicra (K12) 1.0 16V CR10L Petrol (UK manf)PJan-03>>063T063
MicraMicra (K12) 1.0 16V CR10L Petrol (Japan manf)PJan-03>>053
MicraMicra (K12) 1.2 16V CR12L (UK manf)PJan-03>>063T063
MicraMicra (K12) 1.2 16V CR12L (Japan manf)PJan-03>>053
MicraMicra (K12) 1.4 16V CR14L(UK manf)PJan-03>>063T063
MicraMicra (K12) 1.4 16V CR14L(Japan manf)PJan-03>>053
MicraMicra (K12) 1.2 16V Automatic CR12L (UK manf)PJan-03>>075T075
MicraMicra (K12) 1.4 16V Automatic CR14L (UK manf)PJan-03>>075T075
MicraMicra (K12) 1.5dCi Diesel (UK manf)DJan-03>>075T075
MicraMicra (K12) 1.6 SR K9K (UK manf)PMay-05>>075T075
MuranoMurano (Z50) 3.5 V6 4×4 PetrolP2004>>005
NoteNote (E11) 1.4 PetrolPMar-06>>063T063
NoteNote (E11) 1.6 PetrolPMar-06>>063T063
NoteNote (E11) 1.5 dCi DieselD2006>>075T075
QashqaiQashqai 1.5DCiDFeb-07>>096AGM096T096
QashqaiQashqai 1.6PFeb-07>>012T012
QashqaiQashqai 2.0dCiDFeb-07>>096AGM096T096
QashqaiQashqai 2.0dCi 4WDDFeb-07>>096AGM096T096
QashqaiQashqai 2.0PFeb-07>>027T027
PathfinderPathfinder (WD21) 2.4i 4WD PetrolPOct-87Feb-92005
PathfinderPathfinder (WD21) 3.0i 4WD PetrolPJan-90Dec-95334
PathfinderPathfinder (WD21) 2.7 TD 4WDDFeb-89Mar-96030
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 2.4 Petrol 87KWPOct-99Jan-02031
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.3 V6 4WD VG33EPMar-98Oct-00031
PathfinderPetrol 110KWPMar-98Oct-00334
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.3 V6 4WD VG33EPSep-97>>031
PathfinderPetrol 110KW (LHD)PSep-97>>334
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.3 V6 4WD VG33EPNov-00>>031
PathfinderPetrol 125KWPNov-00>>334
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.3 V6 4WD VG33EDSep-97>>334
PathfinderPetrol 125KW (LHD)DSep-97>>334
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.5 V6 4WD Petrol 165KWPOct 06>>027T
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.5 V6 4WD Petrol 165KWPOct 06>>096AGM096T096
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 2.7 TD DieselDJan 05>>096AGM096T096
PathfinderPathfinder (R50) 3.2 TD DieselDMar 05>>096AGM096T096
PatrolPathfinder (R51) 4.0l 4WD PetrolPJul-80Aug-88031
PatrolPathfinder (R51) 2.5dCi Diesel 4WD 126KWDJul-80Aug-88031
PatrolPathfinder (R51) 2.5dCi Diesel 128KWD1980Aug-88335
PatrolPathfinder (R51) 2.5dCi Diesel 4WD 128KWD1979Aug-88031
PatrolPatrol (K160) 2.8 Hard topPMay-88Jun-90031
PatrolPatrol (K160) 2.8 Station WagonPMay-86Jun-90335
PatrolPatrol (K160) 3.3 Diesel, Turbo DieselDAug-88Jun-90335
PatrolPatrol (K160) 4.0DMay-86Jun-90335
PatrolPatrol (K260) 2.8 Hard topPMay-86Jun-90031
PatrolPatrol (K260) 2.8 TD Hard topDAug-88Jun-90335
Patrol GRPatrol (K260) 3.2 TD Hard topDSep-88Jun-97335
Patrol GRPatrol (K260) 2.8 TD Station WagonDNov-88Jun-97335
Patrol GRPatrol (K260) 3.0 RB30 Station WagonPNov-98Jun-97030
Patrol GRPatrol (K260) 3.2 TD Station WagonDJun-97>>335
Patrol GRPatrol GR I (Y60A) 2.8 TD DieselDMay-00>>335
Patrol GRPatrol GR I (Y60) 4.2 TD42 TD42E PetrolPJun-97>>335
Patrol GRPatrol GR I (Y60) 4.2 TB42E PetrolPJun 97>>335
Patrol GRPatrol GR II (Y61) 2.8 TD RD28Ti DieselDMar-00>>335
PrairiePatrol GR II (Y61) 3.0 Dti ZD30DDti DieselD19821991005
PrairiePatrol GR II (Y61) 4.2 TD TD42 DieselD19911994005
PrairiePatrol GR II (Y61) 4.5i PetrolP19941996005
PrairiePatrol GR II (Y61) 4.8 4×4 PetrolP1995>>005
PrimeriaPrairie (M10)P1990>>008
PrimeriaPrairie (M11)P1990>>008
PrimeriaPrairie (M12)P1990>>008
PrimeriaPrairie (M13) 2.0iP19901993075065
PrimeriaPrimera 1.6 (Japanese manf)P19921993075065
PrimeriaPrimera 1.8 (Japanese manf)P19901993335030
PrimeriaPrimera 2.0 (Japanese manf)P19901992075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10E) 1.6 (UK manf)P19901992075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 1.6i (UK manf)P19901993075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0DD19901993075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0e (UK manf)P19921993075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0i (UK manf)P19931996075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0i 4WD (85 kW/115 PS) (UK manf)P19931996335030
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0i 4WD (110 kW/150 PS) (UK manf)P1996Aug-99075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0i GT (UK manf)P1996Aug-99030
PrimeriaPrimera (P10 Facelift) (UK manf)P19901993075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10 Facelift) 2.0DD19901993030
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) (UK manf)P1993Mar-98075065
PrimeriaPrimera (P10) 2.0 TDD1993Dec-95030
PrimeriaPrimera (W10) EstateP19992002063T063
PrimeriaPrimera (W10) Estate 2.0DD19992002075065
PrimeriaPrimera (W10 Facelift) EstateP19992002075T075
PrimeriaPrimera (W10 Facelift) Estate 2.0DD19992002100T100
PrimeriaPrimera (QG) 1.6 (UK manf)P20022006075T075
PrimeriaPrimera (QG) 1.8 (UK manf)P20022006075T075
PrimeriaPrimera (QG) 2.0 (UK manf)P20022006100T100
PrimeriaPrimera (YD) 2.2D (UK manf)D20022006075T075
PrimeriaPrimera 1.6 QG16DE PetrolD20022006100T100
SerenaPrimera 1.8 QG18DE PetrolP1991>>014
SerenaPrimera 1.9Dci DieselD1991>>157
SerenaPrimera 2.0 QR20DE PetrolP1991>>014
SerenaPrimera 2.2D YD22Eti DieselD1991>>157
SerenaSerena (C23) 1.6 GA16DE PetrolP1991>>334
SerenaSerena (C23) 1.6 GA16DE PetrolP1995 >>334
SilviaSerena (C23) 2.0 SR20DE PetrolP19831989014004
SilviaSerena (C23) 1.6 SR20DE PetrolP19831989014004
SkylineSerena (C23) 2.0 LD20 Diesel, Turbo DieselP19711985031
SkylineSerena (C23) 2.3 LD23 DieselD19711985031
SkylineSilvia (S12) 1.8i (ZX) Turbo, Turbo KP19711985031
SkylineSilvia (S12) 2.0iP19821985334
SkylineSkyline (C110)P19972002031
StanzaSkyline (C210)P19811986031
StanzaSkyline (C310)P19811986031
StanzaSkyline (C310) 280DP19861990004
SunnySkyline 2568ccP19841986005
SunnyStanza (T11) 1.6P19841986005
SunnyStanza (T11) 1.8P19841986005
SunnyStanza (T12)P19821992005
SunnySunny (B11) 1.3 (Cat)P19821992335
SunnySunny (B11) 1.5 (Cat)P19821992335
SunnySunny (B11) 1.6 (Cat)P19861991005
SunnySunny (B11) Van 1.3P19861991005
SunnySunny (B11) 1.7DD19861991005
SunnySunny (B11) Van 1.7DD19861991005
SunnySunny (B12) 1.0 PetrolP19861991005
SunnySunny (B12) 1.3 PetrolP19861991005
SunnySunny (B12) 1.4 PetrolP19861991335
SunnySunny (B12) 1.5 PetrolP19861995005
SunnySunny (B12) 1.6 PetrolP19861995335
SunnySunny (B12) 1.8i PetrolP19861995335
SunnySunny (B12) 1.7D DieselP19861995005
SunnySunny (N13) PetrolP19861995335
SunnySunny (N13) 1.7D, DieselD19861995335
SunnySunny (N13) 2.0D DieselD19861995005
SunnySunny (N14) PetrolP1995>>335
SunnySunny (N14) 1.7D DieselD19901995005
SunnySunny (N14) 2.0D DieselD1991>>335
SunnySunny (N15) PetrolD19911995335
TerranoSunny (N15) 2.0DPAug-861995031
TerranoSunny (Y10) Estate/TravellerPAug-861995031
TerranoSunny (Y10) Estate/Traveller 2.0D, 16vDAug-861995334086
TerranoSunny (Y10) Van 1.7DDAug-861995334086
TerranoTerrano I (WD21) 2.4P1995>>334086
TerranoTerrano I (WD21) 2.4i CatPJun-93Jun-96078
TerranoTerrano (WD21) 2.7 TDDMay-96Jan-02078
TerranoTerrano (WD21) 3.0 V6PJun-93Jan-02334
TerranoTerrano (R20) 2.7 TD, 3.3i V6DMay-02>>096AGM334
X TRIALTerrano II (R20) 2.4i, 12V 91KW 4WD PetrolPOct-012007005
X TRIALTerrano II (R20) 2.4i, 4WD 85/87KW PetrolPOct-012007005
X TRIALTerrano II 2.7 TD, II (Facelift) 2.7 TDDOct-012007030
X TRIALTerrano ll 3.0 Di DieselDMar-07>>005
X TRIALX Trail (T30) 2.0i PetrolPJun-07>>005
X TRIALX Trail (T30) 2.5i PetrolPJun-07>>005
X TRIALX Trail 2.2 dCi DieselDJun-07>>030
X TRIALX Trial (T31) 2.0 FWD 104KW PetrolPJun-07>>030
100NXX Trial (T31) 2.0 2WD 194KW PetrolP1990Oct-94005
100NXX Trial (T31) 2.5 124KW PetrolP1990Oct-94005
SX SeriesX Trial (T31) 2.0dCi 110KW DieselDJul-88Nov-93014
SX SeriesX Trial (T31) 2.0dCi 127KW DieselDJul-88Nov-93014
SX Series100NX (B13) 1.6 (GA16DE)PetrolPOct-93>>014
SX Series100NX (B13) 2.0 SR20DE) PetrolPOct-93>>014
SX Series200SX (S13) 1.8i Turbo (CA18DET Petrol)POct-93>>031
SX Series200SX (S13) 2.0i, TurboP19881994031
Z series200SX (S14) 2.0i (SR20DET Petrol)P19791989031
Z series200SX (S14) 2.0i, Turbo (SR20DET Petrol)P19791987031
Z series200SX (S14) 2.0i, & Turbo (SR20DET Petrol) – Headed SeatsP19771986031
Z series240SX (S13/14)P19791986031
Z series200Z (S130 Fairlady)P19791984031
Z series240C (430 Cedric)P19841990031
Z series280C (330 Cedric), (430 Cedric)P1989>>031
Z series280C (430 Cedric)P1989>>031
Z series280ZX (S130 Fairlady), ZXT, TurboPOct-03>>005
Z series300ZX (Z31 Fairlady), TurboPApr-06>>005
Z series300ZX (Z32) Turbo, (VG30DTT)PMar-05005
Z series300ZX (Z32) Twin Turbo (VG30DTT)PApr-06005
Z series350Z (Z33) 3.5l Petrol 206KWPSep-05005
Pick Up350Z (Z33) 3.5l Petrol 221KWP19751982014
Pick Up350Z Roadster 3.5l Petrol 206KWP19751982031
Pick Up350Z Roadster 3.5l Petrol 221KWPJan-83Mar-86014
Pick Up350Z Roadster 3.5l Petrol 230KWPJan-82Jun-84031
Pick Up620 Pick-up PetrolPApr-83Mar-86031
Pick Up620 Pick-up DieselDApr-83Mar-86031
Cabstar720 Pick up 1.8 PetrolPJan-92>>335
Cabstar720 Pick up 2.2 Diesel 4WDDJan-92>>335
Pick Up720 Pick up 2.3 Diesel 2.3D1986>>005
Pick Up720 Pick up 2.5 Diesel 4WDD1986>>335
Pick UpCabstar 2.0 Chassis/Flat BedP1998>>005
Pick UpCabstar 2.0 Pick UpD1998>>335
EbroPick Up D21 PetrolP1985>>334
InterstarPick Up D21 DieselDJul-02>>019AGM019T019
InterstarPick Up D22 PetrolPJul-02>>019AGM019T019
InterstarPick Up D22 DieselDNov-03>>019AGM019T019
InterstarEbro Trade 2.0DDJul-02>>019AGM019T019
InterstarInterstar dCi 80 Van, Bus, ChassisDNov-03>>019AGM019T019
InterstarInterstar dCi 90 Van, Bus, ChassisDSep-06>>019AGM019T019
KubistarInterstar dCi 100 Van, Bus, ChassisD2003>>063T063
KubistarInterstar dCi 120 Van, Bus, ChassisD2003>>065063T
KubistarInterstar dCi 140 Van, Bus, ChassisD2003>>100T100
MicraInterstar dCi 150 Van, Bus, ChassisD19821992054
NavaraKubistar 1.2 PetrolP20012005030
NavaraKubistar 1.6 PetrolPJul-05>>096AGM096T096
NavaraKubistar 1.5 DCi DieselDJul-05>>086
NavaraMicra Van (K10)DOct-06>>096AGM096T096
NavaraNavara 2.5 TDDOct-06>>086
NavaraNavara(D40) 2.5dCi 106KWDJul-05>>096AGM096T096
NavaraNavara(D40) 2.5dCi 106KWDJul-05>>086
PrimastarNavara (D40) 2.5dCi 4WD 126KWD2002>>110T110
PrimastarNavara (D40) 2.5dCi 4WD 126KWD2002>>110T110
PrimastarNavara (D40) 2.5dCi 4WD128KWD2002>>110T110
UR VANNavara (D40) 2.5dCi 4WD128KWDOct-84Feb-87014
UR VANPrimastar 1.9 (dCi 80) DieselDJul-81Nov-82014
UR VANPrimastar 1.9 (dCi100) DieselDJul-81Nov-82031
UR VANPrimastar 2.5 (dCi135) DieselDNov-82Jul-87031
UR VANUR Van E23 1.8l 59KW PetrolPOct-00Sep-02014
UR VANUR Van E23 2.0l 55KW PetrolPMay-01>>014
UR VANUR Van E23 2.2D 47KW DieselDOct-00>>334
UR VANUR Van E23 2.3D 50KW DieselDMay-02>>334
VanetteUR Van E24 2.0l 88KW Petrol (Jap manf)PJan-83Dec-87014
VanetteUR Van E24 2.4l 103KW PetrolPOct-86Dec-95014
VanetteUR Van E24 3.0l 77KW DieselDJul-91Jan-95031
Vanette CargoUR Van E24 3.0l 89KW DieselD1991>>014
Vanette CargoVanette (KC120) 1.5l 51KW PetrolP1991>>334031
Vanette CargoVanette (C22) 1.5l 51KW PetrolP1995 >>334031