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Subaru Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Subaru Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Subaru’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Subaru Battery Application and Specification Chart

B9 TribecaB9 Tribeca 3.0P2006>>005
ForesterForester 2.0PAug-97Sep-02005
ForesterForester 2.0 S TurboPJun-98Sep-02005
ForesterForestor 2.0 PetrolPSep-02>>005
ForesterForestor 2.0 X PetrolPSep-05>>005
ForesterForestor 2.0 S Turbo PetrolPSep-02>>005
ForesterForestor 2.0 RX AWD PetrolPNov-02Aug-05005
ForesterForestor 2.5 PetrolPDec-03>>005
ForesterForestor 2.5 XT PetrolPSep-05>>005
ForesterForestor III 2.0lP2009>>005
ForesterForestor III 2.5l 170hpP2009>>005
ForesterForestor (III) 2.5l 224hpP2009>>005
ForesterForestor (III) 2.0l 110kW DieselD2009>>335
ImprezaImpreza 1.6iPAug-92Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza 1.6i 4WDPJun-98Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza 1.8PNov-95Aug-96005
ImprezaImpreza 1.8i 4WDPAug-92Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza 2.0i 4WDPOct-95Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza 2.0 Turbo GT 4WDPMar-94Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza 2.0 AWDPSep-98Sep-00005
ImprezaImpreza 2.2 GX AWDPNov-95Sep-00005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 1.5PNov-95Sep-00005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 1.6PJan-93Aug-98005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 1.6i 4WDPAug-92Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 2.0PSep-96Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 2.0 4WDPJun-98Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 2.0i Turbo 4WDPMar-94Dec-00005
ImprezaImpreza Estate 2.2 GXPNov-95Sep-00005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 1.5PJun-012007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 1.6PDec-002007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.0PDec-002007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.0 RPSep-052007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.0 WRX TurboPDec-022007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.0 WRX Sti 195KWPNov-012007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.0 AWDPOct-052007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.0 WRX Sti 235KWPFeb-022007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.2 GXPJun-012007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.5 WRXPSep-052007005
ImprezaImpreza (II) 2.5 WRX StiPSep-052007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 1.5PMay-062007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 1.6PDec-002007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.0PDec-002007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.0 RPSep-052007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.0 TurboPDec-002007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.0 WRX TurboPDec-022007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.0 WRX Turbo StiPOct-052007005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.2 GXPJun-01Aug-05005
ImprezaImpreza Estate (II) 2.5 WRXPSep-052007005
ImprezaImpreza (III) 2.5L 170hpP2007>>005
ImprezaImpreza (III) 2.5L WRX Turbo 224hpP2007>>005
ImprezaImpreza (III) 2.5L WRX Turbo 265hpP2007>>005
ImprezaImpreza (III) 2.5L WRX Turbo Sti 305hpP2007>>005
JustyJusty (I) PetrolP19841996156
JustyJusty (II) 1.3 4×4POct-95Aug-03156
JustyJusty (II) 1.3GX 4×4PApr-01Aug-03156
JustyJusty III 1.3 PetrolPSep-03>>156
JustyJusty III 1.3 PetrolPSep-03>>156
JustyLegacy SaloonPJan-89Jul-94005
LegacyLegacy EstatePJan-89Jul-94005
LegacyLegacy (II) 1.8 AWD PetrolPMay-96Sep-98005
LegacyLegacy (II) 2.0i PetrolPSep-94Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy (II) 2.0i 4WDPSep-94Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy (II) 2.2i 4WDPSep-94Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy (II) 2.5i 4WDPJun-96Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy Estate (II) 2.0i PetrolPSep-94Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy Estate (II) 2.0i 4WDPSep-94Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy Estate (II) 2.2i 4WDPSep-94Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy Estate (II) 2.5i 4WDPJun-96Mar-99005
LegacyLegacy III 2.0 PetrolPApr-99Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III 2.0 RSK AWD PetrolPAug-00Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III 2.5 PetrolPOct-98Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III 2.0 AWDPJun-02Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III 3.0H6 AWDPAug-00Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III Estate 2.0 PetrolPDec-98Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III Estate 2.0 RSK AWDPAug-00Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III Estate 2.5 PetrolPDec-98Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy III Estate 3.0 H6 AWDPAug-00Aug-03005
LegacyLegacy IV 2.0l PetrolPSep-03>>005
LegacyLegacy IV 2.5l PetrolPSep-03>>005
LegacyLegacy IV 3.0l PetrolPSep-03>>005
LegacyLegacy IV Estate 2.0l PetrolPSep-03>>005
LegacyLegacy IV Estate 2.0 Turbo R AWDPJun-05>>005
LegacyLegacy IV Estate 2.0 Turbo HP AWDPJun-05>>005
LegacyLegacy IV Estate 2.5 PetrolPJun-05>>005
LegacyLegacy IV Estate 3.0 PetrolPSep-03>>005
Legacy1600 (Leone 3)P19841992004
Leone1800 (Leone 3)P19841990014
Leone1800i (Leone 3), TurboP19841990014
LeoneOutback I 2.5 PetrolPOct-002003005
OutbackOutback I 3.0 H6 PetrolPOct-002003005
OutbackOutback II 2.5 PetrolPNov-03>>005
OutbackOutback II 3.0 PetrolPNov-03>>005
OutbackSubaru 1.6P19841992004
1600/1800Subaru 1.8 (Non Turbo)P19841992004
1600/1800Subaru 1.8 TurboP19851990014
SumoSVX Coupe 3.3i 24VP1992Dec-97014
SVXVivio 650 GLiP1992Oct-95054
VivioXT 6 Coupe, (Cat), 2WDP19851991004
1800 XTXT 6 Coupe, (Cat), 4WDP19851991014004
1800 XTXT Coupe 1.8 TurboP19851991005008
1800 XTXT, Coupe Turbo 4WDP19851991014004