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Suzuki Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Suzuki Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Suzuki’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Suzuki Battery Application and Specification Chart

AltoAlto (II) 550P19851992055
AltoAlto (II) 800P19851992055
AltoAlto (IIf) 650P19901994055
AltoAlto (IIf) 800P19901994055
AltoAlto (III) 0.7iP19942003055
AltoAlto (III) 0.7i TurboP19942003055
AltoAlto (IIII ) 1.0iP19942003055
AltoAlto IV 1.1 PetrolP2003>>054
BalenoBaleno 1.3iP1995>>055
BalenoBaleno 1.3iP1995>>054
BalenoBaleno 1.3i 16vPJul-95>>055
BalenoBaleno 1.3i 16vPJul-95>>054
BalenoBaleno 1.6i 16vP1995>>157055
BalenoBaleno 1.6i 16vP1995>>156054
BalenoBaleno 1.6i 16v 4×4P1995>>157055
BalenoBaleno 1.8iP1995>>055
BalenoBaleno 1.9 TDDApr-98>>030
BalenoBaleno Estate PetrolP1995>>156054
BalenoBaleno Estate PetrolP1995>>157055
BalenoBaleno Estate 1.9 TDDApr-98>>030
CutlasCultas (II)P19861992055
CutlasCultas (III) 1.3iP1992>>055
CutlasCultas (III) 1.3 GTiP1992>>055
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 1.6 PetrolPMar-98>>005
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 1.6 PetrolPMar-98>>053
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.0 PetrolPMar-98>>005
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.0 PetrolPMar-98>>053
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.5 V6 PetrolPApr-98>>005
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.7 V6 PetrolPSep-01>>335
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.7 V6 XL 7 PetrolPApr-03>>335
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.0 TD Intercoller DieselDMar-98>>335
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara 2.0 Hdi 110 DieselDJul-01>>335
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara II 1.6 Petrol 105 bhpPOct-05>>005
Grand VitaraGrand Vitrara II 2.0 Petrol 138 bhpPOct-05>>005
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara II 2.4 Petrol (163-166 bhp)POct-05>>005
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara II 2.7 V6 PetrolP2006>>335
Grand VitaraGrand Vitara II 1.9 DDiS DiselDOct-05>>335030
IgnisIgnis 1.3 PetrolP2000Sep-03054
IgnisIgnis 1.3 4WD PetrolPOct-00Sep-03054
IgnisIgnis II 1.3 PetrolPSep-03>>063T063
IgnisIgnis II 1.5 PetrolPSep-03>>063T063
IgnisIgnis II 1.5 4×4 PetrolPSep-03>>063T063
IgnisIgnis II 1.5 SportPDec-03>>063T063
IgnisIgnis II 1.3 DDiSDSep-03>>100T100
JimnyJimny 1.3P1998>>156054
JimnyJimny 1.3 4×4P1998>>156054
JimnyJimny 1.3 16VPJan-01>>157
JimnyJimny 1.3 16VPJan-01>>157
JimnyJimny 1.5 DDiS DieselDDec-03>>030005
JimnyJimny 1.5 DDiS 4×4 DieselDAug-05>>030005
JimneySJ40 (Jimney) 550P19821990055
JimneySJ40 (Jimney) 550, TurboP19821990055
JimneySJ40 (Jimney) 660P1990>>055
JimneySJ40 (Jimney) 660 TurboP1990>>055
JimneySJ410 (Jimney) SantanaP1982Dec-88055
JimneySJ413 (Jimney) SamuraiP1984Aug-90055
LianaLiana 1.3 PetrolPMar-022007156
LianaLiana 1.6 PetrolPMar-022007156
LianaLiana 1.6 4WD PetrolPMar-032007156
LianaLiana 1.4 DDiS DieselDMar-052007030
LianaLiana 1.3 Estate PetrolPMar-022007156
LianaLiana 1.6 Estate PetrolPMar-022007156
LianaLiana 1.6 Estate 4WD PetrolPMar-032007156
LianaLiana 1.8 Estate PetrolPMar-022007156
LianaLiana Estate 1.4 DDiS DieselDMar-052007156
LianaLiana Estate 1.4 DDiS DieselDMar-052007030
SX4SX4 1.5 PetrolP2006>>075065
SX4SX4 1.6 VVT PetrolP2006>>075T075
SX4SX4 1.6 VVT 4×4 PetrolP2006>>075T075
SX4SX4 1.9 DDiS DieselD2006>>096AGM096T096
SX4SX4 1.9 DDiS 4×4 DieselD2006>>096AGM096T096
SplashSplash 1.0 PetrolPNov-07>>063T063
SplashSplash 1.2 PetrolPNov-07>>063T063
SplashSplash 1.3 DDiSDNov-07>>100T100
SwiftSwift I PetrolPOct-83Mar-89055
SwiftSwift Convertible 1.3 (SF413)PSep-91>>055
SwiftSwift Hatch 1.0PMar-89May-01055
SwiftSwift Hatch 1.0iPMar-89May-01055
SwiftSwift Hatch 1.3PMar-89May-01055
SwiftSwift Hatch 1.3 4×4POct-89May-01055
SwiftSwift Hatch 1.3 GtiPMar-89May-01055
SwiftSwift 1.3PMar-89May-01055
SwiftSwift 1.6P1989Dec-91055
SwiftSwift 1.6iP1989May-05055
SwiftSwift 1.6 4×4P1989Dec-91055
SwiftSwift III 1.3 4×4PJan-06>>063T063
SwiftSwift III 1.3PFeb-02>>063T063
SwiftSwift III 1.3PFeb-02>>055
SwiftSwift III 1.5PFeb-02>>063T063
SwiftSwift III 1.6PMay-06>>063T063
SwiftSwift III 1.3DDiSDAug-05>>100075
VitaraVitara (Escudo) – ( Spanish Santana built)P1988Sep-98102
VitaraVitara 1.6 Petrol (Japan manf)PJul-88Dec-91055
VitaraVitara 1.6 16V Petrol (Japan manf)PJul-90Dec-94055
VitaraVitara 2.0 16V (Japan manf)PDec-96Mar-98055
VitaraVitara 2.0 V6 24V (Japan manf)PDec-94Mar-98055
VitaraVitara 2.5 V6 24V (Japan manf)PDec-95Mar-98055
VitaraVitara 1.9D Diesel (Japan manf)DJan-95Mar-98030
VitaraVitara 2.0 TD Diesel (Japan manf)DDec-94Mar-98030
VitaraVitara 2.0 TD Intercooler Diesel (Japan manf)DDec-95Mar-98030
Vitara CabrioletVitara Cabriolet 1.6 Petrol (Japan manf)PJul-88Jan-95055
Vitara CabrioletVitara 1.6 Cabriolet 16v Petrol (Japan manf)PJul-90Mar-99055
Vitara CabrioletVitara 2.0 16V Cabriolet Petrol (Japan manf)PDec-96Mar-99057055
Vitara CabrioletVitara 1.9D Cabriolet (ET) Diesel (Japan manf)DJan-95Mar-99030
WagonWagon R 0.7 PetrolPAug-00Jul-05054
WagonWagon R 0.7 FT-S PetrolPAug-03>>054
WagonWagon R 1.0 PetrolP1997Oct-00054
WagonWagon R 1.2 PetrolP1997Oct-00054
WagonWagon R 1.3 4×4 PetrolP2000>>063T063
WagonWagon R 1.3 4×4 PetrolP2000>>054
WagonWagon R 1.3 PetrolPSep-03>>063T063
WagonWagon R 1.3 PetrolPSep-03>>054
WagonWagon R 1.3 DDSiDSep-03>>054
X90X-90 2WD 1.6i 16vPSep-95Apr-98055
X90X-90 4WD 1.6i 16vPSep-95Apr-98055
CarryCarry 0.8PNov-80Oct-85055
CarryCarry 1.3P1999 >>055
CarryCarry 1.3 16vPMar-00>>055
Super CarrySuper Carry (SK410)P19851999055