Image of a tyre date code

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A tyre date code is found on just one side wall of the tyre which means in some tyre constructions like directional or symmetrical tread patterns the tyres date code could be on the on the side that is not facing outwards.

In some cases if the tyres date code was not on the side of the tyre facing outward the tyre / wheel would need to be removed from the vehicle to be able to see the date code on the side wall facing inwards.

The tyres date code will tell you what month and year the tyre was manufactured in, which is essential if you own a caravan where the maximum recommended life span is five years.

The date code is made up of four numbers (or three and a triangle if made before the year 2000, the triangle means 1990’s and the single number means the exact the year of manufacture in 90’s the first two numbers will mean the same as before, the week of manufacture)

Basically the first two numbers represent the week it was manufactured in and the second two numbers represent the year it was manufactured in.

The image below shows a tyre which was made in the eleventh week of 2011..

Image of a tyre date code