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Buick Tire Pressures, Tire Sizes and Torque settings

Buick Tire Pressures, Tire Sizes, Wheel Nut Torque settings, PCD, Offsets and PDF Owners manuals.
Please note: This chart should be used as a guideline only,
Always refer to owners manual.

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ModelYear of ManufactureTorque (NM)Tire SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PSI)
Apollo73 - 79110205/75R143030
Apollo73 - 79110225/70R143030
Apollo73 - 79110185/65R153030
Hearse91 - 96110225/75R153333
Hearse91 - 96110235/70R153333
Centurion91 - 96110All-Sizes3333
Century97 - 05110205/70R153131
Cascada16 - 17140245/40R203636
Cascada16 - 17140235/45R193636
Enclave07 - 12140255/65R183535
Enclave07 - 12140255/60R193535
Enclave07 - 12140255/60R193535
Enclave13 - 17190235/45R193636
Enclave13 - 17190255/60R193636
Enclave13 - 17190255/55R203636
Encore13 - 17140215/55R183535
Envision13 - 17140225/65R173535
Envision13 - 17140235/50R193535
Excelle09 - 15140205/60R163232
Excelle09 - 15140215/50R173232
GL800 - 10140215/70R153434
LaCrosse09 - 17150245/50R173232
LaCrosse09 - 17150235/50R183232
LaCrosse09 - 17150245/40R193232
LaCrosse09 - 17150245/40R203232
Lucerne06 - 11140225/60R163131
Lucerne06 - 11140235/55R173131
Lucerne06 - 11140245/50R183131
Park Avenue97 - 05140225/60R163131
Rainier97 - 05140245/65R173134
Rainier97 - 05140255/60R173134
Rainier97 - 05140255/55R183134
Regal14 - 17150235/50R183636
Regal14 - 17150245/40R193636
Regal14 - 17150255/35R203636
Regal09 - 13150235/50R173636
Regal09 - 13150235/45R183636
Regal09 - 13150245/40R193636
Regal09 - 13150255/35R203636
Rendezvous01 - 07150215/65R163636
Rendezvous01 - 07150225/60R173636
Verano11 - 17150235/45R183636
Verano11 - 17150225/50R173636
ModelYear of ManufactureTorque (NM)Tire SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PSI)

Please note: This chart should be used as a guideline only, Always refer to owners manual

Cant see Torque settings? Change your phones orientation or view on a larger screen
Apollo73 - 79205/75R145X120.65111170.3
Apollo73 - 79225/70R145X120.65111170.3
Apollo73 - 79185/65R155X120.65111170.3
Hearse91 - 96225/75R155X127404070.3
Hearse91 - 96235/70R155X127404070.3
Centurion91 - 96All-Sizes5X120.65111170.3
Century97 - 05205/70R155X115424270.3
Cascada16 - 17245/40R205X115444470.3
Cascada16 - 17235/45R195X115444470.3
Enclave07 - 12255/65R185X115444470.3
Enclave07 - 12255/60R195X115444470.3
Enclave07 - 12255/60R195X115444470.3
Enclave13 - 17235/45R196x132505074.5
Enclave13 - 17255/60R196x132505074.5
Enclave13 - 17255/55R206x132505074.5
Encore13 - 17215/55R185x105383856.6
Envision13 - 17225/65R175x115434370.3
Envision13 - 17235/50R195x115434370.3
Excelle09 - 15205/60R165x115414170.3
Excelle09 - 15215/50R175x115414170.3
GL800 - 10215/70R155x115525270.3
LaCrosse09 - 17245/50R175x120414167.1
LaCrosse09 - 17235/50R185x120414167.1
LaCrosse09 - 17245/40R195x120414167.1
LaCrosse09 - 17245/40R205x120414167.1
Lucerne06 - 11225/60R165x115383870.3
Lucerne06 - 11235/55R175x115383870.3
Lucerne06 - 11245/50R185x115383870.3
Park Avenue97 - 05225/60R165x115383870.3
Rainier97 - 05245/65R176x127404078.1
Rainier97 - 05255/60R176x127404078.1
Rainier97 - 05255/55R186x127404078.1
Regal14 - 17235/50R185x120454567.1
Regal14 - 17245/40R195x120454567.1
Regal14 - 17255/35R205x120454567.1
Regal09 - 13235/50R175x120454567.1
Regal09 - 13235/45R185x120454567.1
Regal09 - 13245/40R195x120454567.1
Regal09 - 13255/35R205x120454567.1
Rendezvous01 - 07215/65R165x115505070.3
Rendezvous01 - 07225/60R175x115505070.3
Verano11 - 17235/45R185x115434370.3
Verano11 - 17225/50R175x115434370.3

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Buick Tire Pressures

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