Chrysler Tyre Pressures

Chrysler Tyre Pressures, Tyre Sizes and Torque settings.
Please note: This chart should be used as a guideline only,
Always refer to owners manual.

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ModelYear of ManufactureTorque (NM)Tyre SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PSI)
ModelYear (MY)Torque (NM)Tyre SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PS
300C05 - 11150225/60R183636
300C05 - 11150255/45R203333
Crossfire03 - 09110255/35R19-33
Crossfire03 - 09110225/40R1832-
Delta11 - 1686195/55R163532
Delta11 - 1686225/45R173532
Grand Voyager08 - 16135225/65R173636
Grand Voyager94 - 08135215/65R153636
Grand Voyager94 - 08135215/65R163636
Neon99 - 04135185/65R143838
Neon99 - 04135185/60R153838
PT Cruiser00 - 09135205/50R173838
PT Cruiser00 - 09135185/65R153838
PT Cruiser00 - 09135205/55R163838
PT Cruiser00 - 09135195/65R153838
Sebring07 - 11135215/55R183333
Voyager94 - 08135215/65R153636
Voyager94 - 08135215/65R163636
Ypsilon11 - 1686175/65R143230
Ypsilon11 - 1686185/55R153230
Please note: This chart should be used as a guide only Always refer to owners manual

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