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Lancia Tyre Pressures

Lancia Tyre Pressures, Tyre Sizes and Torque settings.
Please note: This chart should be used as a guideline only,
Always refer to owners manual.

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ModelYear of ManufactureTorque (NM)Tyre SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PSI)
Ypsilon95 - 0386165/65R142927
Ypsilon95 - 0386185/60R142927
Ypsilon03 - 1186185/65R142929
Ypsilon11 - 1786185/55R153230
Ypsilon11 - 1786195/45R163530
Delta08 - 1586195/55R163532
Delta08 - 1586225/45R173532
Lybra99 - 0786195/65R152929
Lybra99 - 0786205/60R152929
Lybra 2.0/Diesel99 - 0786195/65R153131
Lybra 2.0/Diesel99 - 0786205/60R153131
Thema AWD11 - 15150235/55R183333
Thema AWD11 - 15150235/50R193333
Thema AWD11 - 15150245/45R203333
Thesis02 - 0998215/60R163333
Thesis02 - 0998225/50R173333
Musa04 - 1386185/65R143230
Musa04 - 1386195/60R153230
Musa04 - 1386205/50R163230
Zeta95 - 02100195/65R153333
Zeta95 - 02100205/65R153333
Phedra02 - 11100205/65R153333
Phedra02 - 11100215/65R153636
Voyager11 - 15160225/65R173636
ModelYear (MY)Torque (NM)Tyre SizePressure Front (PSI)Pressure Rear (PSI)
Please note: This chart should be used as a guide only Always refer to owners manual