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Volkswagen Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Volkswagen Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Volkswagen’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Volkswagen Battery Application and Specification Chart

15001500 1.5 PetrolPApr-61Jul-73063T063
16001600L 1.6 PetrolPJul-67Jul-73063T063
16001600TL 1.6 PetrolPAug-65Jul-73063T063
411/412411/412 1.7 PetrolPJul-68Aug-73063T063
411/412411/412 1.8 PetrolPJul-73Mar-75063T063
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 1.4 PetrolPNov-01>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 1.6 PetrolPAug-00>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 1.8T PetrolPOct-99>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 1.9 Diesel, turbo DieselD2000>>096AGM096T096
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 2.0 PetrolPJan-00>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 2.3 V5 PetrolP2001>>096AGM096T096
Beetle NewBeetle (New) 2.5 Turbo PetrolPJul-05>>096AGM096T096
Beetle NewBeetle New) Psi 3.2 PetrolPOct-00>>096AGM096T096
Beetle NewBeetle Convertible (New) 1.4 PetrolPJan-03>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle Convertible (New) 1.6 PetrolPJan-03>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle Convertible (New) 1.8 PetrolPJan-04>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle Convertible (New) 1.9TdiDMar-03>>096AGM096T096
Beetle NewBeetle Convertible (New) 2.0 PetrolPJan-03>>027T027
Beetle NewBeetle Convertible (New) 2.5 Turbo PetrolPJul-05>>096AGM096T027T
BeetleBeetle Petrol (6Volt)P19481967404
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1200 1.2 PetrolP19631991063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1200 1.3 PetrolP19631991063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1200 1.6 PetrolP19631991063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1303 1.2 PetrolP19721983063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1303 1.3 PetrolP19721983063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1303 Cabrio PetrolP19721979063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1303A 1600 1.6 PetrolP19681993063T063
BeetleBeetle/Kafer 1303S, 1600 1.6 PetrolP19681993063T063
BoraBora 1.4 PetrolPSep-98Feb-00027T027
BoraBora 1.4 16V PetrolPMar-00Jun-05012T012
BoraBora 1.6 Petrol AutomaticPNov-002005027T027
BoraBora 1.6 Petrol (1.6, 16v, Fsi)POct-982005027T027
BoraBora 1.8 PetrolPOct-982005027T027
BoraBora 1.8 4 Motion PetrolPOct-982005027T027
BoraBora 1.8 Turbo PetrolPOct-982005027T027
BoraBora 1.9TDi DieselDFeb-992005110T110
BoraBora 2.0 PetrolPOct-982005027T027
BoraBora 2.0 4 Motion PetrolPOct-982005027T027
BoraBora 2.3 V5 PetrolPMay-992005110100
BoraBora 2.3 V5 4 Motion PetrolPMay-992005096AGM096T096
BoraBora 2.8 V6 4 Motion PetrolPMay-992005110100
CorradoCorrado 1.8 16v PetrolP19881995075065
CorradoCorrado G60 PetrolP19881995075065
CorradoCorrado 2.0 16v PetrolP19881995075065
CorradoCorrado 2.9 VR6 PetrolP19881995075065
EOSEos 1.6 Fsi PetrolPMar-06>>027T
EOSEos 2.0 Fsi PetrolPMar-06>>027T
EOSEos 2.0 T fsi PetrolPMar-06>>096AGM096T
EOSEos 2.0 Tdi DieselDMar-06>>096AGM096T
EOSEos 3.2 V6 Fsi PetrolPMar-06>>096AGM096T
FoxFox 1.2 PetrolP2006>>012T
FoxFox 1.4 PetrolP2006>>012T
Fusca (Beetle)Fusca 1.6 (Brazillan Beetle)P1993>>063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.1P19791986063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.3P19791986063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.5P19791986063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.6P19791992063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.6 GLiP19791992063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.8 (Clipper)P19791992063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.8 GLP19821991075065
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.8 TiP19821991075065
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.8i (Clipper)P19851992063T063
GolfGolf Cabrio 1.8i (Cat)P19851992063T063
GolfGolf (II) PetrolP19831992063T063
GolfGolf (II) 1.6D, (Cat)D19831992100T100
GolfGolf (II) 1.6TD (Cat)D19831992100T100
GolfGolf (II) 1.8P19831991063T063
GolfGolf (II) 1.8 GT/XiP19841992075065
GolfGolf (II) 1.8 GT/Xi 16vP19841992075065
GolfGolf (II) 1.8 GTiP19891991075065
GolfGolf (II) 1.8 G60P19891991075065
GolfGolf (II) 1.8 SyncroP19891991075065
GolfGolf (II) 1.8 RallyeP19891991063T063
GolfGolf (II) 1.8i (Cat)P19891991063T063
GolfGolf (II) 1.8i SyncroP19861991063T063
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.4P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.6P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.8 (55 Kw)P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.8 (66 kW)P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 DD19931997100T100
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 TDD19931997100T100
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 TdiD19931997100T100
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 2.0P19931997075065
GolfGolf (III) (Variant/Estate) 2.9 VR6 SyncroP19941997075065
GolfGolf (III) 1.4P19911997063T063
GolfGolf (III) 1.6P19911997063T063
GolfGolf (III) 1.8 (55 kW)P19911997063T063
GolfGolf (III) 1.8 (66 kW)P19911997063T063
GolfGolf (III) 1.8 SyncroP19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) 1.9DD19911997100T100
GolfGolf (III) 1.9DiD19911997100T100
GolfGolf (III) 1.9 TDD19911997100T100
GolfGolf (III) 1.9 Tdi (66kW)D19931997075065
GolfGolf (III) 1.9 Tdi (81kW)D19931997075065
GolfGolf (III) 2.0P19921997075065
GolfGolf (III) 2.0 GTi, 16vP19921997075065
GolfGolf (III) 2.8 VR6P19911997075T075
GolfGolf (III) 2.9 VR6 SyncroP19941997075065
GolfGolf (III) Cabrio 1.8 (55 kW))P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) Cabrio 1.8 (66 kW))P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) Cabrio 1.9 TdiD19951997100T100
GolfGolf (III) Cabrio 2.0P19931997063T063
GolfGolf (III) Cabrio 2.8 VR6P19931997075T075
GolfGolf (IV) 1.4PSep-982005027T027
GolfGolf (IV) 1.6 16VPSep-982005027T027
GolfGolf (IV) 1.6 FsiPSep-982005027T027
GolfGolf IV 1.6 CabrioPJun-98Jun-02012T
GolfGolf (IV) 1.8PAug-972005027T027
GolfGolf (IV) 1.8 4 MotionPAug-972005027T027
GolfGolf (IV) 1.8 TPAug-972005027T027
GolfGolf (IV) 1.8 T GTiPAug-972005027T027
GolfGolf IV 1.8 CabrioPJun-98Jun-02027T027
GolfGolf (IV) 1.9SDiDAug-972005096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 1.9TDiDAug-972005096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 1.9TDi 4 MotionDAug-972005096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 1.9TDi CabrioDJun-98Jun-02096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 2.0 GTiPMar-002005096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 2.0 4 MotionPMar-002005096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 2.0 4 CabrioPMar-00Jun-02096AGM096T096
GolfGolf (IV) 2.3 V5PAug-972005096AGM110T096T
GolfGolf (IV) 2.3 V5 4 MotionPAug-972005096AGM110T096T
GolfGolf (IV) 2.8 V6PAug-972005096AGM110T096T
GolfGolf (IV) 2.8 V6 4 MotionPAug-972005096AGM110T096T
GolfGolf (IV) 3.2 V6 R32 4 MotionPAug-972005096AGM110T096T
GolfGolf (V) 1.4 16V PetrolPOct-03>>012T
GolfGolf (V) 1.4 Fsi PetrolPOct-03>>012T
GolfGolf (V) 1.4 Tsi PetrolPNov-05>>012T
GolfGolf (V) 1.6 PetrolPOct-03>>075T027T
GolfGolf (V) 1.6 Fsi PetrolPOct-03>>027T
GolfGolf (V) 1.9 TdiD2004>>096AGM096T
GolfGolf (V) 2.0 GT FsiPOct-03>>096AGM096T
GolfGolf (V) 2.0 GT Fsi 4 MotionPOct-03>>096AGM096T
GolfGolf (V) 2.0 GTIPOct-03>>096AGM096T
GolfGolf (V) 2.0 SDiD2004>>075T075
GolfGolf (V) 2.0 TdiD2004>>096T
GolfGolf V 3.2 R32 4 MotionPNov-05>>096AGM096T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 1.4 16v MPVPJan-052008012T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 1.4 Fsi MPVPJan-052008012T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 1.4 Tsi MPVPJan-052008012T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 1.6 MPVPJan-052008027T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 1.6 Fsi MPVPJan-052008027T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 1.9 Tdi MPVDJan-052008096AGM096T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 2.0 Fsi MPVDJan-052008096AGM096T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 2.0 GT Tdi MPVDJan-052008096AGM096T
Golf PlusGolf V Plus 2.0 GT Tdi 16V MPVDJan-052008096AGM096T
GolfGolf VI 1.4PFeb-09>>012T
GolfGolf VI 1.4 TsiPFeb-09>>012T
GolfGolf VI 1.6PFeb-09>>027T
GolfGolf VI 2.0 TdiDFeb-09>>096AGM096T
JettaJetta (II)P19831992063T063
JettaJetta (II) 1.6 D, (Cat),D19831992100T100
JettaJetta (II) 1.6 TD, (Cat)D19831992100T100
JettaJetta (II) 1.8 SyncroP19861991063T063
JettaJetta (II) 1.8i SyncroP19861991063T063
JettaJetta (II) 1.8, GT/XP19831991063T063
JettaJetta (II) 1.8 GT/Xi, 16vP19831991063T063
JettaJetta 1.4 TSiPOct-05>>012T
JettaJetta 1.6POct-05>>012T
JettaJetta 1.6 FSiPOct-05>>027T
JettaJetta 1.9 TdiDAug-05>>096AGM096T
JettaJetta 2.0 FSiPOct-05>>027T
JettaJetta 2.0 TdiDOct-05>>096AGM096T
JettaJetta 2.0 Tdi 16vDOct-05>>096AGM096T
LupoLupo 1.0 PetrolPFeb-99Jul-05063T063
LupoLupo 1.2TDi DieselDFeb-99Jul-05075T075
LupoLupo 1.4 16v Petrol (101CV)POct-99Jul-05063T063
LupoLupo 1.4 16v PetrolPApr-01Jul-05075T075
LupoLupo 1.4 PetrolPApr-01Jul-05075T075
LupoLupo 1.4 Tdi DieselDSep-98Jul-05075T075
LupoLupo 1.6 16v GTi PetrolPSep-98Jul-05100T075
LupoLupo 1.7 Sdi DieselDApr-01Jul-05075T075
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.3P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.6 (1588 cc)P19801985063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.6 (1595 cc)P19831988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.6 DD19801988100T100
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.6 TDD19801988100T100
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.8iP19831988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.8i, SyncroP19831988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 1.9P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 2.0iP19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 2.0i SyncroP19841988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 2.0i GTP19841988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 2.2i Syncro
GT, (Cat)P19851988063T063
PassatPassat (II) (Variant/Estate) 2.2i, (Cat)P19851988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.3P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.6 (1588 cc,)P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.6 (1595 cc)P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.6 DD19801988100T100
PassatPassat (II) 1.6 TDD19801988100T100
PassatPassat (II) 1.8 GTP19831988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.8 Syncro, 1.8iP19831988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.8 SyncroP19831988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 1.9P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 2.0iP19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 2.0i SyncroP19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 2.2i, (Cat)P19801988063T063
PassatPassat (II) 2.2i SyncroP19841988063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.6P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.6 TDD19881994100T100
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.8 (55 Kw)P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.8 (66 kW)P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.8 G60 SyncroP19891994063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.8 GT, 16vP19881990063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 D, (Cat)D19881994100T100
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 2.0 SyncroP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 2.0, GT 16vP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) (Variant/Estate) 2.8 VR6P19911994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.6P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.6 TDD19881994100T100
PassatPassat (III) 1.8 (55 kW)P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.8 (66 kW)P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.8 16vP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.8 G60P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.8 SyncroP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.8 GT, 16vP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 1.9 D, (Cat), TDD19881994100T100
PassatPassat (III) 2.0P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 2.0 GT 16vP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 2.0 SyncroP19881994063T063
PassatPassat (III) 2.8 VR6P19881994063T063
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 1.8P19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 TDD19931996100T100
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 Tdi (66 kW)D19931996100T100
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 1.9 Tdi (81 kW)D19931996100T100
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 2.0 8vP19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 2.0 16vP19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) (Variant/Estate) 2.8 VR6P19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) 1.8P19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) 1.9 TDD19931996100T100
PassatPassat (IV) 1.9 Tdi (66 kW)D19931996100T100
PassatPassat (IV) 1.9 Tdi (81 kW)D19961996100T100
PassatPassat (IV) 2.0 8vP19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) 2.0 16vP19931996063T063
PassatPassat (IV) 2.8 VR6P19931996063T063
PassatPassat (V) 1.6, 1.8P1996Nov-00063T063
PassatPassat (V) 1.8 TurboP1997Nov-00075065
PassatPassat (V) 1.9 TDD1996Nov-00110T110
PassatPassat (V) 1.9 Tdi 90D1996Nov-00110T110
PassatPassat (V) 1.9 Tdi 110D1996Nov-00110T110
PassatPassat (V) 2.3 VR5P1996Nov-00110T096T
PassatPassat (V) 2.5 Tdi V6 DieselD1999Nov-00110T110
PassatPassat (V) 2.5 VR6P1996Nov-00110T096T
PassatPassat (V) 2.8 V6 SyncroP1996Nov-00110T096T
PassatPassat (V facelift) 1.8PDec-002005075T075
PassatPassat (V facelift) 1.8 20v TurboPDec-002005075T075
PassatPassat (V facelift) 1.9TDi PDDDec-002005110T110
PassatPassat (V facelift) 2.0PDec-002005075T075
PassatPassat (V facelift ) 2.3 V5PDec-002005110T096T
PassatPassat (V facelift) 2.8 V6 4 MotionPDec-002005110T096T
PassatPassat (V facelift) 4.0 4 Motion W8 PetrolPDec-022005110T110
PassatPassat VI 1.4TsiP2007>>027T
PassatPassat VI 1.6P2005>>027T
PassatPassat VI 1.6 FSiP20052007027T
PassatPassat VI 1.8 FSiP2007>>027T
PassatPassat VI 1.9 TdiD2005>>096AGM096T
PassatPassat VI 2.0 FSiP20052007027T
PassatPassat VI 2.0 T FsiP2006>>027T
PassatPassat VI 2.0 TSiP2008>>027T
PassatPassat VI 2.0 TdiD20052008096AGM096T
PassatPassat VI 2.0 Tdi DPFD2005>>096AGM096T
PassatPassat VI 3.2 FSiP2005>>096AGM096T
PassatPassat VI R36 autoPApr-07>>096AGM096T
Passat CCPassat CC Coupe 1.8TSi 160P2008>>096T027T
Passat CCPassat CC Coupe 2.0Tdi 140D2008>>096AGM096T
Passat CCPassat CC Coupe 2.0Tdi 140GTD2008>>096AGM096T
Passat CCPassat CC Coupe 3.6 V6 300GT 4 motionP2008>>096AGM096T
PhaetonPhaeton 3.0D Auxillary BatteryD2002>>027T
PhaetonPhaeton 3.0D Starter BatteryD2002>>096AGM096AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 3.0D Starter BatteryD2002>>019AGM019AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 3.2 Auxillary BatteryP2002>>027T
PhaetonPhaeton 3.2 Starter BatteryP2002>>096AGM096AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 3.2 Starter BatteryP2002>>019AGM019AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 4.2 Auxillary BatteryP2002>>027T
PhaetonPhaeton 4.2 Starter BatteryP2002>>096AGM096AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 4.2 Starter BatteryP2002>>019AGM019AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 5.0D Auxillary BatteryD2002>>027T
PhaetonPhaeton 5.0D Starter BatteryD2002>>096AGM096AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 5.0D Starter BatteryD2002>>019AGM019AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 6.0 Auxillary BatteryP2002>>027T
PhaetonPhaeton 6.0 Starter BatteryP2002>>096AGM096AGM
PhaetonPhaeton 6.0 Starter BatteryP2002>>019AGM019AGM
PoloPolo (II) 1.0P19811990063T063
PoloPolo (II) 1.1P19811990063T063
PoloPolo (II) 1.1, Formel EP19811990063T063
PoloPolo (II) 1.3P19811990063T063
PoloPolo (II) 1.3iP19811990063T063
PoloPolo (II) 1.3 DieselDOct-861990075065
PoloPolo (II) Coupe 1.0P19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Coupe 1.1P19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Coupe 1.3P19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Coupe 1.3 G40P19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Coupe 1.3 GTP19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Coupe 1.3iP19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Saloon/Classic 1.0P19851990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Saloon/Classic 1.1P19851990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Saloon/Classic 1.1 Formel EP19851990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Saloon/Classic 1.3P19821990063T063
PoloPolo (II) Saloon/Classic 1.3 DieselD19871990075065
PoloPolo (II) Saloon/Classic 1.3 Formel EP19841986063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) 1.0P19901994063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) 1.3P19901994063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) 1.3 GTP19901994063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) 1.4 DieselD19901991075065
PoloPolo (II Facelift) 1.4 DieselD19911994075T075
PoloPolo (II Facelift) Coupe 1.0P19901994063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) Coupe 1.3P19901994063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) Coupe 1.3 G40P19901994063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) Coupe 1.3 GTP19901994063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.0P1994Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.3P1994Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.4P1994Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.4 16vP1994Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.6P1994Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.6 16vP1994Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) 1.9 DD1994Jan-00075T075
PoloPolo (III) Classic 1.4, 16vP1995Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) Classic 1.6P1995Jan-00063T063
PoloPolo (III) Classic 1.9 DD1995Jan-00075T075
PoloPolo (III Facelift) 1.0P20002002063T063
PoloPolo (III Facelift) 1.2 12vP20002002063T063
PoloPolo (III Facelift) 1.4 Petrol FSIP20002002075065
PoloPolo (IIII Facelift) 1.4TDiD20002002075T075
PoloPolo (III Facelift) 1.6P20002002063T063
PoloPolo (III Facelift)1.8 GTIP20002002027T027
PoloPolo (III Facelift) 1.9 SDiD20002002027T027
PoloPolo (III Facelift) 1.9TDiD20002002027T027
PoloPolo (IV) 1.2 6vP20022005012T
PoloPolo (IV) 1.2 12vP20022005012T
PoloPolo (IV) 1.4 16vP20022005027T
PoloPolo (IV) 1.4 – 3 TdiD20022005096AGM096T
PoloPolo (IV) 1.9 SdiD20022005096AGM096T
PoloPolo (IV) 1.9 TdiD20022005096AGM096T
PoloPolo (IV) Facelift 1.2P20052008012T
PoloPolo (IV) Facelift 1.4P20052008027T
PoloPolo (IV) Facelift 1.6P20052008027T
PoloPolo (IV) Facelift 1.8TP20052008027T
PoloPolo (IV) Facelift 1.4-3 TDiD20052008096AGM096T
PoloPolo (IV) Facelift 1.9 TDiD20052008096AGM096T
PoloPolo V 1.2LP2009>>012T
PoloPolo V 1.2L TsiP2009>>012T
PoloPolo V 1.4lP2009>>027T
PoloPolo V 1.6 TdiD2009>>096AGM096T
QuantumQuantum 1.6 TDD19821985075065
QuantumQuantum 1.7i, 1.8iP19811985063T063
QuantumQuantum 2.1i, 2.2i SyncroP19811988075065
SciroccoScirocco (II) 1.3P19811989063T063
SciroccoScirocco (II) 1.5P19811989063T063
SciroccoScirocco (II) 1.6P19811989063T063
SciroccoScirocco (II) 1.8, GT/X 16vP19831992063T063
SciroccoScirocco (II) 1.8, GT/X GTiP19831992063T063
SciroccoScirocco (II) 1.8i, (Cat)P19831992063T063
SciroccoScirocco 1.4tsI 120P2008027T
SciroccoScirocco 1.4tsI 160P2008027T
SciroccoScirocco 2.0tsI 200P2008027T
SciroccoScirocco 2.0TDi 140D2008096AGM096T
SharanSharan 1.9 TDDAug-95Sep-97019AGM019T017
SharanSharan 2.0PAug-95Sep-97075T075
SharanSharan 2.8 VR6, VR6 SyncroPAug-95Sep-97096AGM096T096
SharanSharan (Facelift) 1.8 20v TurboPNov-97May-00075T075
SharanSharan (Facelift) 1.9TDiDOct-97May-00019AGM019T019
SharanSharan (Facelift) 2.0POct-97May-00100T075
SharanSharan (Facelift) 2.8 VR6POct-97May-00110T096T
SharanSharan (II) 1.8T PetrolPMay-00>>027T
SharanSharan (II) 1.9TDi PDDMay-00>>019AGM019T
SharanSharan (II) 1.9TDi PDDMay-00>>110T
SharanSharan (II) 1.9TDi 4 motionDMay-00>>019AGM019T
SharanSharan (II) 2.0 PetrolPMay-00>>096AGM096T
SharanSharan (II) 2.0TDiD2005>>019AGM019T
SharanSharan (II) 2.0TDiD2005>>110T
SharanSharan (II) 2.8 V6 PetrolPMay-00>>096AGM096T
SharanSharan (II) 2.8 V6 PetrolPMay-00>>110T
SharanSharan (II) 2.8 V6 Petrol 4 motionPMay-00>>096AGM096T
TiguanTiguan 1.4Tsi 4 motionPSep-07>>027T
TiguanTiguan 2.0Tsi 170 4 motionPSep-07>>027T
TiguanTiguan 2.0Tsi 200 4 motionPSep-07>>027T
TiguanTiguan 2.0TDi 140 4 motionDSep-07>>096AGM096T
TiguanTiguan 2.0TDi 170 4 motionDSep-07>>096AGM096T
TouranTouran 1.4 Tsi PetrolP2006>>027T
TouranTouran 1.6 PetrolP2003>>027T
TouranTouran 1.6 Fsi PetrolP2003>>027T
TouranTouran 1.9 Tdi DieselD2003>>096AGM110T
TouranTouran 2.0 Tdi DieselD2003>>096AGM110T
TouranTouran 2.0 Fsi PetrolP20042006027T
TouregToureg 2.5 Tdi 174DJan-03>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 2.5 Tdi 174DJan-03>>110T
TouregToureg 3.0 V6 Tdi 225DNov-04>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 3.0 V6 Tdi 225DNov-04>>110T
TouregToureg 3.2 V6 240P2003>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 3.2 V6 240P2003>>110T
TouregToureg 3.6 V6 280P2006>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 4.2 V6 310P2006>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 4.2 V6 340P2006>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 5.0 V10 Tdi 309DOct-02>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 5.0 V10 Tdi 350 R50DOct-02>>019AGM019T
TouregToureg 6.0 W12 450P2003>>019AGM019T
VentoVento 1.4, 1.6, 16vP1991Sep-98063T063
VentoVento 1.8 (55 Kw)P1992Sep-98063T063
VentoVento 1.8 (66 kW)P1992Sep-98063T063
VentoVento 1.9DD1992Sep-99100T100
VentoVento 1.9 TDD1992Sep-99100T100
VentoVento 1.9 TdiD1992Sep-99100T100
VentoVento 2.0, GTi 16vP1992Sep-00100T100
VentoVento 2.8 VR6PSep-92Sep-00027T027
CaddyCaddy 1.5, 1.6, 1.8iP19821992063T063
CaddyCaddy 1.6 DieselD19821992075065
CaddyCaddy (II) 1.4PApr-96Apr-99063T063
CaddyCaddy (II) 1.6PJan-98Jan-01063T063
CaddyCaddy (II) 1.9D, 1.9D (Cat)D19962004096T096
CaddyCaddy (II) 1.9TDiDMay-002004096T096
CaddyCaddy III Van 1.4PMar-04May-06027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van 1.4 16vPMay-06>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van 1.6 8vPApr-04>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van 2.0 EcoFuelPApr-06>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van 1.9TDiDApr-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Van 2.0 SdiDMar-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Van 2.0 TdiDMar-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 1.4PMar-04May-06027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 1.4 16vPMay-06>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 1.6 8vPApr-04>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 2.0 EcoFuelPApr-06>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 1.9TDiDApr-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 2.0 SdiDMar-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Van Maxi 2.0 TdiDMar-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 1.4PMar-04May-06027012T
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 1.4 16vPMay-06>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 1.6 8vPApr-04>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 2.0 EcoFuelPApr-06>>027012T
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 1.9TDiDApr-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 2.0 SdiDMar-04>>096AGM096T096
CaddyCaddy III Bus Life 2.0 TdiDMar-04>>096AGM096T096
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Van 2.5 Tdi 88PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Van 2.5 Tdi 109PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Van 2.5 Tdi 136PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Van 2.5 Tdi 163PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Bus 2.5 Tdi 88PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Bus 2.5 Tdi 109PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Bus 2.5 Tdi 136PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Bus 2.5 Tdi 163PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Chassis 2.5 Tdi 88PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Chassis 2.5 Tdi 109PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Chassis 2.5 Tdi 136PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
CrafterCrafter 30-50 Chassis 2.5 Tdi 163PSDApr-06>>019AGM019T019
GolfGolf (II) Van 1.3P19841991063T063
GolfGolf (II) Van 1.6 D,D19831992100T100
GolfGolf (II) Van 1.6 TDD19831992100T100
GolfGolf (III) Van 1.9 TDD19911997100T100
LTLT (II) Van 2.3PSep-962006096AGM096T096
LTLT (II) Van 2.5 SDiDSep-962006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Van 2.5 TdiDSep-96Apr-99019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Van 2.5 TdiDApr-992006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Van 2.8 TdiDSep-97Apr-99019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Van 2.8 TdiDApr-992006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Bus 2.3PSep-962006096AGM096T096
LTLT (II) Bus 2.5 SDiDSep-962006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Bus 2.5 TdiDSep-96Apr-99019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Bus 2.5 TdiDApr-992006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Bus 2.8 TdiDSep-97Apr-99019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Bus 2.8 TdiDApr-992006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Chassis 2.3PSep-962006096AGM096T096
LTLT (II) Chassis 2.5 SDiDSep-962006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Chassis 2.5 TdiDSep-96Apr-99019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Chassis 2.5 TdiDApr-992006019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Chassis 2.8 TdiDSep-97Apr-99019AGM019T019
LTLT (II) Chassis 2.8 TdiDApr-992006019AGM019T019
LT28 (HiTorq)P1993Jun-96063T063
LT28D 2.4D1976Feb-91019AGM019T017
LT28D 2.7D1976Jan-80019AGM019T017
LT28 TD (HiTorq)D19821993019AGM019T017
LT28TD 2.4D1982Sep-93019AGM019T017
LT31D 2.4D19761991019AGM019T017
LT31D 2.7D19761991019AGM019T017
LT31 TDD19761991019AGM019T017
LTLT 35 2.4P19751993075065
LTLT 35 2.8l TdiDMay-00>>019AGM019T017
LTLT 35P1976Feb-91019AGM019T017
LTLT 35 DD1976Feb-91019AGM019T017
LTLT 35 TD (HiTorq)D1976Feb-91019AGM019T017
LTLT 35 D 2.4D1976Feb-91019AGM019T017
LTLT 35 D 2.7D1976Oct-80019AGM019T017
LTLT 35 TDD1982Sep-93019AGM019T017
LTLT 40 2.0P19781988075065
LTLT 40 2.4P19781988075065
LTLT 40 DD19781993019AGM019T017
LTLT 40 TDD19781993019AGM019T017
LTLT 45 TD (HiTorq)D19781993019AGM019T017
LTLT 45 2.0P19781993075065
LTLT 45 2.4P19781993075065
LTLT 45 DD19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 45 TD (102 PS)D19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 45 TD (109 PS)D19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 50P19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 50 DD19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 50 TD (102 PS)D19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 50 TD (109 PS )D19791993019AGM019T017
LTLT 50 TD (HiTorq)D1992Jun-96019AGM019T017
LTLT 50 TD 2.4 (93 PS)D1992Jun-96019AGM019T017
LTLT 55P19821993019AGM019T017
LTLT 55 DD19821993019AGM019T017
LTLT 55 TDD19821993019AGM019T017
PoloPolo (II) VanP19851991063T063
PoloPolo (II Facelift) VanP19911994063T063
TaroTaro 1.8P19891992063T063
TaroTaro 2.2P19891992075065
TaroTaro 2.4 DieselD19891991075T075
T2Transporter (T2) 1.6 DD19811992100T100
T2Transporter (T2) 1.6 SyncroP19811992100T100
T2Transporter (T2) 1.6 TDD19811992100T100
T2Transporter (T2) 1.9, SyncroP19791990063T063
T2Transporter (T2) 1.9iP19791990063T063
T2Transporter (T2) 11.7 DD19811992100T100
T2Transporter (T2) 2.0P19791990063T063
T2Transporter (T2) 2.1i, SyncroP19841992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 1.6 DD19821992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 1.6 TDD19821992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 1.6 SyncroP19821992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 1.9P19821992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 1.9 SyncroP19821992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 1.9iP19821992075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 2.0P1979>>075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 2.1iP1979>>075065
T2Caravelle (T2) 2.1i, SyncroP1979>>075065
T3Vanagon 1.9P19791990075065
T3Vanagon 2.0P19791990075065
T3Vanagon 2.1iP19791990075065
T3Vanagon 2.1i Syncro 4×4P19791990075065
T4Transporter (T4) 1.8P19901993063T063
T4Transporter (T4) 1.9 D DieselD19902003096AGM096T096
T4Transporter (T4) 1.9 TD DieselD19902003096T096
T4Transporter (T4) 1.9 Tdi DieselD19902003096T096
T4Transporter (T4) 2.0P19902003027T065
T4Transporter (T4) 2.4 DD19902003017096
T4Transporter (T4) 2.4 Syncro DieselD19902003017096
T4Transporter (T4) 2.5 Tdi DieselD19982003110T110
T4Transporter (T4) 2.5P19902003027T065
T4Transporter (T4) 2.5, SyncroP19902003110T110
T4T4 Multivan 2.4 DDSep-97Apr-98019T096
T4T4 Multivan 2.5 TDDApr-98110T110
T4T4 Multivan 2.5 TDiDOct-98110T110
T4T4 Multivan 2.8 VR6PSep-97096T096
T4Caravelle (T4) 1.9 DD1990>>096T075
T4Caravelle (T4) 1.9 TDD1990>>096T075
T4Caravelle (T4) 2.0P1990>>075065
T4Caravelle (T4) 2.4 DD1990>>100075
T4Caravelle (T4) 2.4 D, SyncroD1990>>100075
T4Caravelle (T4) 2.5, SyncroP1990>>100065
T4California Coach 1.8P1990>>075065
T4California Coach 1.9 DD1990>>096T075
T4California Coach 1.9 TDD1990>>096T075
T4California Coach 2.0P1990>>075065
T4T4 California Coach 2.4 DD1990>>096T075
T4T4 California Coach 2.5P1990>>075065
T5T5 Van 2.0P2003>>096AGM096T027
T5T5 Van 3.2 V6P2003>>096AGM096T027
T5T5 Van 3.2 V6 4 motionP2003>>096AGM096T096
T5T5 Van 1.9 TdiD2003>>096AGM096T096
T5T5 Van 2.5 TdiD2003>>019AGM019T017
T5T5 Van 2.5 Tdi 4 motionD2003>>019AGM019T017
T5T5 Bus Caravelle 2.0P2003>>096AGM096T027
T5T5 Bus Caravelle 3.2 V6P2003>>096AGM096T027
T5T5 Bus Caravelle 3.2 V6 4 motionP2003>>096AGM096T096
T5T5 Bus Caravelle 1.9 TdiD2003>>096AGM096T096
T5T5 Bus Caravelle 2.5 TdiD2003>>019AGM019T017
T5T5 Bus Carvelle 2.5 Tdi 4 motionD2003>>019AGM019T017
T5T5 Chassis 2.0P2003>>096AGM096T027
T5T5 Chassis 3.2 V6P2003>>096AGM096T027
T5T5 Chassis 3.2 V6 4 motionP2003>>096AGM096T096
T5T5 Chassis 1.9 TdiD2003>>096AGM096T096
T5T5 Chassis 2.5 TdiD2003>>019AGM019T017
T5T5 Chassis 2.5 Tdi 4 motionD2003>>019AGM019T017