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Renault Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Renault Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Renault’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Renault Battery Application and Specification Chart

AlpineAlpine (All models except GTA V6)P19731994048
AlpineAlpine GTA V6P19861992027T027
AlpineAlpine A 610 TurboP1991>>027T027
AvantimeAvantime 2.0 16v TurboPNov-01>>096AGM096T096
AvantimeAvantime 3.0 V6PSep-01>>096AGM096T096
Clio1.1 PetrolP19901996063T063
Clio1.2 PetrolP19901996063T063
Clio1.2i PetrolP19901996063T063
Clio1.4 PetrolP19901996063T063
Clio1.4i PetrolP19901996063T063
Clio1.7 PetrolP19901996065063
Clio1.8i PetrolP19901996065063
Clio1.8i 16s 16VPetrolP19901996065063
Clio1.8i Rsi PetrolP19901996065063
Clio1.9D DieselD19901996027T027
ClioClio Williams 2.0i PetrolP19931996063T063
ClioClio (Phase III) 1.2i PetrolP19961998063T063
ClioClio (Phase III) 1.4 PetrolP19961998063T063
ClioClio (Phase III) 1.4i PetrolP19961998063T063
ClioClio (Phase III) 1.8i PetrolP19961998065063
ClioClio (Phase III) 1.8i Rsi PetrolP19961998065063
Clio1.5 TDD19961998075T075
ClioClio (II) 1.2PMay-982001063T063
ClioClio (II) 1.4PMay-982001063T063
ClioClio (II) 1.6POct-982001063T063
ClioClio (II) 1.6 16vPMar-992001063T063
ClioClio (II) 1.9DDMay-982001027T027
ClioClio (II) 2.0 16v 172PJan-00Apr-01063T063
ClioClio (II) 3.0 V6PJan-00Apr-01075T075
ClioClio (II) 1.9DDJan-00Apr-01027T027
ClioClio (II) 1.9 dTiDJan-00Apr-01027T027
ClioClio (II facelift) 1.2PApr-012005063T063
ClioClio (II facelift) 1.2 16vPApr-012005063T063
ClioClio (II facelift) 1.4 16vPApr-012005063T063
ClioClio (II facelift) 1.6 16vPApr-012005063T063
ClioClio (II facelift) 2.0 16vPApr-012005063T063
ClioClio (II facelift) 3.0 V6POct-012005075T075
ClioClio (II facelift) 1.5dCiDApr-012005075T075
ClioClio III 1.2l PetrolPJun-05>>063T063
ClioClio III 1.4l PetrolPJun-05>>063T063
ClioClio III 1.6l PetrolPJun-05>>063T063
ClioClio III 2.0l 16V PetrolPJun-05>>075T075
ClioClio III 1.5Dci DieselDJun-05>>100T100
EspaceEspace (I) 2.1 TD DieselD19841991096T096
EspaceEspace (I) 2.0i PetrolP19841991075065
EspaceEspace (I) 2.2i PetrolP19841991075065
EspaceEspace (I) Quadra 4×4 2.0i PetrolP19871991075065
EspaceEspace (I) Quadra 4×4 2.2i PetrolP19871991075065
EspaceEspace (II) 2.0i PetrolP19911997075065
EspaceEspace (II) 2.1 TD DieselD19911997096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (II) (2.2i), Quadra 4×4 PetrolP19911997075065
EspaceEspace (II) 2.9i V6 PetrolP19911997096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (III) 2.0i PetrolP1997Oct-02075065
EspaceEspace (III) 2.1D DieselD1997Oct-02096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (III) 2.2 TD DieselD1997Oct-02096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (III) 3.0i V6 PetrolP1997Oct-02096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (IV) 2.0 PetrolP2003>>096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (IV) 3.5 PetrolP2003>>096AGM096T096
EspaceEspace (IV) 1.9dCi DieselD2003>>096AGM110T110
EspaceEspace (IV) 2.0dCi DieselD2006>>096AGM110T110
EspaceEspace (IV) 2.2dCi DieselD2003>>096AGM110T110
EspaceEspace (IV) 3.0dCi DieselD2003>>096AGM110T110
Grand EspaceGrand Espace (III) 2.0 16vPJan-99Oct-00075065
Grand EspaceGrand Espace (III) 3.0 V6 24vPJan-99Oct-00096AGM096T096
Grand EspaceGrand Espace (III) 2.2dTDJan-98Oct-00096AGM096T096
Grand EspaceGrand Espace (III Facelift) 2.0 16vPOct-00Mar-03075065
Grand EspaceGrand Espace (III Facelift) 3.0 V6 24vPOct-00Mar-03096AGM096T096
Grand EspaceGrand Espace (III Facelift) 2.2dCiDOct-00Mar-03096AGM096T096
Grand EspaceGrand Espace 2.0 16vP2003>>096AGM096T096
Grand EspaceGrand Espace 3.5 V6 24vP2003>>096AGM096T096
Grand EspaceGrand Espace 2.0dCiD2006>>096AGM110T110
Grand EspaceGrand Espace 2.2dCiD2003>>096AGM110T110
Grand EspaceGrand Espace 3.0dCiD2003>>096AGM096T096
Grand ScenicGrand Scenic 1.6 VVTP2004>>100T100
Grand ScenicGrand Scenic 2.0 TP2004>>075T075
Grand ScenicGrand Scenic 2.0 VVTP2004>>075T075
Grand ScenicGrand Scenic 1.5dCiD2004>>100T100
Grand ScenicGrand Scenic 1.9dCiD2004>>100T100
Grand ScenicGrand Scenic 2.0dCiD2004>>100T100
KoleosKoleos 2.0 dCi 150 DieselD2008>>096AGM096T
KoleosKoleos 2.0 dCi 175 DieselD2008>>096AGM096T
LagunaLaguna, 1.6 16v PetrolP1994Mar-01075065
LagunaLaguna, 1.8 PetrolP1994Mar-01075065
LagunaLaguna, 1.8 16v PetrolPJan-94Mar-01075065
LagunaLaguna, 2.0 PetrolP1994Mar-01075065
LagunaLaguna, 2.0 16v PetrolPMay-95Mar-01075065
LagunaLaguna, 3.0 24v PetrolPMay-95Mar-01075065
LagunaLaguna 2.2D DieselDNov-93Mar-01096T096
LagunaLaguna 2.2 DTi DieselDMar-96May-98096T096
LagunaLaguna 3.0i V6 PetrolP1994May-98096027
LagunaLaguna (II) 1.6 16v PetrolPMar-01>>075T075
LagunaLaguna (II) 1.8 16v PetrolPMar-01>>075T075
LagunaLaguna (II) 2.0 16v PetrolPApr-01>>075T075
LagunaLaguna (II) 3.0 V6 24v PetrolPMar-01>>2008100T100
LagunaLaguna (II) 1.9 dCi DieselDDec-002008100T100
LagunaLaguna (II) 2.0 dCi DieselD20052008100T100
LagunaLaguna (II) 2.2 dCi DieselD20022008100T100
LagunaLaguna III 1.6 PetrolP2007>>027T027
LagunaLaguna III 2.0 16v PetrolP2007>>027T027
LagunaLaguna III 2.0 16v TurboPetrolP2007>>027T027
LagunaLaguna III 1.5dCi DieselD2007>>096AGM096T096
LagunaLaguna III 2.0dCi DieselD2007>>110T110
Laguna CoupeLaguna III Coupe 2.0 201bhp PetrolPMay-08>>075T075
Laguna CoupeLaguna III Coupe 3.5 235bhpPMay-08>>100T100
Laguna CoupeLaguna III Coupe 2.0 147bhp DieselDMay-08>>110T110
Laguna CoupeLaguna III Coupe 2.0 176bhp DieselDMay-08>>110T110
Megane16v Coupe PetrolP1996>>075T075
Megane1.6 16v Cabrio PetrolP1996>>075T075
Megane2.0 Cabrio PetrolP1996>>075T075
Megane2.0 16v Cabrio PetrolP1996>>100T100
MeganeMegane Classic PetrolP1996>>075T075
MeganeMegane Classic 1.9D DieselD1996>>096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane Classic 1.9 TD DieselD1996>>096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane (Hatch) 1.4PApr-96Apr-99065063
MeganeMegane (Hatch) 1.6PApr-96Apr-99065063
MeganeMegane (Hatch) 2.0PApr-96Apr-99065063
MeganeMegane (Hatch) 1.9D DieselDApr-96Apr-99096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane (Hatch) 1.9 TD DieselDApr-96Feb-98096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane (Hatch) 1.9dTi DieselDJan-98Apr-98096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 1.4 PetrolPApr-99Aug-02065063
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 1.4 16v PetrolPApr-99Aug-02065063
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 1.6 16v PetrolPApr-99Aug-02065063
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 1.8 16v PetrolPJul-00Aug-02065063
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 1.9D DieselDApr-99Aug-02096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 1.9 dTi DieselDApr-99Aug-02096AGM096T096
MeganeMegane (Facelift) Hatch 2.0 16v PetrolPApr-99Aug-02065063
MeganeMegane II 1.4P20022006063T063
MeganeMegane II 1.6 VVTP20022006063T063
MeganeMegane II 2.0 TP20042006063T063
MeganeMegane II 2.0 VVTP20022006063T063
MeganeMegane II 1.5 dCiD20022006100T100
MeganeMegane II 1.9 dCiD20022006100T100
MeganeMegane (II facelift) 1.4P2006>>063T063
MeganeMegane (II facelift) 1.6 VVTP2006>>063T063
MeganeMegane (II facelift) 2.0 TP2006>>063T063
MeganeMegane II (facelift) 2.0 VVTP2006>>063T063
MeganeMegane II (facelift) 1.5 dCiD2006>>100T100
MeganeMegane II (facelift)1.9 dCiD2006>>100T100
MeganeMegane II (facelift 2.0 dCiD2006>>100T100
MeganeMegane III 1.6 PetrolPMar-09>>063T063
MeganeMegane III 2.0 TCE 180 PetrolPMar-09>>063T063
MeganeMegane III 2.0 140 CVT PetrolPMar-09>>063T063
MeganeMegane III 2.0 dCi 86 DieselDMar-09>>100T100
MeganeMegane III 2.0 dCi 106 DieselDMar-09>>100T100
MeganeMegane III 2.0 dCi 130 DieselDMar-09>>100T100
ModusModus 1.2 PetrolP2004>>063T063
ModusModus 1.2 16V PetrolPMay-07>>063T063
ModusModus 1.4 PetrolP2004>>063T063
ModusModus 1.6 16v PetrolP2004>>063T063
ModusModus 1.6 16v PetrolP2004>>100T100
ModusModus 1.5 dCi DieselD2004>>096AGM100T100
ModusGrand Modus 1.2 16v PetrolPDec-08>>063T063
ModusGrand Modus 1.5 dCi DieselDDec-08>>096AGM100T100
SafraneSafrane 2.0, 2.2P1992Jul-96075065
SafraneSafrane 2.1 TDD1992Jul-96096T096
SafraneSafrane 2.5 TDD1992Jul-96096T096
SafraneSafrane 3.0i V6 PetrolP1992Jul-96027T027
SafraneSafrane 3.0i V6 Quadra 4×4 PetrolP1992Jul-96027T027
SafraneSafrane BiturboP1993Jul-96075T075
SafraneSafrane (Facelift) PetrolP1996Dec-00075065
SafraneSafrane (Facelift) (2.2 TD)D1995Dec-00096T096
SafraneSafrane (Facelift) (3.0i)P1996Dec-00075T075
Scenic MeganeMegane Scenic 1.4 Petrol (Under rear seat)P1996>>096AGM096AGM
Scenic MeganeMegane Scenic 1.6 Petrol (Under rear seat)P1996>>096AGM096AGM
Scenic MeganeMegane Scenic 2.0 Petrol (Under rear seat)P1996>>096AGM096AGM
Scenic MeganeMegane Scenic 1.9DTi Diesel (Under rear seat)D1996>>096AGM096AGM
ScenicScenic (Facelift) 1.4 16vPAug-99Apr-01027T027
ScenicScenic (Facelift) 1.6 16vPAug-99Apr-01027T027
ScenicScenic (Facelift) 1.8 16vPJul-00Apr-01027T027
ScenicScenic (Facelift) 2.0 16vPJul-99Apr-01027T027
ScenicScenic (Facelift) 1.9 dTiDOct-00Apr-01096AGM096T096
ScenicScenic (Facelift) 1.9 dCiDOct-00Apr-01096AGM096T096
ScenicScenic (II) 1.4 16vPApr-01>>063T063
ScenicScenic (II) 1.6 16vPApr-01>>075T075
ScenicScenic (II) 1.8 16vPApr-01>>075T075
ScenicScenic (II) 2.0 16vPApr-01>>075T075
ScenicScenic (II) 1.5 dCiD2003 >>100T100
ScenicScenic (II) 1.9 dTiDApr-01>>100T100
ScenicScenic (II) 1.9 dCiDApr-01>>100T100
Scenic RX4RX4 (Facelift) 2.0 16v PetrolPJan-00Apr-01027T027
Scenic RX4RX4 (Facelift) 1.9dCi DieselDJan-00Apr-01096AGM096T096
Scenic RX4RX4 (II) 16v PetrolPApr-01>>027T027
Scenic RX4RX4 (II) dCi DieselDApr-01>>096AGM096T096
Sport SpiderSport Spider 2.0 16v PetrolPMar-95Oct-99027T063T
TwingoTwingo I 1.2 PetrolPMar-93Oct-96063T063
TwingoTwingo I facelift 1.2 PetrolPMay 96>>063T063
TwingoTwingo II 1.2 PetrolP2007>>063T063
TwingoTwingo II 1.6 Renault sportP2007>>027T027
Vel SatisVel Satis 2.0 16v Turbo PetrolPJun-02>>096AGM096T096
Vel SatisVel Satis 3.5 V6 PetrolPJun-02>>096AGM096T096
Vel SatisVel Satis 2.2 Cdi DieselDJun-02>>096AGM096T096
Vel SatisVel Satis 3.0 Cdi DieselDJun-02>>096AGM096T096
44, PetrolP19621993048
55 (II), PetrolP19851996063T063
55 1.6 DieselD19861991096T096
Super 5Super 5 1.0 PetrolP19841993063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.1 PetrolP19841993063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.2 PetrolP19841993063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.4 PetrolP19841993063T063
Super 5Super 5 GT Turbo.4 PetrolP19841993063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.4i PetrolP19861991063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.6D DieselD19861996063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.7 PetrolP19861996063T063
Super 5Super 5 1.7i PetrolP19861996063T063
Super 5Super 5 Socit PetrolP19851995063T063
Super 5Super 5 Socit 1.6D DieselD19871990063T063
99 PetrolPSep-811989063T063
99 (1.6D) DieselD19821989027T027
1111 PetrolP19831989063T063
1111 1.6D DieselD19831989027T027
1111 Socit PetrolP19831989063T063
1111 Socit 1.6D DieselD19831989027T027
1212 PetrolP19681986048
1414 PetrolP19681986048
1515 PetrolP19681986048
1616 PetrolP19681986048
1717 PetrolP19681986048
1818 PetrolP19681986048
1818 (II), 1.4 PetrolP19821986048
1818 (II) 2.1D, TD DieselD19821986027T027
1919, Cabriolet, PetrolP19881992063T063
1919, Chamade PetrolP19881992063T063
1919 1.9D, TD DieselD19881992027T027
1919 Chamade 1.9D, TD DieselD19881992027T027
1919 (Facelift), CabrioletP19921994063T063
1919 (Facelift) (1.9D, TD) DieselD19921994027T027
2020 PetrolP19761984075065
2020 (2.1D, TD) DieselD19791984027T027
2121 PetrolP19861994063T063
2121 1.9D DieselD19891994096AGM096T096
2121 2.1D, TD DieselD19891994096AGM096T096
2121 Nevada/Savanna 1.9D DieselD19891995096AGM096T096
2121 Nevada/Savanna 2.1D DieselD19891995096AGM096T096
2121 Nevada/Savanna Quadra, (2.1 TD) DieselD19891995096AGM096T096
2121 Nevada/Savanna 2.2 PetrolP19861994063T063
2121 Nevada/Savanna 2.2i PetrolP19861994063T063
2121 Nevada/Savanna 2.2i Quadra 4×4 PetrolP19871995063T063
2525 PetrolP19751992075065
3030 PetrolP19751992075065
RENAULT LCVRENAULT LCV vanvanvanvanvanvan
ClioClio Socit/Van 1.1 PetrolP19901996063T063
ClioClio Socit/Van 1.2 PetrolP19901996063T063
ClioClio Socit/Van 1.2i PetrolP19901996063T063
ClioClio Socit/Van 1.9D DieselD19901996027T027
ClioClio (Phase III) 1.2i Van PetrolP19961998063T063
ClioClio II Van 1.2 PetrolPSep-98>>012T012
ClioClio II Van 1.9DDSep-98>>027T027
ClioClio II Van 1.5DCiDSep-98>>027T027
Express/ExtraExpress PetrolP19851991063T063
Express/ExtraExpress (1.6D) DieselD19851991096AGM096T096
Express/ExtraExpress (Phase II) PetrolP1991>>063T063
Express/ExtraExpress (Phase II) 1.6D DieselD1991>>096AGM096T096
Express/ExtraExpress (Phase II) 1.9D DieselD1991>>096AGM096T096
Express/ExtraExtra PetrolP19851991063T063
Express/ExtraExtra 1.6D DieselD19851991027T027
Express/ExtraExtra (Phase II) PetrolP1991>>063T063
Express/ExtraExtra (Phase II) 1.6D DieselD1991>>027T027
Express/ExtraExtra (Phase II) 1.9D DieselD1991>>027T027
KangooKangoo 1.2 PetrolPSep-97Feb-03065012
KangooKangoo 1.2 16V PetrolPJun-01>>065012
KangooKangoo 1.4 PetrolPSep-97Feb-03065012
KangooKangoo 1.6 PetrolPSep-99Jun-01075012
KangooKangoo 1.6 16v PetrolPJun-01>>012T012
KangooKangoo 1.6 16v 4×4 PetrolPJun-01>>012T012
KangooKangoo 1.5dCi DieselDJul-02>>Feb-03096T027
KangooKangoo 1.9D DieselDJan-00Feb-03096AGM096T096
KangooKangoo D55 1.9 DieselDSep-97>>096AGM096T096
KangooKangoo D65 1.9 DieselDSep-97>>096AGM096T096
KangooKangoo 1.9dTi DieselDNov-00Feb-03027T027
KangooKangoo 1.9dCi DieselDDec-99Feb-03096AGM096T096
KangooKangoo 1.6 Petrol 64KWPFeb-08>>012T
KangooKangoo 1.6i Petrol 78KWPFeb-08>>012T
KangooKangoo 1.5Dci DieselDFeb-08>>096AGM096T096
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.2 PetrolPSep-97Feb-03065012
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.2 16v PetrolPJun-01>>065012
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.4 PetrolPSep-97Feb-03065012
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.6 PetrolPSep-99Jun-01075012
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.6 16v PetrolPJun-01>>012T012
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.6 16v 4×4 PetrolPJun-01>>012T012
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.5dCi DieselDJul-02>>Feb-03096T027
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.9D DieselDJan-00Feb-03096AGM096T096
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express D55 1.9 DieselDSep-97>>096AGM096T096
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express D65 1.9 DieselDSep-97>>096AGM096T096
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.9dTi DieselDNov-00Feb-03027T027
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.9dCi DieselDDec-99Feb-03096AGM096T096
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.6 Petrol 64KWPFeb-08>>012T
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.6i Petrol 78KWPFeb-08>>012T
Kangoo ExpressKangoo Express 1.5DciDFeb-08>>096AGM096T096
MasterMaster P28, PetrolP19801990075065
MasterMaster P28D DieselD19801989096AGM096T096
MasterMaster P30 PetrolP19801990075065
MasterMaster P30D DieselD19801989096AGM096T096
MasterMaster P35 PetrolP19801990075065
MasterMaster P35D DieselD19801989096AGM096T096
MasterMaster T28 PetrolP1980Jul-98075065
MasterMaster T28D DieselD1980Jul-98096AGM096T096
MasterMaster T30 (Cat) PetrolP1980Jul-98075065
MasterMaster T30 PetrolP1980Jul-98075065
MasterMaster T30D 2.1 Diesel, T30D (2.5)D1980Jul-98096AGM096T096
MasterMaster T30D 2.5 DieselD1980Jul-98096AGM096T096
MasterMaster T35 PetrolP1980Jul-98075065
MasterMaster T35 (Cat) PetrolP1980Jul-98075065
MasterMaster T35D Turbo DieselD1980Jul-98096AGM096T096
MasterMaster T35D, DieselD1980Jul-98096AGM096T096
MasterMaster II Van 1.9Tdi DieselDNov-00>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Van 1.9Dci DieselDFeb-02Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Van 2.2TDdiDNov-00>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Van 2.5DDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Van 2.5TDdiDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Van 2.8TDdiDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Bus 1.9 Tdi DieselDNov-00>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Bus 1.9 Dci DieselDFeb-02Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Bus 2.2TDdiDNov-00>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Bus 2.5DDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Bus 2.5TDdiDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Bus 2.8TDdiDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Chassis 2.2TDdiDNov-00>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Chassis 2.5DDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Chassis 2.5TDdiDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster II Chassis 2.8 TDdiDMar-98Sep-03019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Van 2.5dCi 100DOct-03>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Van 2.5dCiDAug-06>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Van 3.0dCi 120DMay-04>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Van 3.0dCi 140DOct-03>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Van 3.0dCi 160DMay-04>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Bus 2.5dCi 100DOct-03>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Bus 2.5dCiDAug-06>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Bus 3.0 dCi 140DOct-03>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Chassis 2.5dCi 100DOct-03>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Chassis 2.5dCiDAug-06>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Chassis 3.0dCi 120DMay-04>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Chassis 3.0dCi 140DOct-03>>019AGM019T019
MasterMaster III Chassis 3.0dCi 160DMay-04>>019AGM019T019
TraficTrafic P1000 PetrolP19811986075065
TraficTrafic P1000D 2.1 DieselD19811989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic P1000D 2.5 DieselD19811989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic P1200 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic P1200D 2.1 DieselD19811986096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic P1200D 2.5 DieselD19811986096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic P1400 2.0 PetrolP19841989075065
TraficTrafic P1400D 2.1 DieselD19841989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic P1400D 2.5 DieselD19841989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic T800 1.6 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic T800 1.4 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic T1000 (1.6), (2.0), 4×4P19841989075065
TraficTrafic T1000 1.4 PetrolP19811986075065
TraficTrafic T1000 1.6 4×4 PetrolP19811986075065
TraficTrafic T1000 1.6PetrolP19811986075065
TraficTrafic T1000 1.7 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic T1000 2.0 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic T1000D 2.1 4×4 DieselD19811989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic T1200 1.6 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic T1200 1.7 PetrolP19811989075065
TraficTrafic T1200 2.0 4×4 PetrolP19851989075065
TraficTrafic T1200D 2.1 4×4 DieselD19811989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic T1300 1.7 PetrolP19861989075065
TraficTrafic T1300 2.0 PetrolP19861989075065
TraficTrafic T1300D 2.1 DieselD19861989096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic T1600 2.0 PetrolP19871989075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) P1000P19891992075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) P1000DD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) P1400 1.7 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) P1400 2.0 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) P1400DD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T 900 1.4 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T 900 1.7 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T0900D DieselD19921994096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100 1.7 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100 2.0 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100 2.2i 4×4 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100D 2.1 4×4 DieselD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100D 2.1 DieselD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100D 2.5 4×4 DieselD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1100D 2.5 PetrolP19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1400 2.0 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1400 2.2i PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1400D 2.1 DieselD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T1400D 2.5 DieselD19891990096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (phase II) T3000 2.0 PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (phase II) T3000 2.2i PetrolP19891994075065
TraficTrafic (Phase III) P1400 PetrolP19942000075065
TraficTrafic (Phase III) P1400 (2.0 PetrolP19942000075065
TraficTrafic (Phase III) P1400D DieselD19942000096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T 900 2.2i PetrolP19942000075065
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T 900D 2.1 DieselD19942000096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T1100 (2.2i), 4×4 PetrolP19942000075065
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T1100D 2.1 PetrolP19942000096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T1100D 2.5, 4×4 PetrolP19942000096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T1400 2.2i PetrolP19942000075065
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T1400D 2.1 DieselD19942000096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic (Phase III) T1400D 2.5 DieselD19942000096AGM096T096
TraficTrafic Van 2.0iPMar-01>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Van 1.9 dCi 80DMar-01>>096AGM110T096
TraficTrafic Van 1.9 dCi 100DMar-01>>096AGM110T096
TraficTrafic Van 2.0dCi 90DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Van 2.0dCi 115DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Van 2.5dCi 135DSep-02>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Van 2.5dCi 145DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Bus 2.0iPMar-01>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Bus 1.9 dCi 80DMar-01>>096AGM110T096
TraficTrafic Bus 1.9 dCi 100DMar-01>>096AGM110T096
TraficTrafic Bus 2.0dCi 90DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Bus 2.0dCi 115DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Bus 2.5dCi 135DSep-02>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Bus 2.5dCi 145DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Chassis 2.0iPMar-01>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Chassis 1.9 dCi 80DMar-01>>096AGM110T096
TraficTrafic Chassis 1.9 dCi 100DMar-01>>096AGM110T096
TraficTrafic Chassis 2.0dCi 90DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Chassis 2.0dCi 115DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Chassis 2.5dCi 135DSep-02>>096AGM110T110
TraficTrafic Chassis 2.5dCi 145DOct-06>>096AGM110T110
44, Van PetrolP19621993048
44 Pick-Up PetrolP19621993048
55 (II), Van PetrolP19851996063T063