Our mobile fitting service also covers puncture repairs in Norwich.

When an object pierces though the tyre and penetrates the Inner liner it creates a escape route for the tyres air pressure. In some cases the tyre can be repaired to a British Safety Standard by using a Tyre Repair Plug Patch (see image) Basically the flat circular section of the patch seals the hole in the Inner liner while the stem of the plug fills the hole created by the item that penetrated the tyre, by filling the whole this ensures that water etc cant get into the corded area of the tyre causing them to rust and lose structural strength and over time this would cause the tyre to go out of shape.

What area of the tread is my tyre repairable?

The green section is the repairable area and the red and yellow sections cannot be minor repaired   Image of the repairable area of a tyre

Why cant my tyre be minor repaired?

There are many reasons why a tyre couldn’t be minor repaired after a getting a puncture.

  • If the Tyre is a RUNFLAT tyre.
  • If the tyre has been driven on even for a few metres when very low on air pressure the weight of the car is then supported by the sidewall of the tyre,  This has the effect of causing the body ply wires or cables in the sidewall to bend at angles far greater than they are designed for, or capable of, and they begin to break.
  • If the item that pierced through the tyre left a hole larger than 6mm, as the plug wouldn’t then make a water tight seal.
  • If the item pierced into the shoulder of the tyre
  • The tyre tread is below the legal limit.
  • The angle that the item penetrated the tyre.
  • If the tyre is older then ten years old, identified by the tyres date code

Pure Tyre’s company policy is that we do not repair any runflat tyre because the hidden damage cannot be seen, if it was repaired it could potentially put you and other road uses in danger. Some runflat tyres also state on the sidewall that they must not be repaired.

What is a Major repair?

A major repair is where a reinforced patch is placed on the inner part of the tyre and the outer has a section of the treaded area is vulcanized, this process complies with British safety standards although, the maximum speed rating that can be major repaired is an H rated tyre, (130mph)  This is mostly done to Commercial, Agricultural and Earthmover tyres but car tyres can in some cases be repaired in the same way.

We don’t offer the service of Major repairs on tyres.

What damage can driving on a tyre with little or no air pressure do?

If you drive on a tyre with little or no air pressure in it, tyre damagedthis will fold the side walls of the tyre further than they are designed to do.

This could cause the internal structure of the tyre to become unsafe and the real damage can normally only be seen when the tyre is removed from the rim.

If you have driven on a tyre with little or no tyre pressure then put on your spare and have it inspected.

As you can see in the image the inner part of the tyre has been cut up in to small parts of rubber which could lead to rapid deflation if pumped back up and driven on.