Pure Tyre can supply and fit Firestone tyres in Norwich and surrounding areas via our Mobile Fitting Service, this midrange – premium tyre is a good all rounder from price to performance.

Firestone TZ300a

Firestone continues to carry you and your vehicle safely and reliably with the addition of the  Firestone TZ300α. The Firestone TZ300a’s outstanding performance and durability and all-round performance  gives you a confident feel and driving experience.firestone tz300a

The Firestone TZ300a features & benefits:

  • High levels of safety and comfort
  • Robust, reliable performance
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Soft sidewall & reduced tyre radial stiffness, resulting in better comfort & damping
  • Optimized tyre construction (sidewall & crown stiffness tuning) retaining good ride & handling performances
  • Longitudinal main grooves in combination with long lateral shoulder grooves for efficient water drainage & balanced contact pressure distribution.
  • Dynamic shaped tread block edges, minimizing water resistance at front of the block & hence further improve resistance to aquaplaning



Firehawk SZ90μ

Firestone’s Firehawk SZ90μ is designed for the sports vehicles where performance is a must, the Firestone Firehawk SZ90μ Offers superb handling and reliable all-surface grip, this genuine performer lets you experience the fun and excitement of driving like never before.

  • Genuine all-weather performance
  • Superb steering response and precision
  • Dynamic, sporty look
  • Center Grove 3D Tie Bar Special designed connection between center blocks to improve block stiffness, whilst retaining efficient water flow.
  • High stiffness blocks, providing maximum grip, cornering control and steering response on dry