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Vauxhall Batteries Norwich – Fitted at your Home or Work

Mobile Vauxhall Battery Fitting service Norwich – Call Norwich 01603 462959

So your Vauxhall’s battery has finally let you down, well help is at hand, one simple call to 01603 462959 and our mobile team will come and replace your battery at your work or home.

For more detailed information on our Mobile Battery Fitting Service please view our Car Batteries Page

Vauxhall Battery Application and Specification Chart

AgilaAgila 1.0, (I) 12v PetrolPJun-002007063T063
AgilaAgila 1.2 (I) 16v PetrolPJun-002007063T063
AgilaAgila (I) 1.3CDTiDMar-042007075T075
AgilaAgila II 1.0i 12vP2007>>063T063
AgilaAgila II 1.2i 16vP2007>>063T063
AgilaAgila II 1.3 CDTiDSep-07>>075T075
AntaraAntara 2.4l PetrolPFeb-07>>078
AntaraAntara 3.2l V6 PetrolPFeb-07>>086
AntaraAntara 2.0 CDTi DieselDFeb-07>>335
AstraAstra (1) 1.2P19791984063T063
AstraAstra (1) 1.3P19791984063T063
AstraAstra (1) 1.6P19791984063T063
AstraAstra (1) 1.8 GTEP19791984063T063
AstraAstra (1) 1.6DD19821984027T027
AstraAstra 2 PetrolP19841993063T063
AstraAstra 2 1.6D DieselD19841991027T027
AstraAstra 2 1.7D DieselD19841991027T027
AstraAstra 2 BelmontP19861989063T063
AstraAstra 2 Belmont 1.6DD19861989027T027
AstraAstra 2 BelmontP19891991063T063
AstraAstra 2 Belmont 1.7DD19891991027T027
AstraAstra 3 PetrolP19911996063T063
AstraAstra 3 1.7DD19911996027T027
AstraAstra 3 1.7 TDD19921998075T075
AstraAstra 3 2.0 GSi/GTE 16vP19971998075065
AstraAstra 4 1.2iPJan-982005075063
AstraAstra 4 1.4iPSep-032005075063
AstraAstra 4 1.4i 16vP19982005075063
AstraAstra 4 1.6iP19982005075063
AstraAstra 4 1.6i 16vP19982005075063
AstraAstra 4 1.8iP19982005100075
AstraAstra 4 1.8i 16vP19982005100075
AstraAstra 4 1.7TDi 16vDFeb-002005100T100
AstraAstra 4 1.7 CDTiDApr-032005100T100
AstraAstra 4 1.7 TDD1998Aug-00100T100
AstraAstra 4 2.0DiD19982005100T100
Astra2.0 Dti 16vDAug-992005100T100
Astra2.0 DTDSep-022005100T100
Astra2.0i 16vP19982005100075
Astra2.2 SRi PetrolPMar-012005100075
Astra4 Estate 1.2iPFeb-982005075063
Astra4 Estate 1.4iPSep-032005075063
Astra4 Estate 1.4i 16vP19982005075063
Astra4 Estate 1.6iP19982005075063
Astra4 Estate 1.6i 16vP19982005075063
Astra4 Estate 1.8iP19982005100075
Astra4 Estate 1.7TDi 16vDFeb-002005100T100
Astra4 Estate 1.7 CDTiDApr-032005100T100
Astra4 Estate 1.7 TDD1998Aug-00100T100
Astra4 Estate 2.0DiD19982005100T100
Astra4 Estate 2.0 Dti 16vDAug-992005100T100
Astra4 Estate 2.0 DTDSep-022005100T100
Astra4 Estate 2.0 OPCP20022005100075
Astra4 Estate 2.0i 16vP19982005100075
Astra4 Estate 2.2 SRi PetrolPMar-012005100075
Astra4 Estate 2.2DtiD20022005100T100
Astra4 convertible 1.6iP20032005075063
Astra4 convertible 1.6i 16vP20012005075063
Astra4 convertible 1.8i 16vP20012005100075
Astra4 convertible 2.0 OPCP20022005100075
Astra4 convertible 2.0i 16v TurboP20022005100075
Astra4 convertible 2.2 SRi PetrolP20032005100T100
Astra4 convertible 2.2DtiD20032005100T100
Astra4 coupe 1.6i 16vP20002005075063
Astra4 coupe 1.8i 16vP20002005100075
Astra4 coupe 2.0i 16v TurboP20002005100075
Astra4 coupe 2.2 SRi PetrolP20002005100T100
Astra4 coupe 2.2DtiD20022005100T100
Astra1.3 CDTi DieselDAug-05100075
Astra1.4 PetrolPMar-04075063
Astra1.6 77KW PetrolPMar-04075063
Astra1.6 85KW PetrolPDec-06075063
Astra1.6 Turbo 132KW PetrolPDec-06100075
Astra1.7 Cdti DieselDMar-04100075
Astra1.8 92KWPMar-04075063
Astra1.8 103KWPMar-04075063
Astra1.9 CDTi DieselD2004>>100075
Astra1.9 CDTi 16V DieselDApr-04100075
Astra2.0T 125KW PetrolPMar-04100075
Astra2.0T 147KW PetrolPSep-04100075
Astra2.0T 177KW PetrolPMar-05100075
Astra5 Estate 1.3 CDTi DieselDAug-05100075
Astra5 Estate 1.4 PetrolPAug-04075063
Astra5 Estate 1.6 77KW PetrolPAug-04075063
Astra5 Estate 1.6 85KW PetrolPDec-06075063
Astra5 Estate 1.6 Turbo 132KW PetrolPDec-06100075
AstraAstra 5 Estate 1.7 Cdti DieselDAug-04>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Estate 1.8 92KWPAug-04>>075063
AstraAstra 5 Estate 1.8 103KWPMar-04075063
AstraAstra 5 Estate 1.9 CDTi DieselD2004>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Estate 1.9 CDTi 16v DieselDApr-04>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Estate 2.0T 125KW PetrolPAug-04>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Estate 2.0T 147KW PetrolPSep-04>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Estate 2.0T 177KW PetrolPMar-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.3 CDTi DieselDJan-06>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.4 PetrolPMar-05>>075063
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.6 77KW PetrolPMar-05>>075063
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.6 85KW PetrolPDec-06>>075063
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.6 Turbo 132KW PetrolPDec-06>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.7 Cdti DieselDMar-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.8 92KWPMar-05>>075063
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.8 103KWPJan-06>>075063
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.9 CDTi DieselDJan-06>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 1.9 CDTi 16v DieselDMar-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 2.0T 125KW PetrolPMar-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 2.0T 147KW PetrolPMar-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 GTC 2.0T 177KW PetrolPAug-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 1.6 77KW PetrolPSep-05>>075063
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 1.6 85KW PetrolPDec-06>>075063
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 1.6 Turbo 132KW PetrolPFeb-07>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 1.8 92KWPSep-05>>075063
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 1.8 103KWPSep-05>>075063
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 2.0T 125KW PetrolPSep-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 2.0T 147KW PetrolPSep-05>>100075
AstraAstra 5 Twin Top 1.9 CDTi DieselDJan-06>>100075
CalibraCalibra 2.0i,P1990Jul-97075065
CalibraCalibra 2.5i V6P1990Jul-97075065
CarltonCarlton <2.2l PetrolP19781994075T075
CarltonCarlton >2.4l PetrolP19871994100T100
CarltonCarlton 2.3D DieselD19861994100T100
CarltonCarlton 2.3D DieselD19811985063
CarltonCarlton 3 2.3 TDD19861994027T027
CavalierCavalier 2 PetrolP19811988063T063
CavalierCavalier 2 1600DD19821988027T027
CavalierCavalier 3 1.4 PetrolP19881992063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 1.6 PetrolP19881992063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 1.8 PetrolP19881992063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 2.0i PetrolP19881992063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 1.6i PetrolP19911995063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 1.8i PetrolP19911995063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 2.0i PetrolP19911995063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 , 2.5i V6 PetrolP19881995063T063
CavalierCavalier 3 1.7D DieselD19881995027T027
CavalierCavalier 3 1.7 TD DieselD19881995027T027
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.0i 12v PetrolPNov-96Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.2i PetrolPMar-93Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.2i 16v PetrolPMay-98Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.4i PetrolPMar-93Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.4i S PetrolPMar-93Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.4i 16v PetrolPSep-94Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.6i 16v PetrolPSep-94Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.6i Gsi 16v PetrolPMar-93Sep-00063T063
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.5D DieselD1993Sep-00100075
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.5 TD DieselD1993Oct-96100075
CorsaCorsa (I) 1.7D DieselD1993Sep-00100075
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.0 12vPOct-00>>065063
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.2 16vPOct-00>>065063
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.4 16vPOct-00>>065063
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.8 16v SRiPOct-00>>065063
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.3 CDTi 16vDApr-04>>100075
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.7Di 16vDOct-00>>100075
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.7DTi 16vDOct-00>>100T100
CorsaCorsa (II) 1.7CDTi 16vDApr-04>>100T100
CorsaCorsa (III) 1.0 PetrolPJul-06>>063T063
CorsaCorsa (III) 1.2 PetrolPJul-06>>063T063
CorsaCorsa (III) 1.3 CDTi DieselDJul-06>>100T100
CorsaCorsa (III) 1.4 PetrolPJul-06>>063T063
CorsaCorsa (III) 1.6 Turbo PetrolPFeb-07>>075T075
CorsaCorsa (III) 1.7 CDTi DieselDJul-06>>100T100
FronteraFrontera (1) 2.0i SportP19911995075065
FronteraFrontera (1) 2.3 TDD19911995072
FronteraFrontera (1) 2.4iP19911995075065
FronteraFrontera (Facelift)P19951998075065
FronteraFrontera (Facelift) 2.5 TDD19951998072
FronteraFrontera (Facelift) 2.8 TDD19951998072
FronteraFrontera (2) 2.2 16vPOct-982004075T075
FronteraFrontera (2) 2.2DTiDOct-982004096T096
FronteraFrontera (2) 3.2 V6POct-982004096T096
InsigniaInsignia 1.6TPJan-09>>027T027
InsigniaInsignia 1.8VVTPJan-09027T027
InsigniaInsignia 2.0TPJan-09>>027T027
InsigniaInsignia 2.0T 4×4PJan-09027T027
InsigniaInsignia 2.8 V6 4×4PJan-09>>027T027
InsigniaInsignia 2.0 CdtiDJan-09>>096T096
Lotus CarltonLotus CarltonP19901993027T027
MerivaMeriva 1.3 CDTi DieselDSep-03>>100075
MerivaMeriva 1.4 16v Twinport PetrolPJul-04>>075065
MerivaMeriva 1.6i PetrolPMay-03>>075065
MerivaMeriva 1.6i 16v PetrolPMay-03>>075065
MerivaMeriva 1.6i 16v Twinport PetrolPJan-06>>075065
MerivaMeriva 1.7 CDTi 16v DieselDApr-04>>100T100
MerivaMeriva 1.8i 16v PetrolPMay-03>>075065
MonaroMonaro 5.7 V8 PetrolP2004>>027T027
MontereyMonterey 3.1 TDD1994Jul-98031
MontereyMonterey 3.2 V6P1994Jul-98031
NovaNova 1.0P19831990063T063
NovaNova 1.2P19831990063T063
NovaNova 1.3P19831990063T063
NovaNova 1.4P19831990063T063
NovaNova 1.6GTEP19831990063T063
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.0P19901993063T063
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.2P19901993063T063
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.2iP19901993063T063
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.4P19901993063T063
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.6GSiP19901993063T063
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.5DD19901994075065
NovaNova (Facelift) 1.5 TDD19901994075065
OmegaOmega 2.0P19942003075065
OmegaOmega 2.0 16vP19942003075065
OmegaOmega 2.0 16v DTiDOct-98Sep-00100T100
OmegaOmega 2.2 16vPSep-992003100T100
OmegaOmega 2.2DTiDSep-002003100T100
OmegaOmega 2.5i V6P19942003075065
OmegaOmega 2.5i V6 – With air condP19942003100T100
OmegaOmega 3.0i V6P19942003075065
OmegaOmega 2.5i V6, 3.0i V6 – With air condP19942003100T100
OmegaOmega 2.5 TDD1994Feb-01019AGM019T017
OmegaOmega 2.5 Dti 24vDSep-012003100T100
SenatorSenator (1) 2.5i PetrolP1984Aug-87027T027
SenatorSenator (1) 3.0i PetrolP1984Dec-86100075
SenatorSenator (2) 2.5i PetrolP1987Oct-90100075
SenatorSenator (2) 2.6i PetrolPSep-90Sep-93100075
SenatorSenator (2) 3.0 PetrolPSep-87Sep-93100075
SenatorSenator (2) 3.0i Cat PetrolPJan-88Sep-93100075
SenatorSenator (2) 3.0i 24v PetrolPSep-89Sep-93100075
SignumSignum 1.8 PetrolP20052008075T075
SignumSignum 2.0 DTi DieselD20032008024100
SignumSignum 2.0 PetrolP20032008075T075
SignumSignum 2.2 DTi DieselD20032008024100
SignumSignum 2.2 PetrolP20032008075T075
SignumSignum 2.8 T V6 PetrolP20052008019T017
SignumSignum 3.0 V6 CDTi DieselD20032008019T017
SignumSignum 3.2 V6 PetrolP20032008100T100
TigraTigra 1.4 PetrolPJul-94>>063T063
TigraTigra 1.6 PetrolPJul-94>>063T063
Tigra Twin TopTigra Twin Top 1.3 CDTi DieselD2004>>075T075
Tigra Twin TopTigra Twin Top1.4 PetrolP2004>>075T075
Tigra Twin TopTigra Twin Top 1.8 PetrolP2004>>075T075
VectraVectra (I) 1.6iPOct-951999075065
VectraVectra (I) 1.6i 16vPOct-951999075065
VectraVectra (I) 1.7 TDDOct-95Nov-96100075
VectraVectra (I) 1.8i 16vPOct-951999075065
VectraVectra (I) 2.0i 16vPOct-951999075T075
VectraVectra (I) 2.0DiDNov-961999100T100
VectraVectra (I) 2.0 DTi 16vDJun-971999100T100
VectraVectra (I) 2.5i V6P1996Sep-00100T100
VectraVectra (I) 2.5i GsiPMay-98Sep-99100T100
VectraVectra (Facelift) 1.6PMar-99Feb-02063T063
VectraVectra (Facelift) 1.6i 16vPMar-99Feb-02063T063
VectraVectra (Facelift) 1.8i 16vPMar-99Feb-02063T063
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.0 DiDMar-99Feb-02100T100
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.0 DTi 16vDMar-99Feb-02100T100
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.0i 16vPMar-99Feb-02075065
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.2 DTi 16vDSep-00Feb-02100T100
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.2i 16vPMar-99Feb-02075065
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.5i V6 24vPMar-99Feb-02075065
VectraVectra (Facelift) 2.6i V6 24vPMar-99Feb-02075065
VectraVectra (II) 1.8i 16vPMar-02>>063T063
VectraVectra (II) 1.9CDTiDMar-02>>100T110
VectraVectra (II) 2.0DTi 16vDMar-02>>100T110
VectraVectra (II) 2.2DTi 16vDMar-02>>100T110
VectraVectra (II) 2.2i 16vPMar-02>>075065
VectraVectra (II) 2.8 T V6P2005>>075T075
VectraVectra (II) 3.2i V6 24vPMar-02>>075T075
VX220VX 220 PetrolP2000>>063T063
ZafiraZafira 1.6 16V PetrolPMay-99>>075T075
ZafiraZafira 1.8 16V PetrolPMay-99>>075T075
ZafiraZafira 2.0 PetrolP2001>>075T075
ZafiraZafira 2.0Di DieselDMar-99>>100T100
ZafiraZafira 2.2 16v PetrolPJul-00>>075T075
ArenaArena 1.9DDJan-98Feb-00096T096
ArenaArena 2.5DDMar-97Feb-00096T096
AstraAstra 2 Van 1.3P19841989063T063
AstraAstra 2 Van 1.4P19891990063T063
AstraAstra 2 Van 1.6P19841990063T063
AstraAstra 2 Van 1.6DD19841989027T027
AstraAstra 2 Van 1.7DD19891990027T027
AstraAstramax 365, 560P19901994063T063
AstraAstramax 365, 560 1.3P19841989063T063
AstraAstramax 365, 560 1.4P19891990063T063
AstraAstramax 365, 560 1.6P19841990063T063
AstraAstramax 365, 560 1.6DD19841989027T027
AstraAstramax 365, 560 1.7DD19891990027T027
AstraAstramax 365, 560 1.7DD19901994027T027
AstraAstravan 3 1.4iP19911999075063
AstraAstravan 3 1.6iP19911996075063
AstraAstravan 3 1.7DD19911999100075
AstraAstravan 3 1.7 TDD19941999100075
AstraAstravan 4 1.6iP1998Feb-00075063
AstraAstravan 4 1.7 TDD1998>>100T100
AstraAstravan 4 1.7 DtiDFeb-02>>100075
AstraAstravan 4 2.0DiD1998>>100T100
BravaBrava 2.2D Pick-UpD19911996334
BravaBrava 2.3 Pick-UpP19881990063T063
BravaBrava 2.3 Pick-UpP19901996063T063
BravaBrava 2.3D Pick-UpD19881990019T017
BravaBrava 2.3DD19901996334
BravaBrava 2.5D Pick-UpD19901996334
BravaBrava 2.5 TD Pick-UpDJul-94>>019T019
BravaBrava 2.5DTi Pick-UpDAug-01>>019T019
BravaBrava 2.5DTi 4×4 Pick-UpDAug-01>>019T019
ComboCombo 1.2iPJul-942002063T063
ComboCombo 1.4iP1993>>063T063
ComboCombo 1.6 PetrolPJan-012002075T075
ComboCombo 1.7 DieselDJul-942002100075
ComboCombo 1.7Di 16v DieselDSep-01>>100075
ComboCombo 1.7DTi 16v DieselDOct-01>>100075
CorsavanCorsavan 1.4iP1994Sep-00063T063
CorsavanCorsavan 1.7D DieselD1994Sep-00100075
CorsavanCorsavan (II) 1.2PSep-002006063T063
CorsavanCorsavan (II) 1.3 CDTiDApr-042006100T100
CorsavanCorsavan (II) 1.7DiDFeb-012006100T100
CorsavanCorsavan (II) 1.7DTi 16vDFeb-012006100T100
CorsavanCorsavan (III) 1.2P2006>>063T063
CorsavanCorsavan (III) 1.3 CDTiD2006>>100T100
CorsavanCorsavan (III) 1.7DiD2006>>100T100
CorsavanCorsavan (III) 1.7DTi 16vD2006>>100T100
MidiMidi 2.0 PetrolP19901994063T063
MidiMidi 2.2 Diesel,D19901998069
MidiMidi 2.4 Turbo DieselD19901998069
MidiMidi 4×4 2.0 PetrolP19901998063T063
MidiMidi 4×4 2.2 DieselD19901998069
MidiMidi 4×4 2.4 Turbo DieselD19901998069
Movano VanMovano 1.9 Dti DieselDSep-00>>019AGM019T019
Movano VanMovano 2.2DTi DieselDSep-00>>019AGM019T019
Movano VanMovano 2.5D DieselDOct-98Sep-00019AGM019T019
Movano VanMovano 2.5 CDTi DieselDApr-04>>019AGM019T019
Movano VanMovano 2.5 DtiDOct-01>>019AGM019T019
Movano VanMovano 2.8 TDDOct-98Oct-01019AGM019T019
Movano VanMovano 3.0 DtiDOct-03>>019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 1.9 Dti DieselDSep-00>>019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 2.2DTi DieselDSep-00>>019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 2.5D DieselDOct-98Sep-00019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 2.5 CDTi DieselDApr-04>>019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 2.5 DtiDOct-01>>019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 2.8 TDDOct-98Oct-01019AGM019T019
Movano CombiMovano Combi 3.0 DtiDOct-03>>019AGM019T019
Movano ChassisMovano Chassis 2.2Dti DieselDSep-00>>019AGM019T019
Movano ChassisMovano Chassis 2.5D DieselDOct-98Sep-00019AGM019T019
Movano ChassisMovano Chassis 2.5 CDTi DieselDApr-04>>019AGM019T019
Movano ChassisMovano Chassis 2.5 DtiDOct-01>>019AGM019T019
Movano ChassisMovano Chassis 2.8 TDDOct-98Oct-01019AGM019T019
Movano ChassisMovano Chassis 3.0 DtiDOct-03>>019AGM019T019
NovavanNovavan 1.2P19901994063T063
NovavanNovavan 1.5DD19901994075T075
Vivaro VanVivaro 1.9 DT i DieselDAug-01>>100T100
Vivaro VanVivaro 1.9Di DieselDMar-01>>024110
Vivaro VanVivaro 2.0i 16v PetrolPJul-02>>024110
Vivaro VanVivaro 2.5 DTi DieselDApr-04>>024110