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Locking wheel nut keyLocking wheel nuts (anti theft locking device) can in some cases can save your alloy wheels from being stolen and after paying hundreds of pounds for them adding locking wheel nuts is a must.

The problem is where do you put the key so its safe from the access of wheel thieves? and what do you do if you cant find it?  these are just a couple of the questions this page will answer.

Where should I keep or put my locking wheel nut key?

The question is where are locking wheel nuts kept? Well its always good practice to keep the locking nut key with the car because if you get a puncture etc you will not be able to change it easily, if at all without the key.

So basically you in my opinion you should and really have no other option than to keep the locking wheel nut key with the car.

It would take a thief more effort to break into you car to get the locking wheel nut key to steal your wheels than if you had no locking wheel bolt/nuts on the car, if you are concerned about someone breaking into your car to steal your locking wheel nut key and then your wheels then you should seriously consider purchasing a car alarm before choosing to leave your locking wheel nut key somewhere other than with your vehicle.

Secondly if you leave it in your house the thief will not know and assume its in the car and break into your car anyway properly causing more cost in damage than the cost of a having car alarm supplied and fitted.

(1) What does a locking wheel nut look like?

Locking wheel nut key Firstly if we are looking for a locking wheel nut key we need to know what it looks like, they do vary slightly in design but most are easily identifiable from the picture to the left because most are very similar in design.

Its normally about two – three inch’s long by about an inch to an inch and a half  wide with a hexagon shape one end and hollow with some sort of insert to grip the wheel nut the other.



Secondly its quite common for the locking wheel nut to be tucked away nicely in the box the locking wheel nut set came with, this box is usually about half the size of a DVD case.

The box could also contain some non locking standard nuts/bolts which were removed when the locking nuts/bolts were fitted and the box is approx 5 1/2 inches long x 3 1/2 inch wide and usually black with a label on the front.



We now have a good idea of what it looks like and we know its possible it could be in a case of some description from its original box to an old film reel holder so check all boxes rolled up tissue and anything that could possibly house it.

(2) Where to look?

The Locking wheel nut key, where is it?

There are so many places for these looking wheel nuts to be hidden within your vehicle and we can’t list them all but we will list the most obvious places where they are normally found.

In car checks

  • Glove Box
  • Ash Tray
  • Center Console (the arm rest style normally lifts up to open another compartment)
  • Under Driver/Passenger Seat (Including the built in draws under some seats)
  • Under Passenger seat (Fiat 500 Passenger seat cushion lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment)
  • The pocket in the back of the Driver/Passenger Seat
  • Coin Holder Compartment (normally under or to the right/left of the steering wheel)
  • Floor Compartment (some cars have extra storage in the front foot wells check under floor mats)
  • Glasses holder (Normally located near rear view mirror)
  • Cup holders
  • Door Cards/pockets

In the boot checks

  • Side Compartments
  • Side Compartments – first aid kits
  • Side Compartments – Plastic tool kit holders
  • Under boot carpet
  • Under boot carpet – some have an addition plastic cover which makes it look like it has no spare (eg Bmw 5 Series tourer)
  • Under boot carpet – tool kit holder (normally sits in the center of the spare wheel)
  • Attached to the under side of the boot lid is a tool compartment that drops down by unscrewing it (Mostly on BMW’s)
  • In the back right/left corners of the boot floor DVD sized compartment in the floor lifts upwards
  • Remove spare wheel and check under as they are tucked down the side of the wheel and could have fallen under

(3) What to do if you cant find it?

We can offer a Locking wheel nut removal service which more information on it can be found Here